15 Facts About Michael Morbius of Marvel That You Must Know

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Facts About Michael Morbius of Marvel

Morbius is a supernatural creature that Marvel fans will see in American Comic Book. The publishing house of this comic book is none other than Marvel Comics. The true fans have first witnessed him in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. The creator of the character of Morbius is writer Ray Thomas and the designer of the structure of Morbius is the penciler, Gil Kane.

The supernatural Morbius’s real name is Dr. Michael Morbius. He is a P.h.D. and M.D. The character was also seen many times in TV shows ad animated movies. The penciler, Gill Kane adapted the look of Jack Palance for creating the design of Morbius. He is one of the greatest villains of the Spider-Man series. Fans will soon see him in the movies.

Jared Leto is going to bring the role of Morbius to our cinema screens. The film is going to be live-action. The release date of the movie is scheduled to be on the 1st of April 2022. Earlier the date was July 2020, but it got delayed due to the pandemic.

morbius vampire
‘Michael Morbius, The Living Vampire’

Now the Marvel Fans are curious to know more about the supernatural creature, Morbius. So, here we go with some of the facts that you need to know about!

1. Michael Morbius is a biologist and biochemist.

Before becoming a Living Vampire, Morbius was a trained biologist. He is a P.h.D. in animal and human biology and did not become a vampire by a natural process. He had a rare blood disease in his childhood, due to this he was very unpleasant to look at. Michael was very studious at a young age. He spent most of the time researching and reading books.

biologist morbius
‘Biologist and Biochemist, Morbius Michael’

2. Michael Morbius is a Nobel Laureate.

Morbius is a powerful intellect. He is studious and loves science. In his high school, he had all the subjects catering to the science field. After graduating high school, he was a student in the medical college and practiced hematology. ven after being so intelligent, he uses his study and powers to make himself look good. But, it worsens the problems for him and looks even more hideous.

morbius intelligent
‘Morbius, Nobel Prize Winner’

3. Morbius is a Living Pseudo-Vampire.

The creature soon hitting your cinema screens is a pseudo vampire. He transformed into a vampire not naturally but artificially by undergoing shocks and chemical treatments. Because of all this, Morbius does not have all the abilities of a vampire. He is also not affected by the limitations that all other vampires have to bear like not being able to stay in sunlight without burning.

psuedo vampire morbius
‘Psuedo-Vampire, Dr. Michael Morbius’

4. Morbius is sunlight resistant.

Morbius has a variety of features that are similar to the other vampires. He also has extraordinary strength and speed for moving from one place to the other. His senses have become more powerful like the ability to see at night. Unlike the natural vampires, Morbius is not affected by garlic, holy water, or crucifixes. He also lacks the power of controlling the weather and the minds of other animals.

living vampire morbius
‘Michael Morbius, Supernatural Vampire’

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5. Morbius feeds on Fresh Human Blood.

Like other supernatural creatures, vampires, Morbius also feeds on the human blood. He has to survive on fresh blood daily. As he had a blood condition in his childhood, for curing this he fed on vampire bat DNA and electric treatment. Despite getting cured he became a pseudo vampire.

dr morbius
‘Psuedo Vampire, Morbius’

6. Morbius’s bite does not kill the people.

On whom Morbius fed do not get killed as they get cured by an antidote that consists of Morbius’s blood. This antidote does not help the pseudo vampirism trait of Morbius. The infected people also do not gain the powers of the pseudo vampires. Although, if he killed them and fed on their blood they can also become one of Morbius’s species.

morbius first appearance
‘First Appearance of Pseudo Vampire, Michael Morbius’

7. Morbius has accelerated healing powers.

Living Vampire can heal quickly from major and minor injuries, which is not possible for humans. He even shows his power of healing, when he got healed from the wounds of gunshots within a few hours. This power is rare to find in pseudo vampires, but Morbius possess it.

morbius in comic book
‘Caricature of Michael Morbius in a Comic Book’

8. Vlad Dracula is the ancestor of Michael Morbius.

Yes! You heard that right. Michael is the descendant of Dracula. Vlad Dracula II is the father of Morbius while Vlad Dracula III is the sibling of Morbius. He possesses some of their basic instincts. Morbius has gained a lot of their powers and abilities which makes him even more dangerous.

vlad dracula descendant
‘Michael Morbius, Descendant of Vlad Dracula II’

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9. Morbius has a Sire Bond with Blade.

Blade and Morbius share a sire bond. Blade is known as the most powerful vampire in the Marvel Comic Book. There is always a conflict between Blade and Michael Morbius. Blade is a hunter vampire and tries to balance out the urge of Morbius to feed on fresh human blood. He tries to change his lifestyle and habit.

morbius sire
‘Morbius Sire Bond with Blade’

10. Michael Morbius turned human by feeding on Spider-Man’s blood.

Once while in a fight, Morbius bit Spider-Man and turned into a human. Spider-Man’s blood nullified the instincts of pseudo vampirism in Morbius. He is no longer required to feed on the human blood to survive. All this made Morbius prepare a serum consisting of Spider-Man’s blood. This made him have relief from the urge to have blood for a shorter period.

michael morbius hunting
‘Michael Morbius on a hunt for human blood’

11. Morbius detects the weather problems.

Like the normal supernatural creatures, one of their traits is there in pseudo vampire, Morbius. They have a special ability to sense weather conditions. This helps Morbius to calculate the wind currents and even the possibility of earthquakes. This ability is rare to find in normal vampires. It was disclosed that this may be due to the blood disorder and pseudo vampire conditions.

morbius hideous look
‘Hideous looking and hungry Michael Morbius’

12. He is very powerful.

Sire’s bond with Blade and the ancestral traits of Dracula makes Morbius one of the strongest vampires. He has unlimited powers but also has some limitations. He is a powerful villain, which every superhero fears. However, he undertakes some risky steps to better his appearance which did not result in his favor. The powers and abilities of Morbius are unmatchable.

michael and spiderman
‘Michael Morbius and Spider-Man Fighting’

13. Micheal fed on the blood of his best friend for the first time.

Morbius and Emil Nikos were best friends from school. They both were intelligent duo. Nikos and Morbius completed several projects and won many awards together. He tried to help Morbius during his transition period and asked him to kill him for feeding. Nikos was the first hunt of Morbius.

nikos and morbius
‘Emil Nikos and Michael Morbius’

14. Morbius is bloodthirsty and not of a stable mind.

Michael’s urge to kill people and feed on them grows with every successive comic book. His mental condition is also not very stable. Due to this condition, he can be influenced by the demons who are more powerful than him easily. He makes enemies sooner than he makes friends. This is also evident in the movie that is going to release soon.

jared Leto
‘Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius’

15. Morbius can change his body physically at any time.

Last but not the least fact about Morbius, is that even being a blood-sucking vampire, Morbius is capable of changing his body any time he wants to. The sight of this body change is truly horrific. He even gets several threats as we read further in the comics. He can change himself in many types as many times he wants and this causes him a lot of pain as well.

morbius movie
‘Poster of Morbius Movie’

All these facts indicate that Michael Morbius is an intelligent and pseudo vampire. He has enormous powers and abilities. He has some powerful enemies that are behind his life. All the answers to his fate will be soon in front of the fans, as the movie is going to release on the 1st of April 2022. Jared Leto will be seen as Michael Morbius.

If you have not read the comic books yet, you should surely give them a read!

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