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16 Best Yuno Gasai Cosplay From Future Diary

The following article is about the top 16 best Yuno Gasai cosplay from Future Diary anime. Future Diary did a great job in keeping the storyline intriguing from the start to the end. Future Diary is not a typical anime with a hero, a heroine, and a villain. It has twelve members, each competing to survive, and become the heir to the Space and Time God. The characters are crazy with controversial romanticism.

One of the main characters is Yuno Gasai. She is a pink-haired girl who came second in the competition. She is crazy and powerful. Even though there are a lot of important characters, this topic will solely focus on cosplaying Yuno Gasai. So let us dig into the topic and see the best cosplayers from everywhere cosplaying Yuno Gasai from Future Diary.

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The list of cosplays will be crazy ones, and the first one is not an exception either. The craziness is oozing out of every pore of the cosplayer. The first one is no less than perfection.

Becca Smith

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Becca Smith


Though the name means cute, the character she is cosplaying is not at all cute. Yuno is difficult to portray, but kawaiielli made it look so easy.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Kawaiielli


It is already mentioned before that the list is going to be a bit crazy. MonCosplay’s eyes are the same as Yuno’s. She is bound to be placed too high on the list.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Moncosplay


The survival plot of Future Diary is well portrayed, along with Yuno Gasai. The cosplayer did the clothes section very nicely. The gore nature of the character is shown, which is also a plus point.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Phoenixiaoio


Princess Potato is a relief from all the craziness. This cosplay shows the sweet and innocent side of Yuno Gasai which, is rarely seen. That is why it made it to the list.

Princess Potato

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Princess Potato


The pink lens says it all. Set Winged Warrior shows her professional mentality with his cosplay. Her hair is also to be noted. It is one of the best, if not the best.

Set Winged Warrior

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Set Winged Warrior


The blood patches on the image may be edited but the tension that comes with it is not edited. Everything is perfect like a “Chef’s Kiss”. The whole cosplay becomes more deadly with the ax.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Saka

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The crazy side is omitted in this cosplay. Yuno does everything to survive. From using an axe to drawing her sword. This cosplay is a portrayal of that situation.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Lanarainofficial


Apart from being crazy, Yuno from Future Diary is also a bit naughty. The cosplayer has no problem showing that side of her. Her smooth work makes many jealous.

Miss Pepper Cosplay

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Miss Pepper Cosplay


The cosplay and the background both are eerie. It sends a shiver down the spine. The homework done on the cosplay is something to praise. It is really impressive.

Lucy Dark Dreams

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Lucy Dark Dreams


The still before the storm is very dangerous. That’s what this cosplay is. Inch perfect with a sprinkle of craziness is enough to make the list.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Cuerography


Yuno is so casual with all the weapons around. She knows how to handle herself. Just like Yuno, Fellesia also knows her way around cosplay. The knife looks very dangerous.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Fellesia


A little crossover will lift everyone’s mood. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary and Misa Amane from Death note together. The cosplay is on point and shows two crazy female characters together.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Courtney101cheese


Out of all the cosplay of Yuno on the list, only this one is with a gun. She even has a smirk on her face, the same as Yuno.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Sharleen018


Black dress Yuno Gasai is very popular. The cosplayer has followed that path just like many others on the list. The calmness on Yuno’s face is soothing as well as fearful.


Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Dayhazzza


The red background and the skull give gory vibes. The cosplayer nailed the cosplay. Yuno Gasai is a mysterious character.

Nagini Cosplay

Yuno Gasai Cosplay By Nagini Cosplay

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