Mariah Carey’s Dating History: The Queen Of Christmas’ Relationships So Far

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Mariah Carey

Want to know about Mariah Carey’s Dating History? Also known as the “Queen Of Christmas,” the singer is currently making headlines with her Christmas Concert 2022, held at Madison Square Gardens. A few days back, Mariah sparked pregnancy rumors which eventually turned out to be false.

People were a bit disappointed as they thought her to be pregnant with her third child. Mariah Carey is a prominent figure in the industry, both as a singer and an actress. Have you listened to these mentioned songs- We Belong Together, Always Be My Baby, One Sweet Day, Touch My Body, and Emotions? If not, you should! 

On the other hand, Mariah earned quite a fame after starting on- On you Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Glitter, WiseGirls, etc. Mariah Carey is highly appreciated for being versatile. Talking about Mariah Carey’s Dating History, the Songbird Supreme has dated quite a few high-profile men from the industry. The list includes Derek Jeter, Eminem, and a few more.

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Mariah Carey’s Dating History: All Her Relationships So Far 

The Butler actress has married thrice in her life. If you are looking for Mariah Carey’s Dating History, here is what we know! 

Tommy Mottola 

Mariah Carey’s Dating History starts with Tommy Mottola, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Music Entertainment

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

It was at the beginning of the 1990s that Tommy and Mariah dated. Their age difference is very high- 21 years, to be more exact. Butcareso care about age when in love? They didn’t, too. In 1993, Mariah and Tommy exchanged their vows. She was very young, back being 23 years old. Some of her fans already knew that Mariah’s marriage with the executive wouldn’t last long. It ended after five years. 

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Derek Jeter 

Who is Derek Jeter? He is a former professional baseball player who played majorly with the New York Yankees. Derek has won the World Series Championship five times. Also, he has been the All-Star as a player fourteen times. Now, Derek has become a baseball executive and businessman. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey holding her then-boyfriend, Derek Jeter, in her arms

It was in 1997 when Mariah and Derek started dating each other. Even though things appeared to be serious in the beginning, their relationship lasted for a year. After several years of their split, Mariah shared that they were once romantically linked.

Also, she opened up about writing the song “The Roof” for Derek. It seemed to be their fling. Mariah even shared that her then baseball player beau acted as the “catalyst.” Why? He convinced her that she could no longer be with Tommy Mottola. The media pressure was also too much, which became a factor for Mariah and Derek to end their relationship. 

Luis Miguel 

Right after her break up with Derek Jeter, Mariah shared a romance with the Mexican singer, Luis Miguel. Some of his notable songs are- La Bikina, La Fiesta Del Mariachi, No Discutamos, Dormir Contigo, Por Debajo de la Mesa, and many more. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel

To be more precise, things between them started getting romantic in 1998. But they called it quit in 2001. It was more like a fantasy. Why did Mariah and Luis break up? They parted ways because of their alleged affairs and having busy schedules. 

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Do we have to mention who Eminem is? The Rap God needs no introduction. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Eminem

Mariah Carey was alleged to have dated Eminem back in 2001. But, when asked, he mentioned about not liking her as a person. There was no feeling from his side. Several rumors about both having a physical relationship started circulating. However, Mariah denied it. 

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Christian Monzon 

Mariah Carey’s Dating History also includes the model Christian Monzon. Talking about him, Christian is also an actor. A few of his acting credits include- Kill Speed, Three Rivers, Skin in the Game, The Deadliest Lesson, If I Had Known I Was A Genius, etc. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Christian Monzon

How did things between Mariah and Christian start? They collaborated on the music video for her song, Don’t Forget About Us. It was also very short-lived, more precisely from 2005 to 2006. Their relationship didn’t seem to be serious, but it was very casual. 

Nick Cannon 

Mariah Carey’s Dating History also includes her second husband, Nick Cannon. Yes, we are talking about the television star who is famous for shows like- America’s Got Talent, Real Husbands Of Hollywood, The Masked Singer, etc. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon share a kiss.

Well, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were considered one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. They tied the knot in 2008. Also, they were blessed with two children- Moroccan and Monroe. But, after eight years, they thought of parting ways, and their divorce got finalized.

Still, they both co-parent their children, having legal rights. The major reason behind Mariah and Nick’s divorce was reported to be “their egos and emotions got inflamed.” 

James Packer 

After Nick Cannon, James Packer made it to the list of Mariah Carey’s Dating History. People know him more as the former judge of American Idol. 

Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey with her former billionaire fiance, James Packer

It was in 2015 when Mariah and James were romantically linked to each other. Soon, in January 2016, they got engaged. But they called it quits after a few months. Why? Because both felt like it was a “mistake” from both of their sides. It was later reported that her engagement ring was very expensive, over $2.1 million. 

Bryan Tanaka 

How can we forget Bryan Tanaka? It seems like Mariah and Bryan are meant to be together. Both have been dating since 2016 after the singer called off her engagement with James. 

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Mariah Carey's Dating History
Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka

It’s been six years that Bryan and Mariah are seeing, supported, caring, and loved each other. They are all in one! A power couple! Breakups are hurting at times. Bryan supported her and helped her to move on from her ex-fiance.

Who knew that being there as a friend would also end up in their romantic relationship? Bryan Tanaka served as the background dancer and knew Mariah for quite a long time. Well, we hope that Bryan and Mariah’s relationship stays strong forever like this. 

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