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Coffee Prince Cast: You Will Be Reminded Of Them Every Morning!

Coffee Prince Cast

The Coffee Prince cast, even after all these years, truly stays iconic! The K-drama had aired back in the year 2007  and had been very famous back then. In fact, The Coffee Prince stays legendary to this day. The storyline of Coffee Prince is centralized around four main characters Go Eun Chan, who is the sole breadwinner of her family, Choi Han Kyul, who is the grandson of chairman Bang of Dongin Foods, Choi Han Sung, who is a music producer, and Choi Han Kyul’s cousin, and Han Yoo Joo who is Choi Han Kyul’s first love and Choi Han Sung’s ex-girlfriend.

As Go Eun Chan is a tomboy, many people mistake her for a guy, and Choi Han Kyul was one of them. Thinking that Go Eun Chan was a man, Choi Han Kyul hires her to make his grandmother think that he was in a gay relationship with her. He does this as he wants his grandmother to stop sending him on blind dates. Go Eun Chan easily agreed as she could not say no to money when her family was in need of it.

Meanwhile, Choi Han Kyul opens a Coffee shop named Coffee Prince to prove his worth to his grandmother and Han Yoo Joo, who still thinks of him as a friend. He decides to bring handsome male employees so that they get more customers, so Go Eun Chan uses her tomboyish look to work at the coffee shop and make money.

As you progress through the K-drama, you will feel that you have become a part of the friend group due to the excellent chemistry of the Coffee Prince cast and also due to their splendid acting skills. Without further ado, let us start getting to know the Coffee Prince cast!

1. Gong Yoo

The first member of the Coffee Prince cast that we are going to talk about is none other than the fantastic Gong Yoo. He has become one of the most successful actors in the industry through Goblin, Coffee Prince, and Big. The actor had made a return to K-dramas last year through The Silent Sea.

Chae Jung Ah

Gong Yoo

2. Yoo Eun Hye

The next member of the Coffee Prince cast, Yoo Eun Hye, had kicked off her career by becoming a member of the popular 1st generation K-pop girl group Baby V.O.X. Along with the Coffee Prince, she has become popular as an actress through K-dramas like Princess Hours and Missing You.

coffee prince cast

Yoo Eun Hye

3. Lee Sun Kyun

Lee Sun Kyun has established himself as one of the elite actors in the South Korean acting industry through Parasite, My Mister, White Tower, Listen to Love, and many more of his works.

Lee Sun Kyun

Lee Sun Kyun

4. Chae Jung Ah

The last member of the main Coffee Prince cast, Chae Jung Ah, might be one of the most talented people you will ever get to know in your life. She started her singing and acting career at the same time and received a lot of success. Even after her divorce, while many women lose their popularity after divorce, Cha Jung Ah remained one of the best veteran actresses and proved that her popularity would not die anytime soon.

coffee prince cast

Cha Jung Ah

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