Dogs In The Wild Meet The Family Episode 2: Release Date & Where To Watch

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Dogs In The Wild Episode 2 Release Date
Two Fennec Foxes Hiding In Their Underground Den (Credits: BBC One)

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but did you know that there are so many more of their kind, ranging from fierce beasts to tiny & adorable creatures? Being a part of the Canidae family, these canids all belong to a collective group of 37 species, each having diverse characteristics and habitats. 

Not only do they live in different places, but their appearance also differs tremendously as well, with the Fennec Fox being just 20 cm, while the Maned wolf can grow up to be 3 feet tall. Some live in the intense heat of the Sahara desert, while some make their homes within the frigid areas.

BBC’s newest documentary, Dogs In The Wild, explores these species and provides a deeper look into their everyday lives. The show was first seen on Television on December 28th, 2022, and featured Fennec Fox, Maned Wolf, Artic Wolf, and Talkative Dhole.

We’ll be seeing many more of the 37 species being explored in the upcoming episodes, each offering us a broader insight into how these animals live and thrive in their habitats. 

Dogs In The Wild Episode 2 Release Date
(Credits: BBC One)

Dogs In The Wild: About The New Series

The show is produced by Gavin Maxwell, who is also the brains behind the show Secrets Of Our Living Planet. Having directed such a well-received series, this documentary exhibits each animal perfectly without disrupting their natural behavior. Other producers of the show include Tessa Worgan and Nia Roberts. 

The three episodes of the show have been directed and produced by each of these creators. Each episode focuses on three or four species of Canids. With Chris Packham’s informative voice as the narrator, Dogs In The Wild carries the educational tone well. You might recognize Chris’ voice from shows like Springwatch or The Animal’s Guide To Britain.

This show has been ordered for about three episodes, which will release in January 2023 on Television. The upcoming species we’ll witness are Jackals, Gray foxes, Darwin’s foxes, and many more similar animals.

Dogs In The Wild Episode 2 Release Date
A Tibetan Fox From The Documentary (Credits: BBC One)

The creators behind the series recall their encounters with animals that they were searching for but found them trapped or in pain. With hunting and killing of these canids being widespread in some areas, such shows need to exist that utilize their platforms and spread awareness about these endangered animals. 

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What Happened In Dogs In The Wild Meet The Family Episode 1?

In the episode from December 28th, 2022, we were introduced to the various kinds of canids, but the show mostly focused on the animal’s Artic Wolf, Fennec Fox, and Maned Wolf. 

The Fennec Foxes were one of the cutest canids to be seen in the episode, with their tiny body and large ears. But this wasn’t just for appearance, the tiny body of the Fennec fox helps them radiate the heat easily, while the ears provide ventilation.

Dogs In The Wild Episode 2 Release Date
The Largest Canid, Maned Wolf (Credits: BBC One)

The complete opposite is the Long legged Maned wolf, which is the tallest canid to exist right now. From their hunting habits to their own special homes, the episode featured everything there is to know about these curious creatures.

When Will Dogs In The Wild Meet The Family Episode 2 Release?

The next episode of Dogs In The Wild will premiere on Television on January 4th, 2023. New episodes of this BBC Documentary are aired on Wednesdays, and they later have a rerun on BBC Two. 

What To Expect In Episode 2 of Dogs In The Wild Meet The Family?

In the upcoming episode of this BBC Canid documentary, we’ll see the strategies these species use to co-exist with all sorts of other creatures while protecting their kind from being hunted. Food and shelter may be their main concerns, but they don’t fret away from putting on their best fighting stances when faced with a foe.

One of the species that’ll be focused on is the Leaping Jackal. Also known as Golden Jackals, these canids are abundant in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, and India. They can jump up and catch their prey mid-flight.

An African Wild Dog (Credits: BBC One)

Another species in this episode will be the African Wild Dogs, who use their sneezing as a way of communicating with their packs. Whether it’s deciding to stay and hunt or to move on, the sole form of a reply is the achoos. Gray Foxes will be featured in episode 2 as well. Though they are not endangered, this species of Canid is hard to come by, as they set out to hunt in the darker hours.

Dogs In The Wild Meet The Family: Where To Watch?

BBC One takes up the airing of this science documentary. The time of release on the television channel is 8:00 pm. The episodes of Dogs In The Wild are then aired on BBC Two at around 11:10 am. On-demand viewing of the episodes is possible through BBC Iplayer

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