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6ix9ine And Jade Break Up After She Gets Bailed For Hitting Him


6ix9ine is one of those artists that have a bad rep before they become an artist. The rapper is known throughout the Hip Hop community for many reasons but mainly for his involvement in troubles. Even now, the rapper is not supposed to be out in public as he was to do 47 years of prison time. Though due to some unusual circumstances, he got out. But given his past actions and habits, he is never out of the scrutiny from the public eye. The man has done crimes that even make the music industry vary for him. However, despite his behavior and past actions, he has been the focus of the news for reasons outside of his control. The Fefe singer was physically assaulted by his girlfriend, which later led to her arrest.

The incident took place in a Miami nightclub, and as she was hitting the scene was taking place it got recorded. The said recording was used as evidence against her, and she has been behind bars since. Though, given the aggressive and unhinged history of rappers, people wouldn’t have been surprised if he had done something to her first. But the recording entails 6ix9ine was innocent in this instance. But there is more to the incident than meets the eye.


CC: 6ix9ine

What Happened between 6ix9ine and Jade?

The incident broke out suddenly as 6ix9ine’s girlfriend latched onto him to the point of the altercation. The rapper was in disbelief and things spiraled out of control in front of him, but the rapper kept his calm till the end. When the two were separated from each other and taken out of the club the police were there to question. Takeshi, despite being beaten and having injuries on his face, was concerned about Jade. And in that regard, he said this when charges were pressed against her and she got arrested. “I’m gonna get her out jail – she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she’s obviously under the influence I don’t plan to press charges … I’m the one trying to bail her out.” To which he followed through.

It would have been a happy ending for the 6ix9ine if it had ended there but it ended in a way that he didn’t expect. Jade broke up with him after getting out of jail and shared the news on Instagram. Jade has made it public that she is ready to move on to the next relationship with no strings attached. Though this is not the first time the couple has had problems, this time it appears to be final. Something similar happened last year but the rapper’s girlfriend played it off as an April Fool joke.

However, given the severity of the issues and how things spiraled out of control, it doesn’t seem Jade is interested in pursuing the relationship anymore. But the rapper has yet to report what are his thoughts on the matter of break up. Thought from the 2021 case and even in the latest case show his care for his ex-girlfriend. So he might take some time to reply if their break up is final this time.


CC: 6ix9ine

Why is 6ix9ine Infamous?

6ix9ine life is complicated, to say the least. The rapper has been the epicenter of trouble wherever he goes. He has been involved in various crimes and it might be hard to look at him in a positive light after learning about them. He has been apprehended for the smuggling of weapons and drugs. For which he has been ordered by the court to spend time in prison. These are a few charges from the list of charges he had been found guilty of. He was sentenced to a total of 47 years after tallying all the charges he pleaded guilty to.

He went to prison he does his time of two years after he was found guilty of being involved with Nine Trey Gang members in 2019. He was discharged earlier from his sentence in 2020 due to the rising threat of Covid-19 as he has Asthma. After coming back from prison he made name for himself again with his hit single Gooba. Though he continues to garner his fame, his involvement with gang members has left him isolated from most of the Hip Hop industry.


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