Panorama Garden Estate’s Rare Albino Kangaroo Baby: One In 100,000!

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Panorama Garden Estate has an albino joey
Mom Barroo and her beautiful albino daughter

One of the rarest occurrences ever happened in the wildlife sanctuary called Panorama Garden Estate. A Kangaroo Baby as white as snow was born to a normal mother. Kangaroo babies, also known as joeys, stay in their mom’s pouch for around 5 months until they are fit to face the outside world. 

The Albino 3-month-old joey was spotted by one of the sanctuary workers, who were in awe of her cuteness and decided to upload a video of it online on August 9th, 2020. Soon, the post caught immense attention and ended up being featured in the Daily Mail and UNILAD. Panorama Garden Estate comprises 19 parks, waterfalls, lakes, and gardens. It is also the home of the extremely rare mobs of Albino kangaroos, which are frequently spotted in the park.

The parents of the infamous joey, Momma Barroo and Dad Marloo, seem to take especially good care of her since she was still very young and vulnerable. The mother is an Eastern gray kangaroo, while the father is an Albino of the same species, which is the reason the baby was born that way too. The chances of an albino baby being born are higher when one or more of the parents already carry those mutations.

Panorama Garden Estate: Home Of 50 Kinds Of Animals

Owned By Annemaree Von Rooy and her Husband, Panorama Garden Estate is a 55-acre land full of scenic gardens and adorable animals. It is home to almost 50 species, consisting of wild and farm animals like Sheep, cows, horses, and much more. It also houses wallabies which are a shorter version of kangaroos. 

Panorama Garden Estate
Panorama Garden Estate in Boneo, Victoria.

The estate is filled with 19 parks built by talented landscapers. It was opened to the public 18 years after the construction began. Panorama Garden Estate is situated in Boneo, Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Boneo has a population of approximately 400 people and is not well known, which is great as the animals won’t have a lot of disturbance.

The Estate owners do allow visits to the parks and to get a chance to view animals. Tickets from $30 for adults and $20 for children can be bought online to visit the place in Victoria. It is only open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10:00 am. The park is 1 hour away from Melbourne, which is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney.

Other wild animals also call this place home and are not necessarily tame. The owner often uploads pictures of these stunning creatures on her Instagram profile.

Panorama Garden Estate Has an albino joey
The Park is Home to 50 Other native species.

The Albino Kangaroo: How Rare Are They?

Kangaroos are one of the largest marsupials of this current era and are well known for their strong hind legs that allow them to jump almost 20-30 feet. Thankfully, they are not at risk of extinction, as almost 11 million exist right now in the world. These white kangaroos are significantly rarer, as the case always is with people with albinism of any species. 

Panorama Garden Estate has an albino joey
Panorama Garden Estate’s adorable animals

In kangaroos, the chances of a person with albinism being born are 1 in almost 100,000, which is much rarer than the case in humans, which is 1 in 10,000.

White kangaroos can either have albinism (complete loss of pigments, red eyes) or leucism (Partial loss results in patches of white fur and normal eyes). Whichever may be the case, these kangaroos are, unfortunately, much more susceptible to predators and abandonment by their mob. Albino kangaroos also have blindness, which decreases their chances of survival.

When mobs of similar-looking kangaroos are made, their survival chances can increase. This is the reason white kangaroos can still be found in the wild, especially in Australia. Reports also suggest that kangaroos can have a life span of 20 years in captivity, while in the wild, it can decrease to just 6 years.

Where Is The Special Albino Baby Now?

We, unfortunately, don’t have any updates about the cute little albino baby, which by now could be a fully grown adult. Since the Panorama Garden Estate has many other troops of white kangaroos, it’s safe to say that she could be hanging around the sanctuary with her Mom Barroso, Dad Marloo, and her friends, being admired by the park visitors for her pure white fur and red eyes.

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