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Top 22 TV Shows Like The Blacklist To Watch

Top 22 TV Shows Just Like The Blacklist

Fans of The Blacklist who have been watching the show for over a 9 season run know very well that it’s one of the best action crime thriller shows out there. The thrill and adrenaline rush that this show provides cannot be matched by any other show. But since the show is currently on pause & waiting for the season 10 announcement.

The fans just can’t wait that long. Could they? They need something that could give them the feel and thrill that The Blacklist gave them. So Otakukart brings you a list of the Top 22 TV shows just like The Blacklist.


Blindspot is an action suspense thriller TV show, where a mysterious tattooed girl with no memory is found naked in the middle of the city. she soon discovers that the tattoos on her body contain a clue to a crime and she must work with the FBI to solve cases and find her mysterious past. Just like The Blacklist, where a mysterious yet dangerous person agrees to help the FBI. Blindspot is an out-and-out action crime thriller whose storyline would definitely remind you of The Blacklist. Often fans of The Blacklist consider Blindspot as the show most similar to Balcklist.

TV shows like The Blacklist

Jane from Blindspot

Person Of Interest

From the mind of Jonathan Nolan, the creator of Westworld. Person Of Interest is a sci-fi thriller, about a genius computer programmer who creates an advanced artificial intelligence system for surveillance. He named it The Machine, machine was built as a response to the 9/11 attacks, to do surveillance and predict criminal and terrorist activities even before they happen. This series tackles some of the bigger questions like privacy, sacrifice, and doing things for the greater good.

Person Of Interest TV Show

Person Of Interest TV Show


If you love TV shows with extremely smart protagonists who always think multiple steps ahead of their enemies then this show is definitely for you. Elementary is a modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is played by Jonny Miller, a drug addict, and a police consultant who must work together with Dr. Watson to solve some of the most difficult cases and he must fight against his biggest enemy Moriarty, who wants to destroy Sherlock. Elementary has 7 seasons and over 154 episodes. It’s just plenty to keep you hooked and give you the necessary The Blacklist’s crime-solving vibe.

Elemetary TV show

Sherlock and Watson from Elementary


Sherlock is one of BBC’s best TV shows. Based on the classic detective novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This TV show is a modern-day story of the classic Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Its story is based in the 21st century in modern-day London, it follows the crime-solving adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson, and together they help the police solve some of the most difficult cases and must stop criminals from creating havoc in the city.

Sherlock is a genius police consultant who reads people like a book, has an eye for details, and can connect patterns to solve crimes like no one. Sherlock is a gripping crime thriller that will keep you hooked throughout all its seasons, and you could also be related to this show’s theme of  – An eccentric but dangerous consultant helping police solve crimes.

Sherlock and Watson

Sherlock and Watson From Sherlock


From director David Fincher who is considered one of the masters of modern crime thrillers. This time he brings you another tale of crime and mystery with Netflix’s MindHunters. Mindhunters follows 2 FBI agents who, along with a psychiatrist, interview some of the most dangerous criminals in the history of America. From psychopaths to serial killers, they try to understand what goes inside their minds and what makes them do what they do. 

Unlike Blacklist, which focuses more on solving cases and catching criminals. This show focuses more on understanding the criminals and exploring the crime through the killer’s mind. It’s a show about criminal profiling, just like The Blacklist, and it gives you a different perspective on crime-solving TV shows.

Mindhunter Crime TV show Like The Blacklist

Serial Killer Interview Scene


This gory crime drama stars Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter (One of the most dangerous fictional villains of all time). This show focuses on Hannibal, who is a psychiatrist as well as a serial killer who loves eating human flesh. He keeps his identity a secret and helps the FBI to catch some of the most dangerous serial killers. If you are expecting a TV show with action and edge-of-your-seat thrill, then I would recommend you not to touch this show for now. Because this show focuses more on how a criminal would cooperate with the FBI and at the same time using the information which he gained from helping the FBI, he commits more crimes.

It’s a dark and extremely violent TV show. That explores the unlikely relationship between Dr. Hannibal and Graham ( an FBI consultant who uses his unique gift of visualization to solve crimes).

