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Toradora Manga Review: All About The Classic Rom-Com Anime

Toradora Poster
Toradora Poster

Toradora Manga is a romantic comedy manga written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu. This manga ended a few years back and revealed more than 70 best chapters. It was also adapted to anime and became very popular. This is one of the best manga that takes a fan back to the best manga of its day after reading it. Toradora also became one of the best-selling manga with more than ten manga volumes. This manga has a light novel and spin-off manga that has more than 90 chapters combined.

Toradora is the story of two students who became popular in their school. Ryuuji Takasu is a strange high school boy with killer eyes, and most students think he is a delinquent. Ryuji has been in love with Minori for a long time, and it seems far for him to reach that dream of being together as a couple. However, one day he met with ‘palm-sized Taiga, an aggressive and dainty in his class. The two are like a cat and mouse and keep on fighting since it seems like they both fell in love, but Ryuuji loves another girl, and it has become like rivals for who will get their first love.

Taiga and Ryuuji get tired of hearing rumors and decide to team together to play a matchmaker for each other to see who will be his true love. This was funny since it brought entertainment to school; other students also noticed it. But Ryuuji has other plans and believes he wins the girl of his life no matter what happens. Taiga accepts the challenge since she cannot lose to someone who she thinks is a loser. Let’s learn more about Toradora below.

Toradora Manga Review

Taiga and Ryuuji’s story becomes entertaining after Minori learns about them. Minori thought it was true love and talked with the two about it. But Ryuuji couldn’t reject her request and decided to do what Minori told him since he realized she was bad for her best friend. He begins to take care of Taiga. Later, Taiga enters the Ms. Festival pageant and wins the competition even though her father didn’t come. But Ryuuji believed Taiga won the competition out of pity from the judges.

Toradora Manga Review


Kanou continues with the festival, announcing several prizes and asking Taiga to dance for everyone while giving her school notes to them. Ryuuji decided to be part of it, but Minori joined them, and they worked together to advance and win the contest. Kitamura couldn’t believe they lost from the other side, which upset him, so he decided to quit the student council. Kitamura went home and changed the color of his hair. After a few days, everyone was surprised that Kitamura was not coming to school, and they never knew that he had decided to quit since he could not accept defeat.

Ryuuji and other students realize they must help Kitamura take the good path. They learn that Kitamura was updated because Kanou will leave the school before graduation. Kitamura feels heartbroken and realizes he will not get a chance to confess to her since he loves her. Later the day of the school elections was nearing, and this was the best chance for Kitamura to achieve his goals, but Kitamura changed his mind, surprised all the students, and decided not to run for Student Council President. This made Taiga angry with other students believing that Kitamura would become a good leader.

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Toradora Manga Latest Updates

Toradora has many volumes that include Toradora! (Light Novel) and Toradora Spin-off! (Light Novel). These three stories reveal Ryuuji’s life as he attempts to get the love of his life. The Light Novel and Spin-off manga have been completed, but the Toradora manga is yet to be completed since it can continue. The latest chapter was released early this year, and many sources have confirmed that this manga is ongoing, but it has stopped due to some unknown reason.



The anime adaptation has also completed 25 episodes under the same name as the manga. But this has special episodes titled Toradora!: Bento Battle and Toradora! SOS! Hooray for Foodies, which offers the four best romantic comedy episodes. This is available on the official website and Crunchyroll, and you can get the latest updates.

Taiga was also involved in a few fights in her class, but things settled when Ryuuji and Minori helped her. After that, the students get ready to celebrate the school’s annual Christmas Eve Party. Taiga and the other students worked hard to throw a big party for everyone, but she believed she was doing everything for Ryuuji.

But Ryuuji was thinking about something and decided to confess his feelings for Minori even though he knew that Minori had begged him to take care of Taiga. However, Ryuuji notices that Taiga has left without enjoying the party and decides to comfort her since he knows that love can wait for hurting someone’s feelings. But Yusaki’s dream is for everyone to get along and stay happy. Let’s look at Toradora’s main characters and other updates below.

Toradora Main  Characters

Ryuuji Takasu is the main hero of this manga, who learned cleaning and cooking after knowing he is in love. He stopped rumors about him dating Taiga since he knows he loves Minori. But he realizes that he also has to look after Taiga even though he has no romantic interest in her. Ryuuji is a smart and intelligent boy who scores high grades even though his family situation sometimes affects his life. He avoids conflicts and puts other students first despite his odd appearance. But Taiga showed that he loved and dated her at the last moment.



Taiga Aisaka is a girl who acts like Tsunder and is the first to fall in love with Ryuuji. She hates being around many girls except for her best friend Minori, even though she knows that Minori is the girl that Ryuuji loves. But she kept calm and continued to be Minori’s best friend, avoiding her love interests from interfering with her friendship. Taiga has rejected many boys who keep proposing since they know she is cute and saving a special place for someone special.

Minori Kushieda is a cheerful beautiful girl who attends the same school as Ryuji’s crush, and she became Taiga’s best friend. Due to her popularity and skills, Minori became the girls’ softball club captain. She is also Ryuuuji’s crush and wonders why Ryuuji has rejected her best friend. Minori begins to hate Ryuuji for not accepting Taiga, but she later realizes his feelings. She has noticed that Ryuuji is a good boy, and when other students tell her that Ryuuji is dating Taiga, she confronts the two ad begs Ryuuji to care for Taiga. This helped Taiga get her true love and win the bet she had with Ryuuji at the beginning of the series since she ended up with her true love.

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Will Toradora Manga Return?

Toradora Manga has just stopped releasing its chapters for a long time, and some sources have revealed it to have more than 94 chapters. Some realizable sources have revealed that Toradora will continue soon since many mysteries exist. But the official sources have not confirmed anything about the return of Toradora manga. However, since this is one of the best romance manga, there is possible for it to return for another season.

Toradora Manga Review


This romantic love story of students is yet to reveal the best ending even though Ryuuji and Taiga ended up together. According to other sources, this was supposed to return, but it good canceled. The writers of this manga are yet to confirm anything about it. But there are still mysteries about Minori’s life that might continue when this manga returns. But the manga adaptation is revealed to take more than three years before it ended since this has just stopped releasing the latest chapters.

The official platform has not confirmed if the manga will continue. Still, if you are curious about this, you can visit the manga’s official website or Twitter using g the name of this manga and get new latest updates. If this Toradora manga continues, we will update the new and latest development of this manga. But there is a possible return of Toradora manga. That is what the Toradora Manga Review offered.

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