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Who Is Morgan Wade’s Boyfriend? Run Singer’s Love Interest

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Want to know who Morgan Wade’s Boyfriend is? These days, the singer is making several headlines with her upcoming No Signs of Slowing Down Tour. It is likely to take place on 8 April 2023 at the Tabernacle. With this announcement, we are very much aware of how prominent, and happening Morgan Wade’s musical career is. What about her personal life? Does the singer have someone special? 

Starting from the basics, Morgan Dealie Wade released one album last year. It goes by the name Thirty Tigers. Her songs specializing in country music have reached millions of people across the globe. Some of Morgan Wade’s famous songs are listed as Left Me Behind, Don’t Cry, Run, Met You, Kelly’s Drive, Crossing State Lines, Flower, Carry Me Home, Songs I Won’t Remember, etc. However, which is your favorite Morgan song? 

Born on 10 December 1994, Morgan Wade is now 27 years old. Yes, she is this young, and her distinctive voice doesn’t match her age. She hails from Floyd, Virginia, United States. During her college days, Morgan used to write songs by herself. Have you not listened to her single, Wilder Days? It is considered one of her major hits of her. 

Heartbreaks do make one mad and eventually influence one to pursue a career in music or any other artistic profession. Yes, it happens. A similar thing happened to Morgan Wade. She used to study at Jefferson College Of Health Sciences. She wanted to pursue a career in cardiothoracic medicine. But, a nasty breakup made her write songs and eventually pursue it as her profession. Now, Morgan Wade is doing wonders in the same. What’s your say on this? 

Coming back to Morgan Wade’s personal life, she has experienced heartbreaks in life. But, that shouldn’t and luckily didn’t stop her from falling in love again. Still, the singer has always been giving mixed signals to her fans, which ultimately makes everyone confused. What she is up to? If you are looking for Morgan Wade’s Boyfriend, here is what we know. 

Morgan Wade's Boyfriend

Morgan Wade

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Meet Morgan Wade’s Boyfriend: Who Is He?

Talking about her love interest, Morgan Wade’s Boyfriend is reported to be Joe Link. In case you are wondering, he is a professional musician, more precisely excelling at playing the keyboard and guitar. 

Ever heard of The Stepbrothers? You must have! Morgan Wade and Joe Link together started the band. They knew each other before the start-up when both experienced bad breakups in their respective lives. Well, moving on from someone whom you have loved so much for a long time is not an easy task. Also, writing songs on the journey is even tougher. That’s what Morgan did. Also, while going with the flow, she sent the song to her ex-boyfriend. After listening to it, things appeared as if Morgan and Joe had reunited for good and were inseparable. 

On this note, Morgan Wade has never provided any official statement. Thus, fans are very much confused. Also, Joe Link has not opened up about their break up or the reconciliation. Hoping the rumors are nothing but true and meaningful. There is a saying that one shouldn’t go back to the person who broke her. But, in Morgan Wade’s case, things happened just the opposite. It seems like the singer is living the best days of her life. We are not sure if she is romantically linked or single. But happiness is all that matters! 

Morgan Wade's Boyfriend

Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade has always been a big fan of the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. She grew up listening to his songs and is highly inspired. A few months ago, the singer worked with Kip Moore for the music video of his song, “If I Was Your Lover.” The cinematography was very steamy, and many fans suspected that Kip and Morgan were dating. Unfortunately, No.  Even though they got intimate for the storyline of the video, there is nothing romantic as such between them in reality. 

Wishing Morgan Wade nothing but the best for her music releases. You may give Morgan a following on her Instagram account for more updates. Hoping the news of her reconciliation with Joe Link turns out to be true. 

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