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WWE Raw 29 August Results: Rollins & Riddle’s Heated Argument, And Kurt Angle’s Return

WWE Raw 29 August Results
WWE Raw 29 August Results - Matt Riddle

Only five days remain until WWE’s Clash at the Castle PPV from Cardiff, Wales, therefore most of the segments on Monday’s episode were made to promote the upcoming event. This week, Kurt Angle made a special visit, and The Usos traveled to Raw alongside Sami Zayn to represent The Bloodline.

The women’s tag titles were given a brand-new home when Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai competed against Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah in the tournament finals to crown new champions. Riddle and Seth Rollins also had a fight, Bobby Lashley faced The Miz, and there was a confrontation between Riddle and Seth Rollins.

Almost as surprising was the absence of Sasha Banks and Naomi from WWE Raw despite speculations that they were backstage and would appear soon. I felt something odd about this week Raw, I mean, Triple H is doing his thing, but sometimes his things don’t land. Maybe he is experimenting with something so that he could see what are people liking.

Here are WWE Raw 29 August Results:

The Judgment Day Vs. AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler

The match begins with Dolph Ziggler and Finn Balor, with Balor sending Ziggler to the ground. Both men then tag in their partners after Ziggler responds with a kick. Before AJ Styles hits a dropkick, Damian Priest repeatedly kicks him in the corner. He unleashes a forearm that leads us to a break before sending Priest to the outside. Balor has Ziggler in a side headlock when the match resumes. Prior to Balor landing a drop kick on Ziggler’s jaw, Ziggler strikes Balor three times with his right hand. He makes fun of Styles and prepares a powerbomb, but Ziggler blocks it and executes a Famouser. Ziggler delivers a tag to Styles as Priest enters.

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – The Judgment Day Vs. AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler

Priest is beaten down by Styles before receiving an elbow from Styles. Priest is rolled up by Styles, but Priest escapes. Balor puts his hand on the bottom rope before Styles locks in a Calf Crusher. While Priest delivers a backbreaker, Ziggler knocks him out. Ziggler tags in as Styles hits an insiguri. Priest hits the South Of Haven to secure the victory. We witness a black car pull up after the match. Edge exits the vehicle and enters the arena. As the audience applauds for Edge, Judgment Day enters the ring once more to defend its position.

Edge Is Not Alone

After the break, we continue. Balor declares he is sick of so-called legends as Rhea Ripley calls Edge to the ring. He claims he is upset that Edge & Rey Mysterio received documentaries prior to him. Priest claims that although the referee cost him, he fulfilled his word and had him beaten. He claims to be completely alone in Toronto and doesn’t have any friends or family there. Priest declares he will finish him tonight before Edge’s song hits as the crowd goes wild. He walks toward the ring carrying a microphone. Edge claims that they raised some important issues as well as some absurd ones.


WWE Raw 29 August Results – Edge Is Not Alone

Edge says that he returned to teach Balor how to reach his greatness, but that Balor’s enormous ego got in the way. He orders Ripley to refrain from touching anyone until Beth Phoenix intervenes. He states that he didn’t come alone before The Mysterios show up out of nowhere and strike Priest & Balor with kendo sticks.

As Dominik enters the arena holding a kendo stick, Ripley enters as well. Dominik says he doesn’t want to hit her, but Ripley invites him to strike her with a kendo stick. He is instructed by Ripley to give her the stick rather than take it. Edge and Rey enter the ring while Ripley urges them. Edge and The Mysterios are standing tall in the ring as Priest and Balor bring her out.

Kurt Angle Meets The Alpha Academy

Kurt Angle, who is from Pittsburgh, enters the ring and declares that Clash At The Castle will be fantastic. As we transition to the commercial break, Alpha Academy enters the ring. After the commercial, Angle is in the ring with Alpha Academy. Gable claims that he is both his own personal hero and the hero of his hometown. He claimed that as he was preparing for the Olympics, Angle’s story inspired him. He claims that although he and Otis are searching for a new member, Pittsburgh is empty of anyone with the skills needed. He urges fans to honor Kurt Angle.

