The Promised Neverland Quotes That You Cannot Forget

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memorable quotes from the promised neverland

The Promised Neverland is a manga written by Kaiu Shirai. It ran between August 2016 – June 2020. A serialized adaptation by the same name was released on January 11, 2019. The anime took its own course and has already ended, leaving plenty of TPN fans disappointed. However, the show is considered one of the best anime of the 2010s. Its manga won the 63rd Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen category in 2018. So, here we shall look into the best The Promised Neverland quotes that fans simply cannot forget.

The story follows an 11-year-old Emma. She lives in an orphanage named Grace Field House. She, along with 37 other orphans, live a well sustained and happy life there. They have access to good food, clothes, etc. Education also remains an extremely important part of their daily life. Emma and her two best friends, Ray and Norman, are able to excel in the exams. All the orphans can do anything they want. They have complete freedom. The only thing to bear in mind is that they cannot go beyond the main gate perimeter separating the orphanage from the outside world.

With each passing episode, the show gave us some memorable quotes. Let’s have a look at some of the most memorable quotes from The Promised Neverland!

1. Chumps Or Not, We’re Still Alive

This quote is said by Emma in Chapter 62 of the manga. The chapter titled ‘Indestructible Monsters’ pits Emma and Ray against the demons. Mister, also known by his real name Yugo leaves Emma and Ray to fight off the demons. He also refuses to help them and says if either one of them dies, then only he’ll come to help.

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Emma in The Promised Neverland Season 2.

Emma and Ray struggle against the demons, with Ray firing more than 50% of his bullets. Ray then deduces how to kill the demons. They both together manage to get rid of the demons and survive. At that moment, Emma says this quote to Yugo.

2. You Don’t Have To Die Either

This quote is said by Emma in the Goldy Pond arc. William Minerva’s truth comes to light with the efforts of Lucas and Goldy Pond Resistance members. Emma, after knowing the truth vows to destroy Goldy Pond and help all the children.

Emma in The Promised Neverland Manga Cover.

In the 87th Chapter named ‘Boundaries,’ Emma and Leuvis stand face to face. At that time, there was no one except Nigel to support Emma. Emma talks to Leuvis in hopes of avoiding a fight and more bloodshed. She tells Leuvis that she wants to get rid of this hunting ground. Bayon, the owner, is already dead, and she does not want anyone else to die. That’s when she says, “you don’t have to die either to Leuvis”. Leuvis does not understand and thus begins the fight between Leuvis and Emma, assisted by her friends.

3. Run And Run, Then Destroy This Damned World We Live In!

No major character said this quote. It is Krone who says this. She is appointed as the Mom for Plant Four. She sees grandma at the gate and tries to tell her about Isabella’s failures but in vain. Just when she’s about to be eaten by a demon, she has a flashback of her whole life. That’s when she remembers Emma, Ray, and Norman and asks them to destroy this damned world.

Krone in The Promised Neverland Season 1.

4. We Did It, Norman!

After Emma and her friends know the truth behind the orphanage, they decide to escape. All the children practice in secret. In the 10th episode, we all see Norman is shipped off. Everyone speculates that he’s dead.

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memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Emma and Norman

In the finale of the 1st Season, the whole gang escapes. They give their all to run away from the house. And they all succeed in doing so. Atop the wall, after they have escaped, they see their first-ever sunrise, and Emma says this quote to respect Norman’s sacrifice for the well-being of everyone.

5. As Long As We’re Alive, We’ll Manage

Emma is heard saying this quote. In the 4th Episode of the 2nd Season, everyone manages to reach an underground refuge. There they live happily for some time while planning what to do next. They hear a recording by William Minerva and see the map of human society. They spend their nights in the refuge. On one such night, armed troops of the human soldiers raid the refuge. All the children manage to escape through a secret exit.

They decide to leave the place while a few others say they don’t want to leave the place. During that moment, Emma says this quote. This simply depicts Emma’s grit and determination to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Norman, Emma, and Ray

6. But Kindness Alone Can’t Win In This World

In the 8th episode of Season 2, we see a flashback of the day Norman is sent away. In the present Emma, Don, Ray, and Gilda search for Sonju and Mujika. Norman standing on top of a cliff, says this quote. He further adds that he is willing to become God or Devil to save all the children of the farm.

memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Norman is season 2 of The Promised Neverland

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7. Your Weakness Is That You Make Quick Judgement And Lose Your Cool

In the very first Episode of the show, we’re introduced to everyone. We also come to know about the daily routine of the children in the house. We see everyone giving the test. As usual Norman, Emma, and Ray ace the test.

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Frustrated by Norman, Don challenges him to a game of tag. Norman easily finds Don and tags him, and at that time, he says this quote.

memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Don and Norman

8. Mom Is An Enemy

During the 2nd Episode of the First Season, Emma and Ray start to think of a plan. They conclude that they have to escape in order to survive. They both go towards the boundary and see the big wall. When they’re back, a girl goes missing somewhere in the forest. Their mother goes and quickly returns with the girl.

memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Isabella aka Mom

Emma and Ray deduce that some tracking device is inside everyone’s body. That’s when they both say that their mother is an enemy. This might be one of the most heartbreaking quotes of the show. Since their birth, they have been taken care of by their mother. The same mother who sends children to get eaten by the demons. This comes as a big shock to both of them that Isabella is their mother only for namesake. These four words devastate them mentally and emotionally.

9. I Just Want You To Send Me Off With A Smile

After knowing the truth, Emma, Ray, And Norman try everything to escape. They are short of time as Norman turns 12 within two months. As a result, he’ll be shipped off to be eaten by the demons. Emma tries her best to convince Norman to run away. But Norman shrugs off Emma’s advice and is ready to sacrifice himself.

memorable quotes from the promised neverland
Emma saying bye to Norman

In her last attempt, Emma jumps towards Norman and asks him to leave. He again says no to her. At that time to maintain his cover and others’ cover, Norman says he just wants Emma to send him off with a smile. All those who have watched this scene must have cried as it was really heartbreaking. Seeing Emma in a desolate state, not able to do anything for her friend with whom she grew up, makes us all feel sad.

These are some of the memorable quotes from The Promised Neverland.

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