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What Is a J-Line In Kpop? All You Need To Know

Here, we shall discuss what J-Line in Kpop means? These days, Kpop bands are ruling the world, be it BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, or NCT. Each of the members of these groups is undoubtedly versatile. If not mistaken, you must have noticed that the names of most of the members of these bands start with J. Do you need an example? Well, they can be recalled as Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, Jisoo, Jennie, Jihyo, Johnny, and many more. This is one of the ways, J-Line is related to Kpop. Makes sense?

Let’s dive into this piece to learn the meaning of J-Line in Kpop and every other detail related to it.

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J-Line in Kpop Meaning Explained

J-Line is a subdivision of the South Korean bands, having members whose names start with the ‘J’ alphabet. It’s not like they have created this, but it is their lovely fans who initiated the J-Line concept for them. The reason behind such a name is no more unknown. However, there is also a different meaning to it. J-Line in Kpop also refers to the Japanese members of a South Korean band. Based on these couple of meanings, the J-Line number for each of the bands varies.

Here is the breakdown of the meaning of J-Line in Kpop with a detailed example.

Don’t you love listening to NCT and TWICE? Well, the J-Line of these groups is different from each other. How? The J-Line of the NCT is 6, whereas it’s 3 in the case of TWICE. Some of the best singles of the NCT band are- The 7th Sense, Hair in the Air, Without You, and Best Day Ever.

J-Line in Kpop

J-Line Of NCT

On the other hand, the girl group is no less. Some of TWICE’s best creations- The Feels, I Can’t Stop Me, Alcohol Free, Dance The Night Away, CRY FOR ME, etc. Both the South Korean bands are equally versatile, and people do enjoy their creations.

J-Line in Kpop

J-Line of Twice

Talking about the J-Line of NCT, the members are- Johnny, Jungwoo, Jisung, Jaehyun, Jeno, and Jaemin respectively. On the other hand, the J-Line of TWICE is more like the J-Trinity, Mina, Sana, and Momo. Now, if you are confused about these girls, whose names don’t start with J, they are included in the J-Line list because the three of them are Japanese. They are colloquially referred to as the “Misamo” in Japan. Who is your favorite J-Line in Kpop from both bands?

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