Did Ethan and Hila Break Up? Were The Cheating Allegations Proved?

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did ethan and hila break up

The YouTube sensation Ethan and Hila traveled a long way in their journey of life filled with love, passion, and of course, sweet little fights. They are one of the fan’s favorite YouTubers. It’s been a long time since they joined the global video-sharing platform where the couple usually shares their shocking yet funny prank videos with their beautiful audience.

Besides their main channel, “H3H3”, Ethan and Hila also have two other channels. They enjoy a tremendous fan base of more than millions. However, lately one of their videos went viral on social media titled “We broke up,” which raised people’s eyebrows as to whether they broke up or if it was another prank. Undoubtedly, you are also here to know the answer to this vital question. So, without any further delay, let’s delve straight into the article to know the details.

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Meet Ethan and Hila

Ethan and Hila are well-known YouTuber stars. Their channel, “H3H3 productions,” is pretty popular among youngsters. They have around six million followers on their channel. Moreover, following the success, the couple also started a podcast named “H3,” where they have three million followers. Also, they are pretty active on social media and have garnered an amazing fanbase.

Both of them have separate accounts. Hila has around 1 million followers, while her husband Ethan enjoys 2 million followers on Instagram. Besides this, they are also very active on other social media sites, including Twitter.

did ethan and hila break up
The YouTubers Ethan Klein and Hila Klein

Ethan and Hila’s social media pages are decorated with funny videos and memes. However, Hila is also into make-up and fashion and loves sharing her glamorous snaps on the platform. Her profile also defines her obsession with nail art. She frequently posted on the gram about her work and YT videos. 

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How Did They Meet?

Ethan and Hila’s love story started in Israel. The couple went on a trip and, since then, stuck up with each other. Their casual meeting turned into moonlight dinner dates, and in no time, the romance started. They met in 2011, and after dating for a year, the couple decided to walk down the aisle together. And luckily, they got married in an intimate ceremony in 2012.

However, even after a smooth ride, problems emerged in their relationship, and there were several moments when fans actually presumed Ethan and Hila would break up. In 2019, a clickbait video titled “we broke up” went viral on social media. In the clip, Ethan confessed that he had broken up with his wife, Hila.

As a result, it generated doubt among fans to know whether they really broke up and whether it was a prank. This caused fans to ask them to show proof of their marriage. In response, Hila unveiled her wedding videos and pictures. Moreover, she also showed her beautiful wedding ring in their podcast. However, they boldly confessed that they had done that they did that for the video. Does that mean they are together? Keep reading to know more.

did ethan and hila break up
Ethan Klein, Founder of H3H3 Production Youtube Channel 

Did Ethan and Hila Break Up?

In 2019, news popped up on social media that Hila and Ethan broke up. In one of the videos, fans saw Hila allegedly accusing her husband of cheating allegations. It all happened after Ethan’s fans wrote a letter claiming they loved him. In response, Hila jokingly forwarded the fake divorce papers because she had issues with his eating habits. Nonetheless,  they again fooled their fans. For the past year, news about their divorce has spread like wildfire.

However, recently Hila posted snaps of their wedding anniversary to debunk their divorce rumors. It was their marriage’s 11th anniversary, and the post suggested they were still together. Also, Hila has not confirmed or denied the rumors. We hope we will soon have more updates on their relationship.

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