Crime TV Show like The Blacklist

Dr. Hannibal Lecter


It’s a critically acclaimed espionage TV show that tells the story of soldier Broody. When a team of US marines conducts a raid in a terrorist base camp, they find Broody held as a prisoner. Broody was presumed dead, but he has been found alive. He is brought back to the US and is declared a war hero. But a CIA officer starts suspecting that it’s all part of a big terrorist conspiracy, and Broody might have turned the US and could possibly plan an attack in the US.

TV Shows similar to Th eBlacklist

Homeland TV show Cast

The Wire

A realistic crime drama that explores crime, corruption, and politics in a gritty realistic way like never before. The show focuses on how crime breeds in society & how different section of society gets affected by it. For the fans of The Blacklist, this show could be quite realistic and might not opt for big action sequences, but it definitely has a great story to offer. If you are willing to try out something new that still has elements of The Blacklist, then you should definitely check this show out. The Wire is considered as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

One of the greatest TV shows of all time

the cast of the wire tv show


Luther tells the story of an intelligent but ruthless police detective who could go to any lengths to catch criminals and solve cases. When his personal and professional life starts to mess with his life and takes a toll on him, he collaborates with a psychopath to solve criminal cases. Sounded familiar? Yes, this British crime drama starring Idris Elba should be on your list if you are looking for a similar TV show like The Blacklist. It’s critically acclaimed, and it’s considered one of the best British crime dramas of all time.

BBC Crime Drama Luther

Edris Elba from Luther

White Collar

When Neal a professional con artist who excels in theft and forgery-related crimes, finally gets caught by a special FBI agent. And Neal is sentenced to 4 years in prison, a desperate Neal tries to escape but is again outsmarted by special agent Burke, who this time offers Neal a deal. He must use his con artist skills to help the FBI catch some of the most dangerous high profile white collar criminals in exchange for his freedom.

Though its plot may not sound too unique but is a highly rated TV show with an IMDB rating of 8.3 & its show’s premise of a criminal helping the FBI is quite similar to that of The Blacklist.

TV shows like Th eBlacklist

Neal from White Collar


 A war veteran who now works as a police sergeant and saves many passengers’ life on a train by stopping a terrorist attack. Looking at his heroism, he gets promoted and gets assigned as the protection officer of Julia Montague, who is Britain’s home secretary. But his falling mental condition due to his struggle with PTSD and his confrontation with the reality of politics starts getting the best of him, and no matter what he must do, whatever it takes to do his job, that is to protect people. Bodyguard is an engaging thriller that has elements of politics, action, and suspense, something that Blacklist fans would definitely love.

British Crime Drama thriller

Sergeant David Budd with Julia Montague

Jack Ryan

Based on the popular character from author Tom Clancy’s books. Jack Ryan is the newest show in the franchise. It follows the story of Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who finds a connection between some bank transfers, and Suleiman, a wanted terrorist who is planning an attack in the US to get his revenge. Jack Ryan is a really good espionage thriller that will keep you hooked till the very end.

Best TV shows like The Blacklist

Jack Ryan And James Greer

The Mentalist

The Mentalist tells the story of a conman named Patrick who calls himself a mentalist, someone who could read people’s minds. The story revolves around two main characters, Patrick (The Mentalist) and Red John, a serial killer. Both lived their own lives until one Patrick claims arrogantly in an interview that his abilities as a mentalist helped the CBI to profile Red John. This arrogant claim makes Red John furious, and he kills Patrick’s wife and daughter. And the rest of the show follows how Patrick helps CBI to solve various cases and their attempt to put an end to Red John’s case.

The mentalist TV show

Patrick Jane From The Mentalist

Designated Survivor

After an attack kills the president and everyone else who could be the next president dies. A small minister gets chosen to serve as the new president, of what may come as a dream come true for Kirkman. He soon realizes all of this is a part of a big conspiracy, and he is just a small part of it. While The Blacklist is a story about crime, injustice, and political corruption. Designated Survivor solely focuses on the political crime aspect of the show. This show also has a Korean remake version named Designated Survivor 60 Days.

