The Blacklist Season 10: Renewal, Plot, Cast & Streaming Guide

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The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date
The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date

The first episode of the criminal drama “The Blacklist,” created by Jon Bokenkamp, aired on September 23, 2013. It centers on Raymond “Red” Reddington, a notorious criminal who turns himself into the FBI but has a unique offer. He is prepared to divulge private information about some of the most sought criminals in the world in return for his release. The relationship between Reddington and FBI agent Liz Keen serves as the show’s fulcrum for the first eight seasons, but the season 9 plot significantly changes.

Because of the show’s intriguing story turns and James Spader’s faultless Red interpretation, it has a devoted following. The popularity of the show may have been impacted by Megan Boone’s departure, which worried viewers. Still, it appears that the ninth season of the crime drama has kept viewers interested. With all the thrilling events taking place this season. So, let’s talk about The Blacklist season 10 release date and where the series stands!


Since Raymond Reddington, also known as Red, serves as the focal point of the program, we may anticipate James Spader reprising his performance as Red. Diego Klattenhoff will play Donald Ressler, Harry Lennix will play Harold Cooper, Amir Arison will play Aram Mojtabai, Hisham Tawfiq will play Dembe Zuma, and Laura Sohn are more performers who play key parts. As a result, the majority of them might appear in the prospective tenth season.

However, depending on how the characters fare in season 9, there may be some adjustments to the cast roster. Although Megan Boone is no longer a cast member, the show’s plot still heavily relies on the character Liz Keen that she played on screen. On the other side, the potential Season 10 may also have some new cast members.

The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date
James Spader as Reddington!

The Blacklist Season 9 Finale Recap

Cooper apologizes to Red for approaching Marvin first and gets the conversation going. Red tells him that stealing someone is wrong and that he is his to deal with because he didn’t get to him first. He would rather kill him, according to Cooper. That man is Red’s attorney, and Red informs him that he made a more incredible mess of things than he thinks.

Cooper enters to speak with Marvin, telling him that he is devastated by the savagery from him and that he attempted to kill him. Marvin claims he will avoid prison. He is called a puppet by Marvin. Marvin calls him an underling and says the only person he will speak to is Cynthia. He has no intention of telling Marvin anything.

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Red And Carolyn

Red picks Carolyn up and instructs Chuck, his driver, to go. She advises him not to meet at the courts. She spoke to her 83-year-old father, Alfred. Despite having a grapefruit-sized prostate, he is still alive and in relatively good spirits. Red claims he did nothing when he learned that her father had been stealing from him to pay for his only child to attend law school. She claims it is exciting to know that a criminal funded her law education and that she believes he is seeking retribution. Yes, it’s time, he responds.

Cynthia and Marvin

When Cynthia speaks to Marvin, he claims he is more interested in replacing Red than hurting him. Red is out of control, he keeps committing crimes, and because of him, the task force is in chaos. He claims that although he set up Cooper, he didn’t instruct him to breach the law; instead, he did it due to his long association with Red. Marvin is giving her and her superiors a fresh start. He is a much more dependable companion than Red and can keep the blacklist up to date. He asserts that he is the preferable choice and that Red should be eliminated. He also wants Red to be taken into custody and dumped in a hole. He wants her to establish the Marvin Gerard task force as a new task force. The Attorney General, in his opinion, will accept it.

The Plot

When Cooper addresses the task force, Ressler remarks that it is ironic that they now have to defend Red from Marvin. Aram permits Dembe and Park to observe Red but cautions Park that due to her health, she must remain in the vehicle. Red talks with a guard at the Coolridge Correctional Facility in Heneveld. Ressler is confident that Red will have Marvin killed, and Cooper believes Marvin is in grave danger.

The most active assassin who worked for the Chinese state security service, Wujing, enters the prison and approaches Marvin, who recognizes him. The man sits next to Marvin, who announces that he won’t be there for long. He was consulted by Wujing, who wanted to know how he could file a motion to appear in court. Marvin advises him to assert that his attorneys are ineffective in obtaining a hearing. Wujing claims he has a man waiting for him when he arrives at the hearing and has escape preparations.

The Warrant

Cooper receives a Red arrest warrant from Cynthia. She informs him that he is also out and a new task team is being recruited. Cooper won’t be charged, according to Main Justice. Cooper is released as soon as Marvin’s arrangement is put into effect.

