Roman Holiday Filming Locations: All The Known Places

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Roman Holiday filming locations are so beautiful that the fans are still trying to know about them after half almost 70 years of the film’s release. Yes, the movie came out back in 1953 with Audrey Hepburn in the lead role. She looked very impressive as a Princess in the film and even won an Academy Award for Best Actress. William Wyler directed as well as produced the movie. Other than Audrey, the cast lost includes actor Gregory Peck enacting the character of Joe Bradley. He happens to be a photographer who falls in love with the Princess.

The story begins with Audrey as Princess Ann. She belongs to an anonymous European nation. In order to present her country, the embassy is visiting Rome along with her. They are to hold a press conference with the Princess. Although, Ann gets tired of her strict schedule as a part of the royal family and decides to take a day off. She runs away secretly to a nearby place with a bench. Although, she took a sedative before coming out in order to help her sleep. The medicine starts kicking, and she falls asleep on the bench.

Joe Bradley, a local reporter in Rome, sees Ann but does not recognize her. He helps her to his apartment and lets her stay the night. The next day, as he walks into work, the news about the princess canceling the press conference due to her health reasons goes viral. He recognizes the girl in her apartment now but does not tell anyone about the same. He claims to his boss that he could get an exclusive interview from The Princess herself for their publication and his boss offers him 5000 dollars for the job.

Roman Holiday Filming Locations
A still from Roman Holiday

When he goes back home, Ann is awake. He offers her to take a tour of the city with him, but she denies it and goes out alone. We see that Ann has a great time, and she sees the daily lives of people and buys a pair of shoes, and even cuts her hair short. Later, Joe, who has been following Ann along with his cameraman, accidentally stumbles across her. She finally agrees to tour the city with him, and the two travel on a Vespa during very busy traffic and get arrested. The trio is released after they show their press passes.

Roman Holiday Filming Locations

Filming has taken place entirely in Rome after an issue between the Italian Ministry of Tourism was resolved. We saw cameras rolling in the studios of Cinecitta as well. Originally, Roman Holiday was meant to be in color. Although, the budget was rising too high for the same, and thus, filming took place in black and white only. Various locations that we have seen in the film are Mouth of Truth. It is located at Piazza Bocca Della Verita near the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

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We saw Audrey chilling around the city as her character escaped the embassy, and the cafe which she went to was the Caffe Rocca. It is in Piazza Della Rotonda. Other locations include the scenic Castel Sant’Angelo and Trevi Fountain. The boat and the river scene where Joe and Ann kissed was filmed at the Tiber River.

The apartment at which Joe and Ann live is at Via Margetts 51. The shop where Ann gets herself a haircut is at Via della Stamperia 85. The gallery where the press conference was held is Palazzo Colonna Gallery.


After a great day together, as the three are spending some time on the boat, the embassy spots Ann as they have been looking out for her. We see a fight erupting between various characters but Joe and Ann manage to flee together. Later, the two share a kiss while they are sitting around the lake, soaking wet and shivering. It is obvious that they have feelings and chemistry with so much in common.

The two return to Joe’s apartment, where they spend a great time together, full of romantic moments. Although, it is time for Ann to resume her duties and role, and thus, she says a teary goodbye to Joe and asks him to drop her off near the embassy. In order to know what happens in the end, we suggest you watch the film because it is so worth your time.

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