Jin Sung Woo Facts From Solo Leveling That You Must Know About

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Jin Sung Woo Facts From Solo Leveling

Jin-woo Sung is the protagonist of Solo Leveling. Originally an infamously weak E-Rank Hunter, he was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he was chosen as the Player of the System, granting him the unique ability to grow in strength without restriction. Jinwoo rose to power as humanity’s greatest hunter and the second Shadow Monarch as a result of seizing the System’s opportunities. Here we shall look into some facts about Jin-woo Sung from Solo Leveling.

Sung Jin Woo is a confident man with a strong desire to be powerful. Jinwoo’s personality isn’t haughty. Instead, he’s pleasant and carefree. He’s also largely unconcerned with worldly goals such as success and wealth, and he can be extremely altruistic, as evidenced by the time he went to Jeju Island. He went in without hesitation to save other raid squads from certain death. In battle, on the other hand, he is cruel, slaying his opponents mercilessly and with disdain. Every hero possesses a unique ability that distinguishes him from others, but Sung-Jin Woo possesses multiple abilities. He gained incredible strength and endurance after becoming a member of the Shadow Monarch. Because of the Shadow Monarch, Sung-Jin Woo is an ordinary man with limitless strength. He also possesses the abilities of Shadow Extraction and Shadow Exchange. He also can control objects, which is known as Ruler’s Authority.

Solo Leveling, also known as Only I Level Up, is a South Korean web novel written by Chugong. Kakao’s digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage serialized it on July 25, 2016, and D&C Media published it under the Papyrus label on November 4, 2016. Since then, the novel has been licensed in English by Yen Press and Web-novel under the title Only I Level Up. Jang-Sung-Rak (aka Dubu), the CEO of Reduce Studio, illustrated the webtoon adaptation of Solo Leveling, which was first serialized in KakaoPage on March 4, 2018. The first season of the webtoon ended on March 19, 2020, and the second season began serialization on August 1, 2020. Its chapters have been collected and published into three volumes by D&C Media as of July 2020.

Here Is a List of Jin Sung Woo Facts From Solo Leveling:

10. Jin Sung Woo Almost Died Too Many Times

Jin-Woo had been close to death numerous times, in addition to his harrowing experience in the Double Dungeon. Jin-Woo was injured so badly in the dungeon when he was still an E-Rank Hunter that he had to be hospitalized for weeks or even nearly starve to death due to getting lost in the dungeon.

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jin sung woo facts solo leveling
Jin Sung Woo Vs Beru

Jinwoo’s strength appeared to be limitless, but it turns out that the System had imposed some restrictions. Jinwoo is sent into an alternate dimension where time is reversed after being stabbed by the Beast Monarch in Chapter 161, and he ends up back in the hospital after his first Double Dungeon.

9. Many Guild Invitations Were Rejected

Jin-Woo visited the South Korean Hunter Association for the first time since being determined to enter E-Rank in Chapter 62 to re-evaluate his Rank. Machines could not measure his strength, indicating that he was already in the S-Rank category.

Many guilds came to recruit Jin-Woo, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to recruit the 10th S-Rank in South Korea. Choi Jong-In, the chairman of one of South Korea’s largest guilds, ‘Hunters,’ personally came to recruit Jin-Woo, even though he was immediately rejected outright. Jinwoo establishes the Ahjin Guild and agrees to assist the Knights Guild in clearing a top-tier A-Rank Gate on their territory for a fee.

8. Jin Sung Woo Has Killed Many People

Jin-Woo had time to kill ordinary humans in addition to the monsters in the Dungeon. The majority of them were those who posed a threat to Jin’s life and the ‘System’ forced Jin-Woo to kill them.

Jin Sung Woo Vs Hwang Dong-Su

Until chapter 155 of the manhwa, the humans he had killed were eight members of the party: Hwang Dong Suk (Chapter 24), Kang Tae-Sik (Chapter 34), Kim Chul (Chapter 53), and Hwang Dong Su (Chapter 145).

7. In Three Months, Jin-Woo Advanced From E-Rank to S-Rank.

Jin-Woo’s intensive training and dedication in the Dungeon had finally paid off. Jin-Woo has crowned the Hunter with the highest rank, the S-Rank, in just three months.

jin sung woo facts solo leveling
Jin Sung Woo Dad

Jin Woo’s strength was far superior to that of other S-Rank Hunters when he was promoted, as evidenced during the South Korean and Japanese Hunter training sessions before the expedition to the S-Rank Dungeon on Jeju Island. Jin-woo’s strength grew over time, and he even defeated the United States National Hunter, Thomas Andre.

