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Is Elizabeth Really Dead On The Blacklist? Real Reason Behind Her Exit

Fans are now wondering if Elizabeth has seriously died on The Blacklist. Before getting into further discussion, let’s have a look at the crime thriller. The Blacklist made its debut back in 2013 on NBC. Talking about its storyline, a mysterious wanted absconder surrenders himself to the police department, more precisely, the FBI. Not only that, but he also helps them to find other notorious, dangerous criminals.

But why? A fugitive surrendering to the cops isn’t something that we generally hear about. There must be some reasons behind it. Well, that’s different. But, for helping the police, his only condition is to work with the special agent and new profiler, Elizabeth Keen. She is with the FBI on Harold Cooper’s team. 

The last season that is The Blacklist Season 9, premiered on 21 October 2021 and concluded this year in May. The leading character, Elizabeth Keen, is portrayed by the actress Megan Boone. Each of the seasons has been unfolding a mysterious event, making it highly intriguing. 

Elizabeth Keen made her last appearance in Season 8, and fans already missed her in the latest one. Did she die in the thriller? What do you think? 

Is Elizabeth Really Dead On The Blacklist

Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist

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Is Elizabeth Dead On The Blacklist?

The actress behind Elizabeth Keen that is Megan Boone was a foundational part of the crime thriller, The Blacklist. As already mentioned in her last appearance, Elizabeth was shot dead in Season 8. So, Yes! She died on the show, and Reddington mourned her loss badly. The sequel that is Season 9, completely depicts her death a couple of years ago. 

Red first asks Elizabeth to kill him by pulling the trigger and spare him from the illness. To make it happen, he also told her that he would give her a letter from her mother. But Elizabeth failed to do that. What happened next? One of Townsend’s henchmen shot her in the back of her head, and she fell in the arms of Red. Initially, she didn’t appear to be dead in real. But as the series moves forward with a two-year jump, Elizabeth dies in real.

Is Elizabeth Really Dead On The Blacklist

A scene from The Blacklist

With Megan’s absence in Season 9, people started wondering the reason for her leaving the show and making it an unhappy ending at her side. Well, the actress shared her decision to leave the cast of The Blacklist. On this note, she said that playing the character for eight years helped her to define the world better.

In addition to this, she has thanked the entire cast and crew of The Blacklist and the audience whom they entertained full-fledged. Even the team was upset with the news of her leaving after working together for so many years. It became more like her family. But, at the same time, they supported her a lot, and we’re excited to see her succeed in the future. 

After leaving The Blacklist, Megan signed a deal with the studio Sony Pictures TV. So, they are set to work together shortly. Best Wishes to Megan Boone for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Megan a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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