Shirley Strawberry Net Worth

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Shirley Strawberry Net Worth
Shirley Strawberry (Credit: We Got This Covered)

Want to know about Shirley Strawberry’s net worth? The long-time radio host recently opened up that her husband, Ernesto Williams, had been “scamming her.”

This is lately causing a lot of drama online, making headlines quite often. Keeping this aside, what’s more concerning to the fans is how much Shirley Strawberry has earned so far. In other words, what’s Shirley’s monetary wealth? 

Shirley Strawberry is a versatile host, known for The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Before that, she worked at various local radio stations, too. So, the journey was surely not always so smooth, always. She hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Besides this, she also has great writing skills. It was in 2010 when Shirley published her book – “The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy.”

Not to forget to mention, Shirley Strawberry also starred in some films and series. Like? Some are – Think Like a Man, Family Feud, The Parkers, etc. 

Concerning her relationship with Ernesto Williams, it all started back in 2013, the year when they met for the first time. The two got hitched after a couple of years, though. In case you are aware, Shirley’s husband is an entrepreneur who owns the grooming salon, “Ernesto Cuts.”

Coming back to Shirley Strawberry’s monetary earnings, she made the most of it from The Steve Harvey Project. However, some of her other income sources are believed to be authorship, films and series, stock ownership, etc. So, hosting can be considered the primary one. Now, the question is- what’s the figure of Shirley’s wealth? Here is what we know about Shirley Strawberry’s net worth. 

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Shirley Strawberry Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

Talking about her monetary accumulation, Shirley Strawberry’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $5 million. As mentioned earlier, Shirley has made the most of it by being a successful radio host. Over the years, Shirley Strawberry’s net worth changed, and so did her performance, but in a better way. 

Shirley Strawberry Net Worth
Shirley Strawberry (Credit: Fact-Wiki)

While we talk about Shirley Strawberry’s net worth, one must note that it was not The Steve Harvey Morning Show, initially. She struggled and worked hard to achieve this success. Little did you know, her first job was for Chicago’s WCGI-FM, as co-host of the Doug Banks Show. Thereafter, she earned a job role for the 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles. 

Are you looking for a further breakdown of Shirley Strawberry’s net worth? It calls for the discussion of Shirley’s annual salary, which is rumored to be $1 million. This host is believed to charge quite high for each project she is offered. She is worthy of it, though. No doubt about that. 

With Shirley Strawberry’s net worth being so good enough, the radio host is believed to have made certain investments in real estate properties and cars. We shall update you with Shirley’s car collection, real soon. 

Shirley Strawberry is a very private person. She is always looking forward to working more and achieving success. Also, the host doesn’t prefer flaunting or exaggerating things. That’s another reason why fans are so curious to learn Shirley Strawberry’s net worth. 

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Shirley Strawberry Opened Up A Lot Lately

As you may all know, Shirley Strawberry’s husband, Ernesto Williams, is spending his time in jail. To be more precise, he got imprisoned on multiple counts, including “pornography, theft, gun possession, and fraud related to a credit repair business.” Now, he is at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. 

Shirley Strawberry Net Worth
Shirley Strawberry lately opened up about Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie (Credit: HotNewHipHop)

What did Shirley Strawberry say about Steve Harvey? Well, the claim was quite surprising to many. The host shared that he and his wife, Marjorie, lead a luxurious lifestyle. But, the ones who worked for them didn’t or still don’t earn much. In addition to this, Shirley also shared that Steve’s wife was never happy to see her around their house. The drama seems to be never-ending. 

Best Wishes to Shirley Strawberry! Make sure to follow Shirley on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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