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Theodore is being questioned by Dembe and Park while being held in jail. Red got in touch with him because he claims his lawyer is present and wants to have an off-the-record meeting. Theodore is intended to be there to let Red in because he knows the entrance point to the tunnel where the contraband is passed. Cooper is instructed by Ressler to get Marvin out of the area and to a courthouse where a judge can approve an immunity agreement. According to Cooper, Red won’t be entering that prison. He vows he will close the tunnel.


While driving, Ressler tells Marvin that it makes him sick, knowing he will get what he wants. Marvin claims he was relegated to the role of an informant and didn’t obtain what he desired. Marvin informs him that today is the worst day of Red’s life and that he will have one plan after another until he confronts him.

Cooper is with Dembe, saying it hurts that Elizabeth didn’t receive justice. Cooper remembers the first night Agnes lived with him. He apologizes to Agnes’ mother, telling Agnes that he loved her and is sorry that she is gone. However, he assures them they are staying put and that they are delighted to have her join them. To fulfill his pledge to Agnes, he now allows Elizabeth’s killer to go free.

Court Trouble

Before the hearing, Carolyn diverts the judge in the courtroom, allowing Red to place a revolver to Marvin’s neck when he goes into the judge’s chambers. Well played, Marvin says to him. You were always a brilliant tactician. Red claims that their friendship has come to a sad end. He will perish for the despicable betrayal. Marvin explains that he wasn’t his servant but rather his partner and that since it was also his life’s work, he had every right to be careless with it. Red informs him that although they were not partners, he still loves him and that he never imagined losing Elizabeth as a result.

Cooper’s Home

When Cooper gets home, he informs Marvin’s wife that the court has approved the agreement, so it is over. She assures him that Agnes will comprehend when she is older. Cooper enters Agnes’ room, where she is sound asleep. He turns off the light and mutters to her that he is not going anywhere. After being freed, Marvin requests a moment. First, he goes to talk to Wuljig. Marvin informs him that Red is present because of an immunity agreement he has with the federal government. People who are in prison all over the world are there as a result of Red. Marvin slips a list of the prisoners Wuljig is in charge of imprisoning into his pocket.

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Red’s Home Affar

Cooper invited Red over to his house, where he is now. Cooper pours two drinks and declares that Marvin’s agreement is now in force. Cooper claims that taking him into custody is the devil’s bargain, which came at a high cost. Red expresses gratitude for the caution. Red claims he had to ensure that Marvin’s agreement went through, but he won’t be working with the government. Marvin and he said their goodbyes. Red gave him a chance to exit the world in any way he pleased. A time to organize his affairs and say goodbye to important people. After being allowed free, Marvin shoots himself in his car after telling him that it wasn’t indeed his life after all.

Marvin’s Demise

Marvin just left prison, got into his car, and shot himself. Cynthia calls Cooper’s residence to inform him and Red that he won’t collaborate with the law department. Cooper is understood, and the request to arrest Red is withdrawn. What a surprise says Red. Red is told by Cooper that he is something. Red requests that he send Agnes his love while he is gone for a few weeks.

On the third anniversary of Elizabeth’s murder, Ressler, Dembe, Aram, and Cooper visit her grave the following day. Aram claims he has decided to take some time off after considering it. Park arrives bearing flowers and claims that since becoming pregnant, her headaches have gotten worse. She is absent from the task force for medical reasons. Wujing is free. He has a list of the other prisoners. Red is accountable for keeping them incarcerated, and he knows they will assist him in killing Red.

The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date
Reddington will return!

Where To Watch The Blacklist?

You can stream the Blacklist from Peacock Premium, Netflix, DirecTV Streaming, and Fubo TV. Also, you can buy the seasons from Vudu Fandango, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play.

The Blacklist Season 10 Potential Plotlines

Two years after Liz Keen’s passing, the ninth season begins. The current season sheds light on everything that transpired in the major characters’ lives at that time. Red’s exact identity, however, is still a secret. Red and the others collaborate to resolve some challenging cases while dealing with the ups and downs of life. Therefore, we may expect more thrilling drama if there is a season 10. Hopefully, we will also discover Red’s true identity.

New Confirmed Character

The NBC crime drama will present us with Intelligence officer “Siya”, she will work with Reddington’s crew, her story dates back to the debut season when Meera Malik’s character was killed, she’s that character’s daughter. This character aims to fill out some voids left out by some characters from season 9. 

The Blacklist Season 10 Release Date

The Blacklist Season 10 will release sometime in early January 2023.

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