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WWE Raw 26 September Preview: Aj Styles Will Face Sami Zayn With Solo Sikoa On His Side

WWE Raw 26 September Preview
WWE Raw 26 September Preview - Aj Styles vs Sami Zayn

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A lot of marches have been announced for WWE Raw on 26 September. So be ready for an entertaining show because some of the matches are classics. In the previous RAW edition, Matt Riddle helped Bobby Lashley defeat Seth Rollins to successfully defend his United States Championship. In other matches on the show, Kevin Owens and Bayley triumphed over Theory and Alexa, respectively.

Despite being another success for Triple H, the show’s viewership fell as a result of NFL games. On September 26, 2022, The Game will try to make a comeback when the main show is broadcast live from Rogers Place Canada.

According to the company, Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano will face The Alpha Academy in the upcoming episode. Additionally, Monday night’s card includes Matt Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY, Riddle vs. Damian Preist, and Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins.

Here is the WWE Raw 26 September Preview:

Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio and Seth “Freakin” Rollins are prepared to face off after The Visionary poked his nose in an odd place. Rollins rushed in to surprise Matt Riddle as he and Mysterio battled The Judgment Day for the soul of Mysterio’s son. Rollins was about to hit The Original Bro with a chair when Mysterio intervened and chased him out. However, the disruption provided an opportunity for The Judgment Day to seize and win. When Mysterio takes on his old rival Rollins, he will be seeking revenge for both himself and Riddle.

WWE Raw 26 September Preview

WWE Raw 26 September Preview – Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

The Lucha legend may not have a happy ending, though, since Dominik Mysterio’s possible interference may be in the works. With Edge being benched due to an injury, WWE might have Dominik turn his focus towards his father, likely to cost him his match against Rollins. This would therefore leave a trail for a possible matchup between the father-son team during the upcoming series of PPVs.

Aj Styles vs Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn, The Honorary Uce, and AJ Styles will square off in a match that was announced over the weekend. The two have competed in a number of matches for the WWE, including a few odd Premium Live Events where Sami and Kevin Owens jointly challenged AJ for the WWE Championship at the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV and a ladder match for the IC Championship at Clash Of Champions 2020 that also featured Jeff Hardy.

The fact that Sami Zayn won’t be fighting alone adds another twist to this match. Sami will be supported by Solo Sikoa, the other recent addition to The Bloodline and former North American Champion. We saw how devastating Solo Sikoa can be just in the simple act of trying to defend Sami when he savagely attacked Madcap and Ricochet on Smackdown. AJ Styles might need to watch his back as we witness the ROH, TNA, and New Japan mainstay take on the ROH and PWG boy.

Matt Riddle vs. Damian Priest

It’s a lot for Matt Riddle to handle. He has also ended up on the bad side of The Judgment Day in his desire for a rematch with bitter rival Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Riddle will need to gather his strength before facing the powerful Damian Priest after he and Rey Mysterio were defeated by The Judgment Day on Monday. In his upcoming Fight Pit match versus Rollins, Riddle will aim for a big win. This match is interesting because Priest and Riddle have a history that goes back to their NXT days. Will Riddle be able to overcome Priest by using his dark side?

WWE Raw Preview

WWE Raw 26 September Preview – Matt Riddle vs. Damian Priest

But it appears very likely that Seth Rollins will try to disrupt his opponent’s match. The writers and producers could have Rollins create a commotion that cost Riddle his match against Priest. The Visionary and The Judgment Day could then work together to attack the former US Champion.

There’s a chance that AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio will then appear to save the day as a result of this. While Rey is still involved in The Judgment Day, Finn Balor made Styles an open invitation to join his faction, which the latter openly rejected. Therefore, it would be very logical for the pair to appear on Monday night.

White Rabbit

Just like the previous show of RAW, fans noticed a QR Code flicker during a backstage clip on SmackDown. When the QR code was scanned, it took users to an interesting game that eventually displayed Rogers Place in Edmonton, where this week’s Monday Night RAW would take place.

White Rabbit

WWE Raw 26 September Preview – White Rabbit

The White Rabbit Clues have led many to believe that WWE is hinting at Bray Wyatt’s return to the company, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet. However, viewers should expect WWE to drop additional hints on the future RAW episode. Fans have been quite interested and buzzing about the White Rabbit element, so it will be interesting to watch how the story develops moving forward.

Alpha Academy vs. Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano

When Austin Theory and Kevin Owens fought in a tough fight on Raw, Johnny Gargano intervened, slowing Mr. MITB long enough for KO to win. Alpha Academy well almost had an argument with Gargano backstage before Owens stepped in to help Raw’s newest Superstar. Gargano and Owens will now join in fighting Raw’s academic duo. As they take on the former Raw Tag Team Champions, Owens and Gargano will look to repeat their recent success as a team.

WWE Raw 26 September Preview

WWE Raw 26 September Preview – Alpha Academy vs. Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano

The youngest Mr. Money in the Bank of all time may be around, and as KO and Johnny Wrestling have recently garnered Theory’s anger as well, Owens and Gargano will need to watch each others’ back. Can Gargano, with Owens’ help, make a perfect start to his budding WWE career?

Austin Theory was defeated by Kevin Owens in a singles match on the previous RAW edition. After that, Johnny Gargano humiliated the Money in the Bank winner. Given how events played out last week, Theory might take revenge against the pair in the following episode. On Monday night, when KO and Gargano are set to meet The Alpha Academy, Theory will probably try to ruin their fun. WWE might send Theory to the tag team match to confuse the previous champs and cost them the match.

Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY

When Bianca Belair faces off against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion IYO SKY, she hopes to minimize the damage that has already been done. Since SummerSlam, Bayley and her partners, SKY and Dakota Kai, have caused problems for The EST of WWE. Asuka and Alexa Bliss were destroyed by Damage CTRL in their fight for power, and Bayley became the first woman to pin Belair in more than nearly 300 days.

WWE Raw September 26 Preview

WWE Raw 26 September Preview – Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY

After Bayley knocked Five Feet of Fury to size, the group beat up Bliss and Asuka until the Raw Women’s Champion dashed out to help her friends. Belair was swiftly overtaken by the numbers game, and Bayley dethroned the champion and issued a challenge for Extreme Rules. Belair is more determined than ever to destroy each member of Damage CTRL one by one, beginning with SKY.

What Will Be The Stipulation?

Tonight, as Bianca Belair and Iyo Sky enter the ring, the Raw Women’s Champion will carry on her fight against Damage Control. Following Bayley’s victory over Alexa Bliss in the main event of last week’s show, the group beat Belair up. Bayley formally challenged the champion there for a title fight at Extreme Rules, which Belair will probably accept for tonight.

The championship match is almost decided, but the next question is what the stipulation will be. It will be intriguing to see what kind of rules they come up with for the big matchups at Extreme Rules. Since Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey’s Smackdown Women’s title match is already an Extreme Rules match, their Raw counterpart will probably take a different turn.

WWE Raw 1531 Release Time & Where To Watch

WWE Raw 1531 will air at 8 PM ET on USA Network. New episodes of WWE Raw are released every Monday. If you have USA Network on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed the show while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming WWE Raw, then there are several Streaming options available.

USA Network comes under NBCUniversal, so you will find major streaming platforms offering the Bet work in their base plans. Streaming platforms like fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, and Hulu Live TV will allow you to watch Raw live from anywhere. YouTube TV is the platform where you should go if you want to watch both WWE Raw and Smackdown.

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