Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Read

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Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213: Release Date & How To Read
Tonikaku Kawaii - Cover

The release date of Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 is right around the corner, and fans around the world are really excited to know what is going to happen next in the life of our beautiful couples, Nasa and Tsukasa. Tonikaku Kawaii, or Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You in English, is a popular science fictional rom-com manga series written and illustrated by famous Japanese manga artist Kenjiro Hata, yes, the same mangaka behind Hayate the Combat Butler series.

Kenjiro Hata began the serialization of its manga Tonikaku Kawaii in Weekly Shonen Sunday from the house of Shogakukan in February 2018. Viz Media got the rights to distribute the manga series Tonikaku Kawaii’s English edition in North America.

After the success of the manga, the first season of an anime adaptation of Tonikaku Kawaii also aired on Tokyo MX Japan, from October to December 2020, by Japanese anime production company and former studio, Seven Arcs and licensed by Crunchyroll. Before jumping into the release date of Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213, let us quickly find out more about the plot and characters of the manga series.

What is Tonikaku Kawaii All About?

The story opens with our main male protagonist named, Nasa, who is in the middle of a blizzard snowy winter night. Nasa gets distracted by the beauty of a young girl named Tsukasa, who is also our main female protagonist, and gets hit by a car.

She saves his life, and even though this man is all bleeding stuff and supposed to go to the hospital, he runs after her and then confesses his love to her. Tsukasa accepts Nasa’s Proposal with an interesting condition, she says to him that she will be his girlfriend only if he marries her, and then he never hears from her again for two or three years.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Release Date & How To Read
Tonikaku Kawaii – Nasa and Tsukasa

When Nasa gets back to his life, he starts working hard to get enough money, just in case the smallest chance that she might show up again, and yes, she shows up again. After that, they end up getting married legally but not like an actual marriage, and the whole thing is still them becoming a real couple.

But they are already married, so that’s the kind of the funniest part because some of the things they speak into faster, some of the things they are still really weird about. It’s also funny seeing all these reactions to people they got married to because, first off, they are both at a young age. If you read the very first chapter, you might notice that our main female character Tsukasa is strong, she is very cute when she is embarrassed, and she makes a frick ton of references.

It’s the greatest thing ever. In one of the chapters, she wakes up and notices another ceiling that she does not recognize, and the narrator just says that she wanted to say the ava lines. She made a One Piece reference, and she likes video games, especially retro games. Our main male character Nasa is the smartest crap. He knows a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect some 18-year-old dude to know.

He ends up becoming a professor at an all-girls high school later on, which gets really funny when his wife gets jealous of his work. Nasa is the guy who is not afraid of letting his wife know what he wants from her and what he wants to do, which ends up in a lot of funny situations where they end up doing something, and it’s very embarrassing. This was all about the plot and characters of the manga series. Now let us jump into our main part, the release date of Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213.

When Is Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Release Date & Time?

The upcoming Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 09:00 am Japanese Standard Time. The various times that the Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 will be available to us are as follows:

  • For India, it will release at 06:00 pm (November 9, 2022)
  • For Singapore, it will release at 08:30 pm (November 9, 2022)
  • For Australia, it will release at 10:30 pm (November 9, 2022)
  • For the Philippines, it will release at 09:30 am (November 9, 2022)
  • For Korea, it will release at 09:30 am (November 9, 2022)
  • For Pakistan, it will release at 05:30 pm (November 9, 2022)

Where Can You Read Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 213 Online?

As we already mentioned before, Viz Media is the official distributor of the Tonikaku Kawaii in North America, and you can easily access the official digital edition of Chapter 213, similar to the previous ones, on their official site.

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