Jason Kelce Net Worth

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Jason Kelce Net Worth
Jason Kelce (Credit: 6ABC)

Are you looking for Jason Kelce’s net worth? These days, the NFL star is making several headlines as he opened up about the possible romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The speculation is still on. Keeping this aside, fans are more concerned about how much Jason Kelce has earned so far. Yes, we mean it in terms of money and not just fame. 

Jason Kelce is a versatile football player, currently playing for the NFL team- Philadelphia Eagles. He hails from Ohio and was born sometime in 1987. As far as his position is concerned, Jason plays at the football center. Not to forget to mention, he has been serving the same team, since 2011- the year, of his professional debut. 

It seemed like 2022 was Jason Kelce’s year. This is because he won the title of the NFC Champion. In addition to this, he even made it to the Pro Bowl (6th time) and First-team All-Pro (5th time). From the very beginning, Jason Kelce was interested in football, and that’s why he played at his college, too, more precisely for the University of Cincinnati. 

Coming back to Jason Kelce’s monetary earnings, understandably, it’s primarily from his sports career. As a sportsperson, it is believed that brand endorsements are another great source. What are his investments? Here is what we know about Jason Kelce’s net worth. 

Jason Kelce Net Worth
Jason Kelce (Credit: Bleeding Green Nation)

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Jason Kelce Net Worth: The NFL Star’s Earnings Revealed

Talking about his monetary earnings, Jason Kelce’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $30 million. A major portion of his income comes from Jason being a successful football center. To be more particular, it’s primarily from his contract deals with the NFL team- the Philadelphia Eagles. Over the years, Jason Kelce’s net worth increased a lot. So did his playing skills and performances on the field. 

Are you looking for a further breakdown of Jason Kelce’s net worth? It calls for discussing his annual salary, which is reportedly around $3 million. When he first got drafted into the NFL, he signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles worth $712,477. That was for the season 2011-2014. Later, he signed a six-year-long extension deal with the team for $6,250,000. Gradually, it increased. 

What about Jason Kelce’s endorsement deals? Well, the footballer publicized two of those brands- Old Spice and 6 Shooter Energy Shots, respectively. We believe some other companies are adding a lump sum amount to Jason Kelce’s net worth.  

While we talk about Jason Kelce’s net worth, it calls for his investments. Isn’t it? Did you know that this NFL star has always been very much interested in trucks? No, right? He made a certain investment in RealTruck. Also, he purchased 11 cows in Missouri, which highlights his likeness to the cattle farming industry. 

Jason Kelce Net Worth
Jason Kelce (Credit: Delco Times)

One must note, it’s not just always his sports career. Jason Kelce’s net worth is believed to have earned well from the contributions of a podcast. Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce also run a podcast titled- NewHeightshow. 

With Jason Kelce’s net worth being so extravagant, the star has made investments in real estate properties and cars. It was in 2018, that Jason purchased a property in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with $800,000. To be more particular, it has four bedrooms and is pretty much luxurious. He also owns a Sea Isle City property, which he purchased for $2.2 million. 

Concerning Jason Kelce’s car collection, it’s pretty impressive. Not everyone knows that he is a big-time fan of big-sized, rugged cars. One of his first purchases was a Ford F-150. But now, he is more into Ram Trucks. Among his collection, a 1986 Chevy C10 is one. We shall update the list soon. 

Best Wishes to Jason Kelce for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure to follow the Philadelphia Eagles star, Jason, on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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