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Who Is The Most Toxic Fandom In Kpop Boy Group?

Most Toxic Fandom In Kpop Boy Group
Toxic Fandom In Kpop Boy Group

With the rising popularity, there is no doubt toxic fandom in kpop boy groups has also grown! The 2nd and 3rd generations of kpop idols took the Kpop industry to another level. International breakthroughs and a recent pandemic opened the door of South Korean Pop Music to newcomers. Therefore, with the lovely fans, toxicity in each fandom has been increasing little by little. Be it the smallest fandom or the largest one. One can find toxic fans in each of them, sadly.

However, calling a whole fandom toxic will be impossible as well as inappropriate. After all, fans’ love and support for any kpop idols lead them toward a brighter future. Apart from the artists’ hard work, powerful vocal/rap, and breathtaking dancing moves, the fandom’s support, and love helped them to grow into dazzling stars. The loud fan charts and cheers encourage the idols to give their best shot. Therefore, despite toxic fans, idols adore and love their fandom as much as fandom loves them.

Therefore, calling any particular fandom toxic would be inaccurate yet accurate. Like two sides of a coin, Kpop is a mixture of lovely devotees and followers as well as toxic and sasaeng fans. So instead of falling into the dark side of the Kpop industry, fans, wholeheartedly but within their limits, should support and shower their idols with love!

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What Does Toxic Fans Mean In Kpop?

Those who know even basic English can easily understand what Toxic Fans implies. However, Toxic Fandom in Kpop may be far worst than one may think, especially in the kpop boy group. Of course, Toxic fans can never be considered fans. They are the people who are obsessed with any kpop group or kpop artist. They would go to any length to spread hate, rumors, and gossip, which is totally extreme.

Most Toxic Fandom In Kpop


And one of the worst cases of toxic fans in kpop is known as Sasaeng or Sasaeng fans. They are like the most alarming individual or a set of individuals who are over-obsessed with their favorite kpop idols/groups/bands. They stalk and engage in activities, including invading the kpop idols’ privacy. Such disturbing behavior not only creates havoc among other fans but also create fear and mental trauma in victims’ minds. And Unfortunately, instead of diminishing, such problematic toxicity is increasing in the Kpop industry!

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The Most Toxic Fandom In Kpop Boy Group

With the growing Kpop industry, toxic fans are also increasing in numbers. Therefore, toxic fandom in kpop boy groups has some of the worst cases. It disturbs the whole industry and also the fandom’s harmony. Besides, most popular groups have the most toxic fandom in the kpop industry.

Therefore the list of the most toxic fandom in kpop boy groups includes BTS’s ARMY, EXO’s L, Stay Kids’ Stays, NCT’s NCTzens, SUJU’s ELF, etc. And selecting one a few or one of these is impossible. After all, almost every fandom has some degree of toxicity, whether they agree or not. Sadly, the biggest fandom, BTS’s ARMY, has been called out many times for being the most toxic fandom in kpop. There is no doubt BTS has one of the largest fandoms that love them unconditionally. However, with that level of popularity comes fans’ obsessive behavior toward BTS members.

Most Toxic Fandom In Kpop Boy Group


Numerous incidents have shown how ARMY had badmouthed anyone who spoke against BTS. They even went as far as harassing any individual or celebrity who got closer to the members. Some toxic fans crossed the limits by invading the members’ privacy, leaking their personal schedules, stalking their hotel rooms, and whatnot. And sadly, amid this chaos, the one who gets most hurt is none other than BTS members themselves!

Besides their healing music, their admiration and love for ARMY have made BTS one of the beloved kpop boy groups. Various incidences have proved BTS loves their fans as much as ARMY loves BTS. Also, this applies to every fandom, be it, Stays, Ls, NTCzens, or any. As a fan, it’s one’s own responsibility that they should support, cheer, admire and love their idols without crossing the limits or invading their personal lives!

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