Tarte Cosmetics Net Worth

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Tarte Cosmetics Net Worth
Tarte Cosmetics (credit: Tarte)

One of the biggest and cruelty-free cosmetic brands founded in the year 1999, Tarte cosmetics takes care of all the beauty needs of millions of consumers out there. This prominent brand currently has physical stores in many countries, and consumers worldwide love Tarte. If you are the one who is curious about Tarte cosmetics’ net worth, we have got you covered!

What makes Tarte cosmetics different from other cosmetic brands is that it avoids such ingredients that may harm customers. For instance, Tarte does not use synthetic fragrances and gluten because it can cause allergic reactions. Tarte relies more on natural ingredients, and since the day of its first sale, Tarte has always maintained its authenticity.

From receiving a first order from Henri Bendel to having its stores in more than 20 countries in the world, Tarte cosmetics has touched the peak of its success by always bringing new to the collection and maintaining the trust of billions of consumers. So who is the founder of Tarte Cosmetics? And what is its Net worth in 2022?

Tarte Cosmetics – Founder

In the year 1999, Maureen Kelly, a psychology student, came across the problem of people using cosmetic products filled with lots of artificial ingredients. She was aware that such products could cause many infections, allergies, and diseases in the long run. To solve this issue, Maureen experimented with natural ingredients and came up with Tarte.

Tarte Cosmetics Founder
Tarte Cosmetics Founder & CEO – Maureen Kelly (Credit: Tarte)

Maureen’s idea received huge appreciation, and soon she started receiving orders from various beauty retail franchises such as Henri Bendel, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and QVC.

During these 24 years of Tarte Cosmetics, Maureen saw her dream come true when Tartelettes, the fan base of Tarte, got obsessed with Tarte’s products and became long-time customers of this cruelty-free brand.

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Tarte Cosmetics – Investments, Strategies, and Acquisitions

The Ph.D. dropout Maureen Kelley is the one who created this multi-dollar millionaire brand. She started with her initial investment of $20000 and created a Cheek Stain, her first product. Soon, she started sending her products to prominent magazine companies with the hope of receiving her first big gig, and then in the year 2003, Sephora decided to launch her products. After two years, even QVC became a long-time seller of Tarte Cosmetics.

Subsequently, in the year 2014, Kose Corporation, a Japanese company, acquired Tarte Cosmetics with a 93.5% stake for $135000. The acquisition then became the reason for Tarte’s widespread success as Kose Corporation helped Tarte reach a wider audience worldwide.

Apparently, in the year 2018, Tarte decided to expand its horizons by introducing a new sister brand, ‘Awake’, which specially produces cruelty–free skincare products. However, not all products are vegan, but you will certainly find some which are 100% vegan.

Tarte’s influencer marketing strategy is indeed praiseworthy. With over 10 million followers, Tarte already has a huge fanbase, but its influencers are the ones who make Tarte reach a wider audience virtually. Influencers love working with Tarte, why? Because it offers luxurious trips to exotic locations in return for showcasing its products on social media. In the year 2022, Tarte offered all the influencers a trip to Dubai.

Tarte Products
Tarte Products on the website (Credit: Tarte)

Talking website development that has become one of the significant reasons for attracting customers is Tarte has introduced the Virtual Try On feature on the website and that too with multiple options. Buyers can try on the product virtually by uploading a picture of themselves or just by trying it live. Also, they have made virtual models available for users to try on the makeup.

Tarte Cosmetics – Net Worth

As Tarte is a privately held company, it does not disclose its revenue amount to the public; however, according to some reports, In the year 2022, Tarte Cosmetics’ Net Profit ranges between $50 million to $100 million or maybe more or less.

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Tarte cosmetics is growing rapidly. As the online consumer base of the company is drastically increasing, the research and development team of the company always has something new to come up with to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

With its rapid inventions, Tarte Cosmetics will achieve more success in the coming future. As we are aware that the company is already earning millions, let us stay tuned to know what next Tarte will come up with.

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