The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64 Release Date: The Crazy Monk and Demon

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The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64
The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64

The Return Of The Crazy-Demon reveals the mystery behind a famous warrior who fights like a drunken master. In the past, Yi Zaha stole the Demon Cult Leader’s Heavenly Pearl and was chased by an army of warriors. Yi Zaha reached the peak o mountain and swallowed the Heavenly Pearl. The warriors fought with Yi Zaha and got defeated, but he fought with the strongest man. 

Yi Zaha vs. the strongest man lasted a long, but after they canceled each other attacks, Yi Zaha was sent flying over the edge of the mountain. The strongest warrior realizes that Yi Zaha escaped with the Heavenly Pearl. However, Yi Zaha accepts that he is dead since he is about to hit the rocks and trees.

He wonders why he should die without tasting a lady’s breast or having a pretty lady who loves him. Mysterious lighting hits Yi Zaha, who appears in a place similar to heaven. He met God, who revealed he was sending him back to earth. Yi Zaha was teleported to the human world and realized that he woke up inside a room he used to stay in during childhood.

Yi Zaha was known as the crazy demon in the past, but his return has earned him the name “The Moonlight Executioner.” He changes his name from Yi Zaha, the crazy demon, to The Moonlight Executioner and begins to conquer the world more than he used to do in the past. The Moonlight Executioner has now taken down big names.

The Crazy Monk
The Crazy Monk

He formed a group where he recruited strong warriors to achieve his goals, and he was after every noble or strong leader that wanted to ruin society. As we look at the past of The Moonlight Executioner, it is revealed that a grandmaster that practiced Esoteric Buddhism could be the former Crazy Demon. The Grandmaster was feared, and no one in Jiaghu would ever mess with him. 

Previously on The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 63

In the past, The Moonlight Executioner had a journey with the Crazy Monk from the central plains to Tibet to feed him with White Flame Herbs. On their way, they encounter the enemies from the Black Faction and Demonic Heretic Cult that died at the hands of Crazy Monk. The Moonlight Executioner knew that Crazy Monk would have killed half master of the central plains if they messed up with him.

He realizes that he never called The Crazy Monk his master, but he kept following the orders. The Crazy Monk would always call The Moonlight Executioner his disciple. He realizes that when he members that after he becomes the new Crazy Demon, the Crazy Monk is his master. One day, The Crazy Monk and Crazy Demon arrive at the mountains, and he reveals that he is passing his weapon to his disciple.

The Crazy Demon wonders why he has to take a weapon of a Monk when he is not a Monk. He realizes that the Crazy Monk took off something important and wonders why. The Crazy Monk reveals that he no longer needs his weapon and the Crazy Demon’s bloodlust is too strong. He also talked about an Unbreakable Conviction. But if the Crazy Demon’s conviction break, he dies.

The Crazy Demon accepts the weapon from the Crazy Monk even though he is not a Monk. That was the day the Crazy Demon and the Crazy Monk partway. In the present, The Moonlight Executioner realizes that he is missing his master. Cheon and Sungate continue with training. He also meditated and awakened new powers as his army trained hard.

Crazy Demon
Crazy Demon

After meditation, The Moonlight Executioner realizes that he has fully mastered “The Flame Chicken Stage” and entered “The Battle Chicken Stage.” He joins the warrior’s training and tells them to continue with training. Cheon reminds The Moonlight Executioner that it has been 108 days.

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64 Release Date

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64 will be released on 6 November 2022. Sungate appears and shows that he has improved since training for 108 days. The Moonlight Executioner notices something and asks Sungate if he feels stronger. Sungate reveals that he is stronger than in the previous 108 days. Check out The Return Of The Crazy-Demon Chapter 64 updates below.

Read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64 Online – Raw Details

You can read The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 64 online on the official websites. Cheon reveals that Sungate has also become a swordsman and learned all the Spectral Swift Sword principles. The Return Of The Crazy Demon will take hiatus after this chapter. Let’s meet after The Return Of The Crazy-Demon Chapter 64 is released. 

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