Thriller TV shows like The Blacklist

Tom Kirkman from Designated Survivor


Imagine what kind of threats you could deal with if you have a team that is led by a genius whose IQ level is over 190, while Einstein had about 160. Along with a team who has its own unique individual set of skills ranging from psychology, engineering, and computer hacking. Scorpion is a story of such a unique team, who are also considered “the last line of defense” if no one can solve a threat, then they could.

Crime Thriller TV show like The Blacklist

Scorpion TV show cast

How To Get Away With Murder

The story focuses on Annalise Keating a charming attorney and a law professor who doesn’t care if her client is innocent or guilty all she cares about is how to win. This particular attitude of her, has helped her to achieve new heights in her career & every aspiring lawyer just wants to achieve the success that Annalise has. But the story starts taking a real turn when Annalise like every year offers 5 of her students to work as an intern in her law firm. But only she didn’t know that these 5 interns are going to get involved in a murder and will get Annalise involved in this mess too. Now all of their lives are on the line, they must do whatever it takes to survive.

Crime suspense TV shows like The Blacklist

The cast of How to get away with murder


Graceland is a 2013 TV show that focuses on undercover agents from various departments like the FBI, DEA & Customs departments. Who live together in the same house called Graceland.  Where they train and prepare for an undercover mission and wait till they are assigned with an undercover mission. It’s one of those shows, which is not great in any way, it won’t blow your mind but it would definitely give you an insight into what goes inside the mind of an undercover agent and how they train for such missions.

crime drama tv show

Graceland training scene

Burn Notice

The story of Burn Notice revolves around a spy named Michael who recently received a Burn Notice (Burn Notice is a notice issued by secret service agencies to tell the world that their agent is no longer reliable and must be disavowed immediately).  Left with no cash and connections with the agency anymore. Michael takes up the job of an unlicensed investigator who uses his skills to help people and make some money at the same time trying to uncover the secret that agencies are hiding from him.

Action thriller TV show

Michael from Burn Notice


Quantico is a crime drama whose 1st season focuses on the young recruits who receive training at Quantico to become an FBI agent. Starring Priyanka Chopra in the lead, the 1st season has 2 storylines, one is the time period where the new recruits train, its shows their training phase, where they go through various challenges, training, and tests in order to become the best FBI agent.

Action TV show like The Blacklist

Priyanka Chopra from Quantico

But the real twist takes place when the US faces a terror attack that is bigger than 9/11, and one among that batch of new recruits could be a sleeper cell agent posing as an FBI trainee. Quantico is an action-packed conspiracy thriller that has lots of espionage and political angle to the story, which you would definitely enjoy.


If you have had enough of shows with an FBI setting, where the protagonist and his team are solving crimes, catching killers, and all stuff, and want something new that still gives you the vibe of The blacklist, then you should definitely try out Suits. Suits tell the story of 2 lawyers – Harvey and Mike. Harvey is a successful lawyer who is smart and ruthless, while Mike skipped law school, doesn’t have a law degree, is involved with drugs, but has an incredible photographic memory.

Shows similar to the blacklist

Harvey Specter From Suits

After Mike goes through troubles, he finally decides to change his life and impresses Harvey with his memory & his law knowledge & convinces him to let him work at his law firm. “Suits” is filled with courtroom drama and shows us how lawyers deal with cases in a really interesting manner.


Created by JJ Abrams, Alias follows the world of International Criminals & crime syndicates who are out to control the world. Sydney, a young college freshman who works as a double agent for the crime syndicate and the CIA must do whatever it takes to stop the evil organization. Alias is an action-packed TV show having high octane Hollywood-style action, stunts, and chase sequences. It’s a critically acclaimed TV show, and it’s considered one of the best TV shows of all time.

Action Thriller TV SHow

Jennifer Garner from Alias

Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez and ray Lolita in the lead, it’s a cop crime drama whose story is more realistic compared to The Blacklist.

Cop tv show

Jennifer Lopez from Shades Of Blue

The story follows a corrupt single mother who takes bribes in order to provide a good life for her family. But when the FBI finds this out, they ask her to investigate her own team if she wants to clear her name and come out clean.

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