Jun and Jun Episode 7: Spoilers, Streaming Guide & Release Date

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jun and jun ep 7
Jun and Jun Episode 7 (Credits: GagaOOlala)

Jun and Jun episode 7 will drop shortly. The cameos of Thai BL actors in the series are taking the audience’s hearts away. Other than that, viewers are still waiting for something big to happen in the series. 

Jun and Jun is an ongoing South Korean BL series. The series started premiering on the 20th of July, and the latest episode was released on the 24th of August, 2023. Each episode has a runtime of around 25 minutes. 

The plot narrates the story of an ex-idol, Lee Jun, who once wanted to shine on the stage as a pop star but had to give up on his dreams. Instead, he has no choice but to work as a cosmetic company’s intern. His encounter with the handsome and intellectual manager, Choi Jun, is not pleasant and worth remembering. Choi Jun shares a history with Lee Jun as his childhood love. It will not be easy for them to hide this fact. Will this reunion bring a change in their lives? 

Let’s Catch Up with Episode 6 of Jun and Jun 

The sixth episode started with Simeon bringing salad for Lee Jun. And he was still clueless about what Simeon felt for him. They discussed the work, and Simeon signed the contract to become their model.

He then went to meet Hyun Jae after being asked by him. Hyun Jae told him that Lee Jun’s reputation seemed to be suffering a bit because of him. He also said they both had a professional relationship even after working together for years. It made Simeon upset and left him alone there.

Later, Lee Jun came to Hyun Jae and gave him a gift he promised from his salary. He bought him a handkerchief. Kim Young came to meet Lee Jun because somebody told her there was something off about him and Choi Jun.

jun and jun ep 6
Jun and Jun Episode 6 (Credits: GagaOOlala)

He started a topic about her and Choi Jun’s engagement. But Young cleared the air, saying it was a family promise. Their families made a promise before. When he came back, he heard everybody gossiping about Choi Jun’s marriage and return to the US.

He was sore and felt tired. In the halfway, he met Hyun Jae and went for a drink with him. Choi Jun saw them in the parking area and decided to join them. He asked Hyun Jae how long he had liked Lee Jun, which showed he knew about his feelings for Jun.

Hyun Jae went home first as he was drunk, leaving Lee and Choi Juns’ alone. They walked together to Lee’s home. Choi told him that he and Young would break off their engagement later and they were doing it for elders.

But Lee Jun said he had no interest in knowing anything related to him. However, when Choi said he was running away from him and was having fun leading others on, Lee Jun confessed that he liked him. 

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Jun and Jun Episode 7 Release Date

Jun and Jun Episode 7 will be released on the 31st of August, 2023. According to Korean Standard Time (KST), the episode will be broadcast at 06:00 PM But the time for the episode in South Korea will be different for those from various regions as following hours and dates: 

  • India: At 02:30 PM, Indian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Japan: At 06:00 PM, Japan Standard Time, on the same day
  • China: At 05:00 PM, China Standard Time, on the same day
  • Thailand: At 04:00 PM, Thailand Standard Time, on the same day
  • USA: At 05:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Europe: At 09:00 AM, Greenwich Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Canada: At 05:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Australia: At 07:00 PM, Australian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Britain: At 10:00 AM, British Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Indonesia: At 04:00 PM, Indonesian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Philippines: At 05:00 PM, Philippine Standard Time, on the same day
  • Malaysia: At 05:00 PM, Malaysia Standard Time, on the same day
  • Germany: At 11:00 AM, Germany Standard Time, on the same day 

How to Watch Jun and Jun Episode 7 

Jun and Jun will air its 7th episode on the 31st of August, 2023, on many streaming platforms. So that Korean viewers and international fans can also enjoy watching the episode. It will be available on GagaOOlala, WeTV in selected regions, and Apple TV+ with English subtitles. These are subscription-based services.

The episode will be accessible on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles for free. Below video will give you a glimpse into the seventh episode.

How to Watch in the UK, US, and Canada

The UK, US, and Canadian viewers can watch the episode on Apple TV+, Rakuten Viki, GagaOOlala, and WeTV with English subtitles. Only Viki is free, and the rest of the platforms need a subscription.

How to Watch in Australia and Germany 

The seventh episode will be available for Australian and German for streaming on online outlets Rakuten Viki, WeTV, Apple TV+, and GagaOOlala with English subtitles on the mentioned time and date above. All the previous episodes are also accessible on these services.

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