Why Did Fortnite Remove Trios? Answered

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Fortnite Trios Mode
Fortnite Trios Mode (Credits: Epic Games)

Fortnite came out in 2017, and we all know how WILD it went. Remember the viral Fortnite dance? Oh boy, that was a whole era. What’s crazy is a school in England banned the viral Fortnite floss. Yes! That’s true.

But why? Well, they stated the game promotes the “dance of triumph” that honors the ” widespread slaughter of people.” Fortnite’s open-to-everyone approach and appealing design ought to draw lone gamers if you’re trying to satisfy a battle royale urge.

As of July 2023, Fortnite has about 239 million monthly players, along with an estimated peak of 15 million players. And that’s all in a single day! Isn’t that crazy? The Fortnite hype still remains strong and fresh, as if it was just released! But these numbers also indicate a possible addiction to video games, so be careful! Know your limits!

Did you know Epic Games really doesn’t like it when players cheat? That’s true. Players who have been observed doing this in earlier times were sued by them. So don’t cheat! The makers came out with a new mode called the Trios mode. This would let you play, of course, in a group of three.

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Why Did Fortnite Remove Trios?

So, let’s end the big debate and discuss the reason why Fortnite must have had to discard the entire Trios concept. So, in actuality, the Trios mode was supposed to be, in fact, temporary. Yes! You heard it right. BUT.

What happened was that Fortnite fans started to love the Trios mode so much that the Epic Games team declared it permanent by December 2020 in the video game’s chapter 2, season 5.

By queuing up collectively in the mode, a player may enter a game with two friends, which made a bit of chaotic excitement and requires teamwork to pull off a victory.

The Trios mode was fun, indeed. You can, at present, just line up for Solos, Duos, and Squads alongside Duos for the Zero Build format because Trios are no longer available. Trios Mode was eliminated, but Epic Games wasn’t clear on the reason why; instead, they defined it as having been “Vaulted.”

A lot of us have questions about precisely why Epic Games abandoned the feature. We might be able to shed light on the developers’ motivation for removing Trios. 

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“Please note that the Trios mode will be vaulted in Battle Royale and Zero Build in v24.40,” is the statement that Epic Games gave in a recent blog they published.

There has been a lot of speculation among our Fortnite lovers. And that is justified, considering the format got so much love in no time. Some of us theorize that the modification came about as an outcome of the Fortnite Champion Series switching to Duos, implying that Epic Games is supporting the aforementioned setup.

Fortnite Trios Mode
Fortnite Trios Mode (Credits: Epic Games)

Furthermore, it’s thought that Trios Mode’s higher squad sizes possibly led to the prolonged wait periods that Epic Games strives to keep to a minimum for player enjoyment, which is fair. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

There might be a chance that Trios Mode will return, albeit the particular details are still unknown. Whenever anything in Fortnite is vaulted, it mostly means something will be briefly withdrawn with the possibility of returning at another point in time.

Why do we say that? Because this trend is being seen with a variety of vaulted weaponry, notably seasonal ones, proving that player-favorite elements ultimately make a comeback. So, put your head up! And enjoy what you’ve got at hand. The Trios will soon be back! Hopefully :p

We hope this article gave you some ideas and insight on why did Fortnite remove trios. Why do you think they did? Let us know in the comments below! 

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