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Most Popular Hottest Anime Girls To Exist!

popular hot anime girl
Jabami Yumeko

The anime world has given us a lot of things to remember and get crazy over. One such of these various things is the popular hot anime girls. No matter how much we try, we cannot keep our eyes off these beauties. ‘Angel sent from heaven’ is the perfect phrase to describe these hot and popular anime girls. Every anime has at least one hot female character we just cannot get over.

While fans have said certain characters are the best, we just cannot rank them. You may find a number of articles ranking the hottest anime girls, but in our opinion, everyone has their own choices, and we just cannot decide on one of the characters to stand above the rest.

Nami has been regarded as the hottest and most popular girl in the anime world. But, we also have Akame from Akame Ga Kill and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. So, to be precise, no one can rank them. It is just opinionated. Today, we won’t be ranking these popular hot girls from anime, but we will just talk about them, and if you have missed out on some real beauty, you will be glad to know it.

Erina Nakiri – Food Wars!

This beautiful girl from Food Wars! is just too much for our eyes. I find it funny that not many websites have picked her in their list of the same topics. Erina is a young, rich, and already talented cook. What more can you ask from someone. She is just too cute and is a blondie. At the time of her debut, she is 15 years of age. By the time manga ends, Erina is 25.

popular hot anime girl

Erina Nakiri

She can cook multiple cuisines and is specialized in gourmet food. One thing we all feel bad about Erina is that she cannot make friends easily. This is due to her father, who inflicted abusive training on her when she was young. She does not have any knowledge of romance (neither do we). After changing dormitory, she made new friends and gained new insight into cooking. The only thing to be disliked about her is her ego because of her high class.

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Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami has gained a lot of attention in recent years. This is due to the release of the anime Kakegurui. Yumeko is a lively and charismatic girl who is always the center of attention. She is also very friendly and made good friends with the whole student body on her first day only. Yumeko can even catch anyone who is cheating while gambling real quick. Moreover, she can easily overcome those cheaters with some tricks up her sleeve, but without cheating.

popular hot anime girl

Yumeko Jabami

She has a very good sense and memory, which increase significantly when she is gambling. She even told the difference if a gun was loaded or not just by telling the small weight difference of a few grams.

 Shiraki Meiko – Prison School

Shiraki Meiko is, we believe, the most beautiful character from Prison School. Looking at her, you won’t believe your eyes that this beauty is a third-year student. Over the course of the show, Meiko shows a lot of sadistic tendencies. Some of these sadistic tendencies even exceed what many antagonists can not even think of. Shiraki Meiko is the vice president of the Underground Student Council. This hot girl does not hold back while giving out severe punishments to those she finds not obeying the orders.

popular hot anime girl shiraki meiko

Shiraki Meiko

Rize Kamishiro

Now Tokyo Ghoul might have been a disappointing and forgetting anime, but this girl from the show is not. Rize Kamishiro is a purple-haired hot anime girl which everyone desires for. We think that Rize Kamishiro is one of the most beautiful antagonists of anime. Not every day will you find a baddie as much as her, all while being a heart-stealer. Her innocent face with a spectacle on it makes her more than just an ordinary anime girl. To be honest, we won’t mind a villain as beautiful as her. You just cannot change our mind over how hot this woman from Tokyo Ghoul is.

popular hot anime girl rize kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro


Yes, One Piece fans, we hear you. One Piece has some of the hottest girls in anime. Nami is probably the hottest One Piece girl. One of the earliest members of the Straw Hats Pirates is just something you will be mesmerized by watching every day. Nami is the navigator of the Straw hats pirates and is a good decision taker, too, along with a high level of thinking. Nami is the best type of anime girl you will find. Nami is an Orange-headed beauty, something we do not find often.

popular hot anime girl nami


You will find Nami’s fashion and hair frequently changing throughout the show. Even her trademark shoes are orange. On her left shoulder, you will find a tattoo representing mikan, an orange fruit that she likes.

Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

There’s just no denying how beautiful and gorgeous Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy tail looks. She is a member of Team Natsu and is a Fairy tale mage. This blondie is everything one could imagine an anime girl to be. Although Lucy has a lot of pride due to her appearance (no problem, it is okay), she is kind, clever, and always concerned about her friends. Her family, the Heartfilia family, was once one of the wealthiest families in the nation of Fiore.

popular hot anime girl

Lucy Heartfilia

After the death of her mother, she left her house as she was estranged from her father. This shows her courage and determination. Lucy is such a beautiful person inside-out. She thinks of the spirits as her friends while fighting alongside them. She even refuses to use these spirits as a shield to protect herself and puts them at harm. Moreover, Lucy is a promise keeper, always striving to stand atop her words.

These are the girls from anime that we find to be the best and hottest.  

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