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Kurt Angle Meets The Alpha Academy

Gable guarantees Angle admission to the Academy without any conditions. When Otis hands him an academy jacket, Angle throws it to the ground and replies that he’ll pass. Before declaring it better not be true, Gable adds, “exsqueeze me.” Angle confirms that it is true, but Gable criticizes him before he can finish. The two men then start shouting at one another to shoosh. Gable orders Otis to show what happens when someone rejects an offer from the Alpha Academy.

Street Profits’ theme hits, and they walk to the ring. According to Montez Ford, the Academy is evidently unaware that if they mess with Kurt, they will suffer consequences. Ford first says that they are in the wrong place while declaring that they want to fight. Gable agrees to the challenge but states that there are conditions. He says that Angle will enter the Alpha Academy if the Academy wins. 

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Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

As the match starts, Montez Ford receives a cornering blow from Otis. Ford attacks Otis with a series of kicks until Otis knocks him to the ground. Ford hits Chad Gable in the chest with a dropkick after Gable tags in. Gable is sent to the ground by Angelo Dawkins, who tags in. Before Gable throws a gut-wrench and an arm drag, Dawkins attempts a shoulder block. Alpha Academy is taken outside after Dawkins kicks them  Dawkins attempts to pin the opponent, but Gable kicks out. When Otis tags in, Dawkins strikes with a right hand. Otis starts working on Dawkins’ leg after hitting a dragon screw. Gable enters again and kicks Dawkins.

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Dawkins & Otis join us as we return after the break. He receives a spinning elbow from Otis before being thrown to the ground. He attempts to pin Dawkins, but he kicks him out. Dawkins kicks Gable in the head after he tags in. His pumphandle side slam is followed by a pin attempt. Ford joins after Gable exits. Gable flips Ford’s crossbody into a pin. Ford kicks out, and Gable follows with a northern lights suplex.

He tries to pin Ford, but Ford tosses him out. Gable delivers a diving headbutt, then attempts to pin the opponent, but Dawkins stops him. To mimic Angle, Gable locks in the ankle lock, but Ford counters with a drop toe hold. Gable manages to escape once Ford’s ankle lock. Ford suplexes Gable before finishing the match with a From The Heaven’s.

Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle

After the commercial break, we move on to a fan-shot video of Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle attempting to fight in the parking lot. Then further in an interview, Corey Graves asks why they were trading blows in the parking lot before the two men argue. When Graves asks Riddle about their differences, Rollins interrupts and says that Riddle is a pain in his side and that he isn’t on the same level as him. Riddle says he believes Rollins is afraid to be embarrassed before Rollins tells him that when he finishes the job he began, it’s not just for him but for everyone. 

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Seth Rollins And Matt Riddle

When Graves asks Rollins what the fans can anticipate, he responds that he will steal the show. Before Riddle declares that he will prove to Rollins that there is only one guy in his family—Becky Lynch—he threatens to continually pound Riddle’s head into the mat. Jimmy Smith says that Rollins & Riddle were still wearing microphones after their interview during the commercial break. In an apparent shot at Riddle, Rollins asserts that if he wants to discuss his family, then he will also do so. Rollins says Riddle doesn’t have one because his wife left him for another man and took their kids. Riddle becomes furious, threatens to f*ck him up, and then storms off to look for him.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

As the match starts, The Miz is thrown to the ground by Bobby Lashley. He hits Miz’s midsection with a shoulder after landing a few back elbows. Lashley performs an atomic drop, then a delayed vertical suplex. Miz is thrown to the side. Ciampa startles The Miz before Lashley strikes with a shoulder block. After the break, Lashley and Miz are fighting outside. Miz is thrown back into the ring by Lashley, but Ciampa diverts his attention and kicks over the middle rope. He first sends Lashley’s head against the announcer’s desk and then into the ring steps. As Lashley is being choked on the middle rope, Miz throws him back into the ring. Miz kicks hard before attempting a pin, but Lashley kicks out.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz

The Miz strikes Lashley with his signature kicks before clotheslining him in the next corner. Lashley strikes with a modified DDT, followed by a few back elbows and a belly-to-belly. While Lashley looks for a spear, Ciampa yanks Miz from the ring. Miz reaches for his necklace, but the referee stops him. In the ring, before Miz delivers a DDT, Ciampa strikes Lashley. When he attempts to cover, Lashley kicks him out. The Miz prepares for the Skull Crushing Finale but instead sees Dexter Lumis in the crowd standing on the steps. Before The Miz insisted that he saw him, Ciampa questioned what he was talking about because he couldn’t see the man. Lashley takes advantage of it and applies the Hurt Lock to secure the victory.