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6. Jin Sung Woo Adores His Family

Despite his reputation as a cold-blooded Hunter who will kill other Hunters without hesitation, Jin-Woo is a family man. He repeatedly put his life in danger as an E-Rank Hunter to save his ailing mother, and he left the dungeon raid when he learned his sister was in danger.

Jin-Woo recognized him as his father even though he was not close to the figure of his father, who was rumored to be missing in the Dungeon. When his father is accused of murdering Christopher Reid, Jin-Woo insists on defending him, even if it means becoming a global enemy of the Hunters.

5. Jin Sung Woo has Two ‘Hearts’

Jin-Woo had entered the Double Dungeon, which was inside a C-Rank Dungeon, before leaving for the S-Rank Dungeon in Japan. He was confronted by a statue of a six-winged angel (Chapter 130). Jin-Woo obtained the ‘Black Heart,’ which was the original Shadow Monarch’s heart, giving him two hearts so far (Chapter 155).

Jin Sung Woo

Unfortunately for the Architect, Ashborn had no intention of using Jinwoo as his vessel and instead wished to transfer his powers to Jinwoo to make Jinwoo his heir. As a result, he chose to betray the Architect by locking him out of the System and handing over Jinwoo’s black heart.

4. Jin Sung Woo Has Defeated Two S-Rank Dungeons

Few Hunters succeeded in conquering S-Rank Dungeons, and those who did would be awarded the title of ‘National Level Hunter,’ a level above the S-Rank Hunter. Only five National Level Hunters have been introduced in Solo Leveling, namely those who defeated Kamish.

Jin Sung Woo Facts From Solo Leveling
Jin Sung Woo Vs Thomas Andre

Jin-Woo, on the other hand, had already conquered two S-Rank Dungeons: Jeju Island and Tokyo, Japan. Furthermore, Jin-Woo demonstrated strength beyond the National Level Hunter with his victory over Thomas Andre (Chapter 147) during the feud in America.

3. Jin Sung Woo Has Revived ‘Dead People’

Jin-Woo’s shadow Extraction skill can indeed resurrect dead people, including humans he has killed, to serve as shadows. Jin-Woo, on the other hand, has “brought the dead to life,” specifically those suffering from ‘Eternal Slumber.’ Shadow Extraction enables the user to resurrect a slain beast or hunter as a shadow soldier. It is triggered by a predefined keyword, does not require mana to use, and can be applied over a wide radius, allowing its user to extract hundreds of shadows at once. Even though Shadow Extraction allows its users to essentially create their massive army,

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The victim of ‘Eternal Slumber’ lives as if he or she is in a coma, and there is no cure. Jin-Woo resurrected his mother, who had been ‘dead’ for four years, as well as Yoo Hin-father, Ho’s Yoo Mung-Han, using ‘The Holy Water of Life.’

2. Jin-Sung Woo Used To Have a Poor Lifestyle.

The main reason Jin-Woo became a Hunter was to pay for his mother’s hospital treatment, as explained in Chapter 1 of Solo Leveling manhwa. He admitted that he lacked talent and that it was difficult for him to find another job.

Jin Sung Woo Facts From Solo Leveling
Jin sung Woo

Hunter is known for being a difficult job with high pay. Jin-Woo, as the lowest-ranked hunter, couldn’t make as much money as he had hoped.

1. Jin Sung Woo Had a Major Physical Change

After Reawakening, Jin-Woo had to complete the ‘System’s quest to strengthen his physique by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running 10 kilometers every day. This quickly turned his skinny body into a bulky one.

jin sung woo facts from solo leveling
Jin Sung Woo

Apart from physical training, Jin-Woo would receive a reward from the ‘System’ if he completed his daily quest. If he failed, Jin-Woo would be sent to the ‘Penalty Zone,’ where he would have to survive the pursuit of dangerous monsters for 4 hours straight. Jinwoo possesses incomparably enormous physical strength. He was able to subdue the Statue of God, beat Thomas Andre to the brink of death while still holding back, kill the Beast Monarch in four hits, and almost completely sever Antares during their fight as proof of this.

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