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Reality Quest Chapter 76: Sweet Candy Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Reality Quest Chapter 76
Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

Excited about Reality Quest Chapter 76? Well, we are in the same boat then!! After a thrilling and fabulous chapter, fans of the series are expecting to see something more interesting and action-packed in the upcoming installment of the Reality Quest.

Just like thousands of fans, if you are also following the manhwa for a long time, and now wondering when can you expect to read the next chapter of the series, you are in the right place to get all of your answers, today we will not only let you know when Reality Quest Chapter 76 is gonna be released, but also its spoilers, and where can you read the same online, but first, in order to make sure we all are in the same page, let us take a look at what happened previously in the recent past chapter. 

The recent chapter opens up with Dowan Ha, who is in the Dance Club Room of the school. We see that all the 3rd year students, including Kang Jin Won, Oh Hye Sun, and Pi Hui Soo are there along with of course, Dowan Ha. Pi Hui Soo slides on the chair toward Dowan and arrogantly asks him the reason behind his visit to the Dance Club, and another member also says that Choi Min Hye’s friend who hit one of his comrades at the karaoke place, warned him, and said that his and Choi Min Hye’s school life is finished. 

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

In response to Pi Hui Soo’s question, Dowan Ha asks him that is the highest-ranked person in the Dance Club. This served as a rigger point for Kang Jin Won, who removed his shirt to show off his body and says that he should show some respect to his seniors, or he will want to crush them, delinquents. In his response, Dowan Ha says that although he telling him delinquents he looks like a delinquent the most. 

Reality Quest Chapter 75 Recap

As Kang Jin Won did not like Dowan Ha’s reply that much, he tried to hit him, but gets interrupted by Pi Hui Soo because he notices a rapper of “Sweet Candy” in his hand, when he asks Dowan about it, he replies that one of their members has dropped it yesterday.  

with this Dowan Ha says that it comes out in the news sometimes, this thing, which looks like a wrapper of candy, but which actually is not a candy, it is the thing that makes your brain weird when you eat it. As this was a huge shock for all the other members of the dance club, Dowan says that judging by their reactions the person who was holding this wrapper with him was not doing this alone. 

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

After this, Pi Hui Soo says that just when he was about to feel good, and asks him that did he come to threaten them, but Dowan replies that he is not here to threaten them but instead return this wrapper to them!! He also says that he won’t tell anyone about the candy. When they ask him that did he really came to return the candy or not anything else and asks him the reason why he did this, he replies that he is doing all this just because they are seniors of his friend, Choi Min Hye. 

When Dowan leaves, Pi Hui Soo says that he was right, he, in fact, was threatening them, and then ask the member to whom the wrapper belongs why is he leaving the candy around, he told him to make sure they don’t get caught by an outsider.

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

Later in the chapter, we see that one of Min Hye’s friends says to her that as she has a club meeting today if that senior from yesterday does something, she must have to tell right away. In her response, Min Hye says that she knows, if it wasn’t for Dowan yesterday, who knows what could have happened to them.

She adds that that senior yesterday, he is known for liking girls in a bad way, and he kept asking her to introduce her to each other, and while being honest, she says that it was really refreshing yesterday.

Then the scene changes to Dowan, who was seeing them from the corridor, who thinks that if he continued to mess with the 3rd years in that club, it would trouble Min Hye, he hopes nothing happens.

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

Later in the chapter, it was the time after their physical training, we find out that someone made a red cross on Dowan’s desk, and not only that the same person also filled trash inside there. Other students say that he got Desk Terrorized while they were out for the physical training, as this was Dowan’s desk, they also believe that there are rumors saying he is doing well these days, and that he got targeted by someone. After some time, Dowan finds out that not only his desk was under the target, but also his bag is gone. 

The scene changes to Pi Hui Soo, who says that did he really think that he had to get scared by threat, and not only that he also knows how things work. Pi Hui Soo adds that when he came straight to their dance club room, after that Karaoke incident, he is not the type to solve a problem with a mere report. In addition to that, Dowan probably thinks he has their weakness and is acting arrogantly, but after he gets tired and defeated by the bullying from an unspecified group, he will come with his tail in between his legs.

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

When Kang Jin Won asks him what will happen if he tries to bite instead, Pi Hui Soo says that there is another solution for that. Other than that he asks him about Choi Min Hye, and says that did something happened between her and Oh Hye Sun. Kang Jin Won says that it seems like something pent up.

The scene changes to the club, where Choi Min Hye has just arrived, where Oh Hye Sun says that this tragedy happened because the seniors were being too soft all this time, and from now on, tardies and absences are unacceptable, there won’t be any more breaks either, so leave if they want to.

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

When Choi Min Hye was changing into her dancing costume, some of the seniors arrive and reminds Hye Sun, that she and her girls are going to practice in the auditorium. Hye Sun says that they are right, she must have forgotten about that, and also asks for their help and says that as they will be practicing in the auditorium, they should also join them and give them feedback. 

Later. we see a flashback from a year ago when Choi Min Hye was introducing herself to the class, this might be the first day of high school. Later Min Hye reveals that whenever she stands in front of others, she gets so nervous that her brain turns white. She says that with this personality she will get left behind in this cold harsh world. 

Reality Quest Chapter 76

Reality Quest (Credits: WebToons)

Min Hye’s friend suggests that she believes it will be good if she gets used to standing in front of people in order to pretend that, she should join a club.

Reality Quest Chapter 76 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any spoilers revealed for the upcoming Reality Quest Chapter 76, but it seems like the next chapter will be focused on the dance practice of Choi Min Hye, as the seniors are sure up to something, and they are gonna harm or harass her once again.

Reality Quest Chapter 76 Release Date

The upcoming Reality Quest Chapter 76 is scheduled to be released on March 15, 2023.

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 5:02 pm on March 15, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 2:02 pm on March 15, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 4:02 pm on March 15, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 7:02 am on March 16, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 10:02 pm on March 15, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 3:32 am on March 16, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 3:02 am on March 16, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 6:02 am on March 16, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 3:32 pm on March 16, 2023

Where To Read Reality Quest Chapter 76

You can read the upcoming Reality Quest Chapter 76 directly in Web Toons, at the times and dates we have mentioned in the previous section, along with all the past and future chapters. As of now, there are very few chapters available for Reality Quest, which means you must have to wait a little longer to read the most recent chapter online. Although there are many pirated sites, where you can read manga for free we recommend you read it only with official sources and should support the creator. 

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