The Bloodline Meets Kevin Owens

Jey Uso goes on to say The Bloodline is in Pittsburgh before Jimmy Uso mentions that the Tribal Chief has held the Undisputed WWE Champion for 730 days. Prior to Zayn announcing that he will be the night’s MC, he promises there will be a huge celebration on Friday on SmackDown. Zayn goes on to tell fans not to forget that they really are in the presence of the greatest tag team in WWE history. According to Jimmy, The Bloodline still controls both Raw and SmackDown. Kevin Owens’ theme starts, and he comes out. Owens says they shouldn’t do anything on Monday nights because Raw is his show. Owens goes on to tell them to warn Roman Reigns that he will be coming for him.

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – The Bloodline Meets Kevin Owens

 Zayn tells Owens that Reigns doesn’t owe him anything. Owens said he didn’t believe Zayn could become any more foolish, but after joining The Bloodline, he did. He accuses them of taking advantage of him and advises him to reconsider. Before Owens claims that Jey is the reason he didn’t defeat Reigns for the World Title 18 months ago, Zayn defends The Bloodline and claims that he has been on his cousin’s side for the past two years. As the match is declared to be official, Owens calls for a referee.

Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens

Jey Uso and Kevin Owens lock up to kick this match off. After giving Jey numerous chops, Owens follows up with a few stomps. Jey is thrown from the ring by Owens after receiving a chop and a right hand from him. Before Owens throws Jey into the ring steps, Jey sends Owens into the ring post. Jey is thrown back into the ring by Owens, who then constantly strikes right hands. Jey hits him numerous times before throwing him into a corner. Owens shoots a cannonball. Before Jey executes a Samoan drop on the ring steps. After the break, Owens & Jey uncomfortably balanced on the top rope.

WWE Raw 29 August Results

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens

Before giving Jey a Swanton Bomb, Owens hands him a driver off the top. He attempts to pin Jey, but Jey kicks him out. Before Jey can counter with one of his own, Owens delivers a superkick. Jey does the Uso Splash and attempts to pin Owens, but Owens kicks out. He attempts a second one, but Owens blocks it and rolls him up. Owens performs a frog splash as Jey kicks out. He attempts to cover, but Jey kicks out. Owens tries to push Zayn from the outside and gets in his head before Jey takes him out using a taupe suicida. Zayn grabs a steel chair as Jimmy tries to enter the ring. Zays hesitates and hesitates to attack Owens with it, allowing Owens to win with the Stunner.

Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah

The action starts with Sky & Aliyah. When Sky tags in, Raquel Rodriguez knocks her to the ground. After giving a double stomp, Sky tags Dakota Kai. After dropping the ball, Kai attempts to pin Rodriguez, but Rodriguez kicks out. Aliyah enters and performs a crossbody with help. Before entering the ring again, Kai kicks Rodriguez in the face from the apron. Rodriguez receives a dropkick from Sky. Kai enters and delivers a headscissor. She attempts to pin Rodriguez, but he kicks her out. Before SKY tags in, Rodriguez throws her into the corner.

Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah

WWE Raw 29 August Results – Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah

Before giving Kai a headbutt, Rodriguez throws SKY at her. Rodriguez throws a couple of splashes before delivering the Spinning Back Elbow. Sky flings a few forearms before Rodriguez throws her to the ground. Kai distracts the referee, which enables Bayley to intervene. Sky makes her way to the top and performs a moonsault. She attempts to pin Rodriguez, but he kicks her out. Bayley tries to get involved, but Asuka, Bianca BelAir, and Alexa Bliss push her away. As Kai & Sky are preoccupied with eliminating Rodriguez, Aliyah makes the blind tag. She defeats Kai by rolling her up.

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