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Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 55 Release Date & Recap: Late-night conversation between Jia & Mincheol

match made in heaven by chance chapter 54

The main characters of this Manhwa are Jia, a girl, and Mincheol Jin, a boy. Jia and Mincheol Jin were childhood friends. Jia’s parents were still pressuring her to get married at the age of 32. One day she met Mincheol, whose parents were also pushing for him to wed as soon as possible.

They had a discussion about it and quickly decided to wed. In the early days of their marriage, both Jia and Mincheol act as though they are just normal friends, but over time Jia begins to develop feelings for him and manifests her attraction to Mincheol.

Chapter 54 of Match Made in Heaven by Chance was published on the date of 12th January 2023. In this chapter, you’ll find out what are the things that both are missing in their life and how they are pretending that they’re having a good relationship infront of Mincheol’s mother and some bad sleeping habits of Mincheol.

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Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 54 spoilers.

You’ll notice Jia’s fondness for Mincheol, which is reminiscent of a romance. Jia believes Mincheol to be a very hard person who isn’t interested in love pursuits, but she discovers a completely other side to him and begins to develop feelings for him.

There are a total of 54 chapters, with Chapter 54 being the most recent. This chapter also features a significant part for Jia’s mother-in-law (Jiseon Jeong), which makes us eagerly anticipate what will happen in the following chapter.

Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 54 Recap

In this chapter, Jia and Mincheol are talking in a very low voice while lying on their bed, attempting to catch some sleep.

Jia and Mincheol were talking in a very low voice while lying on their bed, attempting to catch some sleep. Jia questioned Mincheol and said that she wanted something from him. Suddenly, she begins to play with his chest with her fingers, and she displays a face that suggests both a hint of shyness and some hunger.

Again, Mincheol enquired, “Something you want?” Jia: “Yup… something I want.” He was perplexed and asked if he could receive a hint; Jia refused.

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Match Made In Heaven By Chance Stills

When Mincheol was unsure of what she may receive, something clicked, and she was asked whether she wanted a savings account with a billion won in it in her name.

He told her that the money had all been taxed and that the account was empty, but she responded diplomatically, saying, “That’s not the solution! Could you give that to me? Do you still desire it from him? Mincheol questioned.

Jia yelled at him, “It’s that item I want from Jin Mincheol,” after Mincheol had failed to hear the prerequisite.

Finally, she told him that she still needed something from him, and it was still there between the two of them in the bedroom. Mincheol responded inanely, saying, “Chicken Feet, Mint Choco,” to which Jia screamed, “Do you wanna die?”

Sweet moments between Jia & Mincheol in Chapter 54.

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Match Made in Heaven by Chance Stills

While Both were lying on the bed, Micheol unexpectedly revealed that he knew what she wanted from him and gave her a nice hug. Jia asked what he was doing, to which he responded that this was what she wanted from him, and they both stayed in each other limbs for a while.

Jia felt a bit self-conscious and questioned Micheol about what he was doing as he gently stroked the lobe of her ear that had hair falling on it. When he took his hand away, she noticed that she was wearing an earplug.

Jia questioned Micheol about why she needed to wear earplugs, and he responded, “I know that you’re afraid of lightning.” She then responded by saying that it was not true and that since she wasn’t a child, why would she be afraid of lightning?

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Match Made In Heaven By Chance Stills

Suddenly the lightning crashed with a terrifying sound, and Jia hugged Micheol very tightly and screamed, “I’m scared of lightning… Ah, I’m so scared…” after this, He greeted her good night and went into a deep sleep.

Jia backed away from his hug as Micheol dozed out, thinking that he must be a very dim person to be able to hug her in this manner.

Suddenly, he hugged her again, but this time he did it in a very dangerous way; he was bear hugging him from her backside on her neck portion, which caused her to choke.

Half of the night, she was shouting at Micheol and struggling to sleep, but somehow she managed.

Mother knows everything

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Match Made In Heaven By Chance Stills

Micheol’s mother was keeping an eye on everything from outside the room when she heard her cat pawing at the door. The cat rushed inside as soon as the door was opened. She saw that Jia and Micheol were sleeping rather sloppily, and their cat was lying on Jia’s stomach.

The next morning, Jia came out of his room, and she was shocked to see that her mother-in-law had woken up earlier than her and prepared breakfast for them; she was so embarrassed to see this.

While eating breakfast, her mother-in-law made fun of her by saying, “I didn’t get enough sleep.” Jia was already thinking in her head that this was a scenario that occasionally appeared in morning drama.

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Match Made in Heaven by Chance Stills

Micheol joined them as Jia was contemplating all of this. When Jia’s mother-in-law inquires about whether the food is satisfactory for her tastes or if there is anything that bothers her, Jia responds, “With a phony smile on her face, she adds, “Nope, there’s no way, and she begins to eat. In between, Michael exclaims, “You’re correct! Jia has crimson eyes “.

Micheol asks Jia if she had a good sleep last night, and then Jia replies, “This is all thanks to someone’s sleeping habits,” and Micheol asks, “My sleeping habits”?

Jia and her mother-in-law go for a walk.

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Match Made in Heaven by Chance Stills

Jia’s mother-in-law abruptly asked, “Hey,” in the middle of the breakfast. A little startled, Jia responded, “Y-yes,” stammering. After breakfast is over, Micheol’s mother asks Jia if she can have some time alone to discuss something.

Jia was unsure of what she wanted to chat to her about when she began feeling queasy. After breakfast, they left together. Jia wasn’t sure why her mother-in-law wanted to meet her in person and why the two of them were alone outside; had she done anything wrong?

She thought she and Micheol did a great job of acting like a sweet couple, but she was aware that Jiseon Jeong, her mother-in-law, had a keen sense of intuition.

Suddenly her mother-in-law stops walking and gives an envelope to her and asks, “would this be enough?”

Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 55 Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Match Made in Heaven by Chance manhwa will be released on 19th January, 2023.

How to read Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapters?

Match Made In Heaven By Chance is officially not available on any of the platforms like Lehzin, Webtoons, Kakao, etc. The manga can only be read on unofficial websites at this moment. We will, however update the official websites once we have confirmed it.

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