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10 Most Beautiful Anime You Will Ever See

10 Most Beautiful Anime
10 Most Beautiful Anime

There is a lot of beauty and scenery in anime that you wouldn’t see in real life, and this is a big factor in what makes anime so fascinating. A good anime has a good story. But a beautiful anime makes a story look even better. We can’t deny the fact that there are so many beautiful anime out there that we don’t hesitate to watch them. They are so good that even knowing that the stories they tell are not real, we still enjoy watching them.  Let’s come up with the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Anime You Will Ever See

Some anime are simply more visually appealing than others. Beautiful anime produces beautiful art, so we’ve compiled a list of The 10 Most Beautiful Anime You’ll Ever See. Anime fans will probably enjoy a lot of the titles on this list.

10. The Promised Neverland

This show isn’t pleasant in the way you’d expect for an anime, but it is viscerally beautiful. That’s because it’s probably the best anime ever in terms of eeriness. It’s filled with extremely tight shots in dimly lit rooms, POVs from an unknown source, and wide shots of quite an ominous world.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

The Promised Neverland

I have converted some people who have never seen anime to anime with The Promised Neverland. The show is so masterfully crafted that a person who has never seen anime may be able to enjoy it.

9. Barakamon

I am sure everyone will enjoy Barakamon since it takes place on an island where there is lots of beautiful scenery, and you get plenty of scenes of local kids having fun.

10 Most Beautiful Anime


In anime form, the protagonist is a calligraphy artist, and seeing him create his latest work was breathtaking. As spectacular as the real thing, if not more so. The calming atmosphere combined with the soft color palette help take some of the edges off.

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The anime movie Doukyusei by A-1 Pictures tells the story of two male classmates who find love. Asumiko Nakamura stayed true to the manga style used in her original work for this 60-minute feature. The animated version of Nakamura’s long exaggerated forms and simplistic line work is beautifully transitioned over into the film.
10 Most Beautiful Anime

Doukyusei (Classmates)

Additionally, the film’s colors are soft and gentle, evoking feelings similar to that of a lovely watercolor painting. The background is typically a simple solid color or a gradient, allowing the viewer to focus on the characters and foregrounds. This anime is truly one-of-a-kind.

7. Wolf Children

The story of the anime movie revolves around a young woman who falls in love with a mysterious man. She has to raise their kids on her own after he leaves her. From Studio Chizu, this film is simply gorgeous to watch. Wolf Children is a beautiful anime with its vibrant colors and illustrated characters, also makes use of CGI to help captivate the audience.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

Wolf Children

Furthermore, there are many beautifully shot landscapes and even some intricate cityscapes that give this film a realistic feel while retaining its fairytale qualities. If the Grand Canyon were an anime, the scenery would be breathtaking. There are several instances where characters and frames appear to be motionless, allowing the viewer to take in the scenery.

6. Flying Witch

The anime series Flying Witch follows a 15-year-old witch as she develops her skills and makes friends in a more-than-normal environment. The series’ fantastic aspects include not only its engaging characters and gorgeous aesthetic but also its ability to interpret Chihiro Ishizuka’s original manga without eliminating its essence.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

Flying Witch

The animation at J.C.Staff Animation Studio adds a creative element while simultaneously honoring the original title. Additionally, there’s an element of real photography thrown into a few shots of the landscape, something atypical for anime. This adds realism to the anime and makes it seem more solid.

5. Sword Art Online

The action-packed adventure Sword Art Online is a colorful adventure full of colorful characters, elaborate worlds, and scenic landscapes. A ruthless MMORPG game has trapped its players in a virtual world. Because the story is set in an online world, the overall design elements used in the series are frequently whimsical and fantasy-based.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

Sword Art Online

Despite the characters’ generally plain designs, they combine well with the magnificent backgrounds and uniquely shaped structures. The scenic landscapes are realistic in their earthy style, whereas the skyscapes appear fanciful and otherworldly. Overall, the viewer is treated to an engaging balance of realistic and fanciful elements.

4. The Garden Of Words

It centers around a deep connection between a high school student who is following his dreams and a teacher who is trying to escape her worries in this 45-minute film from The Answer Studio and CoMix Wave Films. The anime movie is truly poetry in motion, just like the verses in the film. This is particularly evident in the beautiful scenery, which is a major highlight of the movie.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

The Garden Of Words

As the movie progresses, impressive landscapes and a diverse selection of locations appear. The urban and residential settings are designed with fine details and solid lines, while garden scenes are saturated in cool colors and dynamic elements. It is possible to mistake the scenery depicted in the movie for being real, as the greenery and waters are made to appear realistic. In general, the scenic atmosphere in the movie enables one to become completely immersed in the world of nature.

3. Tekkonkinkreet

Studio 4°C’s award-winning anime film Tekkonkinkreet is a visual feast for the eyes. It follows two orphans living on the challenging streets of Treasure Town. The distinctive characters and beautiful architecture make for a memorable movie experience.

10 Most Beautiful Anime


Often, it seems that the characters and buildings are distorted and disproportionate or that they are angled at an odd angle. Although disorienting, it is ultimately visually interesting. The movie has an eerie wonderland atmosphere thanks to a vibrant mix of extremely bright and subdued gritty hues, which is an excellent match for its theme: a contrast of light and darkness.

2. Summer Wars

In Summer Wars, created by Madhouse Studios, you’ll find a mysterious storyline, engaging characters, and beautiful scenery. Koishi Kenji, a math prodigy, breaks the code to a virtual world called Oz, and it unleashes chaos worldwide. It’s the scenery that intrigues the viewer, not the characters that move the story forward. Landscapes in this series are beautifully designed with cool and warm earthy tones, creating a naturalistic feel with a mixture of realistic settings and a spectacular virtual world.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

Summer Wars

OZ is the complete opposite of this. While the land of Oz is predominantly white, the brightly colored elements set against it perfectly contrast against the white background. This truly makes them stand out. In addition, the dynamic and highly stylized characters, shapes, and designs within the virtual setting give a sense of visual unity and help differentiate the cyber world from the real one.

1. Your Name

It is a supernatural drama from the CoMix Wave anime movie about a boy and a girl who switch lives miraculously. The rich colors in the film are complemented by an attention to detail that is hard to ignore. These aspects are particularly evident in the backgrounds, architecture, and character designs.

10 Most Beautiful Anime

Your Name

A unique feature of Your Name is the style of the characters. They are designed with less exaggeration than is common, but they still maintain many of the characteristics of anime characters. Their overall design fits beautifully with the realistic setting of the movie.

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