Chained Soldier Release Date: When Is It Coming?

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Chained Soldier Release Date
Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is an upcoming anime adapted from the same name’s manga, also known as “Mato Seihei no Slave.” This anime series is action horror illustrated by Yohei Takemura and written by Takahiro. It began serializing in January 2019 on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ online platform. Seven Arcs adapted the anime tv series, and this has collected ten volumes. This best-action ecchi anime will reveal harem and supernatural powers. Chained Soldier will join other action, romance, and adventure anime released soon. 

We will discuss the latest updates of Chained Soldiers that were announced a few months ago. After the announcement of this anime adaptation, the official website has revealed its premiering and other news related to this anime. Chained Soldier is one of the best action anime that gained popularity after being announced to the fans. Anime fans are looking forward to watching this anime. Many action animes have come to an end, and new anime are being revealed every day. This is one of those anime that a fan must watch, and if you are a fan of action anime, you will add Chained Soldier to your favorite anime list. 

Chained Solder is known by different names, and it depends on the country you are in. In some countries, this anime is known as “Slave of the Magic Capital’s Elite Troops.” But lots of updates about “Slave of the Magic Capital’s Elite Troops” will be added in a few days since the premiering of this anime is nearing. You can also enjoy watching Chained Soldier’s recommendation as you wait for it to debut. After you have watched them, you will want to watch h Chained Soldier. Let’s find what Chained Soldier is all about below.  

Chained Soldier Highlights

The story of Yuki and his friend began after a mysterious event occurred in Japan. One day Japan was peaceful and quiet until chaos began and mysterious spaces known as “demon cities” appeared in different parts of Japan. This mysterious incident shook Japan’s entire nation since they thought they would continue to live in peace and develop their country. However, there are good things about the arrival of these creatures since there are heroes who will protect Japan and its citizens and maintain the balance in the world. 

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The citizens or humans who are part of demon cities gain tremendous powers if they take special fruit called “peaches.” But this tree only grants women powers, and all the girls who grew up in the demon cities possess tremendous powers. The man was surprised that the ladies were getting more powerful than them and wondered what secrets lay within the special tree. The citizens who knew, heard, or se this tree believed it was less since no lady can gain abilities that surpass that of man. The students were eager to learn about this special tree and began investigating. 

One day one of the students named Yuki Wagura was walking alone and realized he was lost. Yuki realizes that he is at the entrance of the mysterious place, but he is not aware that it is the entrance of the demon city. When he looked around, he saw the beautiful leader of the Magical Defense Corps, Kyoka Uzen. Yuki was attracted to her beauty, and she told him that he had become her toy. Thus begin Yuki’s life as a harem who enjoys toying with different girls since, in the demon city, no man was allowed to enter except for Yuki. Yuki was glad that he had met with Kyoka. Later, he met with Himari Azuma, Shushu Suruga,  Nei Okawamura, Tenka Izumo, Yachiho Azuma, and Sahara Wakasa.

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Chained Soldier Release Date

Chained Soldier will be released in 2023, but the official date and month will be updated before the end of 2022. This anime is left with few developments before it premiers its first episode. The official website of Chained Soldier is yet to announce its release date, but the premiering year has been revealed. Let’s find where we can watch Chained Soldiers and other updates below. 

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Chained Soldier Release Date

Watch Chained Soldier Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Chained Soldier online on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has also revealed other important news about this anime that you can check out. As soon as Chained Soldier reveals its first episode debut, it will be available online on the official platform, and in some countries, the first episode will arrive early. We will also update other updates about Chained Soldier once the premiering date is nearing. 

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