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Who Is Chilli From TLC Dating? Everything To Know

who is chilli from tlc dating
Chilli (Rozanda Thomas0 and Matthew Lawerence, Credits: Deadline

You must have heard about Chilli from the TLC American girls group of the 1990s but recently the girl Chilli professionally known by her real name Rozonda Thomas is much in the news as her relationship details just came out and therefore people just want to know who exactly Chilli is dating. This article will take a look regarding all the details about Chillim who is she dating, her future plans with her partner, and how she built her name in the Industry. 

For those of you what Chilli we are referring her, Chilli is professionally called by her real name as Rozonda Ocielian Thomas is an American singer, dancer and an actress, popularly she is famous for the TLC girl gang which was an iconic girl group of the 90’s era which made the singer hugely popular in terms of what she is today.

She initially started her career with the TLC girl gang, but therfater she went on to independently advance her career with some of the solo hits that she delivered including Body, Nothing on You and many among others.

Let us take a look at this article in order to get some insights regarding Chilli and all the details about her dating.

Who is Chilli from TLC dating?

Well, it has been hugely in news that Chilli is dating the actor Matthew Lawerence and therefore both are the celebrity couples of 2023.

Lawerence being the 1990’s actor is also an established one and therefore both of them are happily enjoying their dating life, many of their close friends have confirmed that both of them are very close and therefore are in a buding romance with each other. 

As per sources, they even celebrated New Year’s Eve together which for the Chilli fans also is a very big and a very loveable thing to consider.

Cosnidering the very incomplete romantic life that she had to go through, including when she became pregnant by the producer Dallas Austin which caused her to somehow abort the pregnancy after some complications in their relationship.

She has also dated the famous singer Usher, but somehow their romance and dating life also didn’t went way to long and thereafter they had to break off from their realtion.

But since now the actor Matthew and Chilli are open about their relationship and enjoying their romantic life, fans love to see the way they share their relationship with each other.

who is chilli from tlc dating

Matthew Lawerence, Chilli’s boyfriend, Credits: Today

Will Chilli from TLC have kids with his new partner?

This is true, Chilli and Matthew, her boyfriend will soon start their family together as both atre planning to start their family together  and therefore it is reported that Chilli and Matthew will therefore have kids together.

The fact that she met him in airport and now they share a very strong and solid relation with one another is hugely evident that their relationship will be highly long lasting and long going.

Considering the fact that Chilli never got the opportunity to became a mother and even she get got she unfortunately had tp abort the child which is very unfortunate and sad.

But now that it looks like she is very happy the way she is living her best life and therefore is now on a new journey to actually live happier and share her little memories with his boyfriend Matthew.

who is chilli from tlc dating

Chilli (Rozonda Thomas), Credits: People

How Rozonda Thomas built her name in the Industry?

Rozonda Thomas who is famously known by her stage name Chilli is highly famous for the girl gang that she was associated with called TLC, the girl gang was especially the popuakr one of the 90’s. However in the hope of starting her own career, she decided to take a lead and therefore start her own career, and that was the time when she worked with some of the biggest artist within the industry and also releasing some of the liked music albums of her career.

Not only being a very professional and also a good singer, she is also man actor and therefore she has over the years made her guest appearance on television shows such as The Parkers, Single Ladies, The 70s Show and many others. Even also recently in 2016, sheb joined the cast of the film Marshall which is the biopic on the life of Thurgood Marshall. 

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