Dandadan Chapter 81 Release Date: Vamola’s Forbidden Love, Enjoji’s Evil Eye

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Dandadan Chapter 81
Dandadan Chapter 81

Dandadan Chapter 81 reveals the arrival of a mysterious person that will run with one of the students. The Alien mysteries have yet to pile up since Momo met with Vamola, but they have worked hard to deal with two high-ranked Aliens threatening Momo’s life and the other students. Momo and Vamola continue with daily life and always return from school with Ken.

However, Momo always has troubles since she is yet to hear Ken confess his feelings. Momo never wants Ken and Vamola to be alone, but one day it happened. Ken returns with Vamola while leaving Momo behind. The two arrive at Vamola’s home, and Ken realizes that he has to say goodbye since they are partying ways. Ken tells Vamola that he will see her the next day.

Vamola also said the same thing, but she is missing a few English words. Ken realizes he has nothing to say, but Vamola holds his hand when he leaves. He asks Vamola to let him go and wonders why she is dragging him back for the fifth time. Vamola calls his name and talks using an Alien language.

Ken tries to think what Vamola is telling him and scratches his head after pushing his eyeglasses up. Vamola holds Ken’s hand again. Ken replies that he has no idea what Vamola is telling him and reminds her that he can’t marry him.


Vamola wonders if it is forbidden for an Alien girl to love a human boy. She realizes she has feelings for Ken and has been in love with him, but she can’t say “I love You.” Vamola said that using an Alien language, and Ken guessed her right. Ken reveals that he is in love with Momo Ayadse, which is why he can’t marry Vamola. 

Previously on Dandadan Chapter 80

Vamola feels heartbroken, and Ken runs away from her after telling her the truth. Ken realizes that he has told her the truth but has yet to confess his feelings to the right person. Vamola apologizes as Ken runs away and wonders why he is running away since they have settled the scores. Ken arrives at the forest and realizes that he said it out loud when he said he is in love with Momo.

Ken wonders why he is too shy to tell Momo and realizes that Vamola might tell Momo since she can hide the truth as she is an Alien girl. Ken runs at full speed and realizes that he sees Momo’s picture in his mind, and his heart keeps pounding. However, he realized later that he had appeared in a strange place. Ken bums with a horde of Alien army and wonders what is happening.

But he noticed that someone was fighting with that army of Aliens. Aira was also there, beating rampaging Aliens and reminding them not to do such things while still wearing her school uniform. She hates it when her uniform gets dirty, and she has an intense battle with those Aliens. The city is also under attack, and Ken wonders when did those Aliens invade the human world.

Dandadan Chapter 81

Aira asks Enjoji to join the fight after tagging the Evil Eye. Enjoji reveals that he can’t do that since the Evil Eye can only fight against Okarun. Aira reveals that missiles and spears are attacking her, and she won’t be able to protect Enjoji. Enjoji decided to settle a score with Sniper Alien, which was attacking them from a distance. Aira wonders what Enjoji can do, and Enjoji shows his powers while attacking the Sniper Alien. 

Dandadan Chapter 81 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 81 will be released on 7 November 2022. Aira saw Enjoji transforming after the water evaporated. Enjoji asks what is happening with those boogers. As the battle continues, Aira notices that Enjoji is hurt and decides to help. Check out Dandadan Chapter 81 official updates and last news. 

Read Dandadan Chapter 81 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dandadan Chapter 81 online on Viz and Mangaplus. Aira realizes that Enjoji needs water so he cannot get badly injured since his power source is water. The battle continues in Dandadan’s next chapter. Let’s meet after Dandadan Chapter 81 is released. 

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