Why Did Kenedi Anderson Leave American Idol?

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Kenedi Anderson (Credit: The Shahab)

Kenedi Anderson was one of the most talented contestants of the entire twentieth season. She received a ‘ Coveted Platinum Ticket.’ In 2022, Anderson made her American Idol debut by singing Lady Gaga‘s “Applause” on the show. Virginia immediately won over the judges and the crowd, earning herself one of the three platinum tickets.  The front-runner departed the competition show after only four episodes, despite being able to avoid a round of Hollywood tryouts.

Kenedi surprised the judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan at her audition by singing Lady Gaga’s “Applause.” She “could be the biggest celebrity we’ve ever seen,” declared Luke, and Katy concurred, remarking that she “was born to be a star.” She received one of the season’s three Platinum Tickets, which were granted to just three auditionees.

In the most current American Idol season, Kenedi Anderson was a well-known performer. The platinum ticket to Hollywood, an accolade granted to one participant in each audition city, was presented to her due to the judges’ high praise for her initial audition.

Kenedi Anderson (Credit: The Teal Mango)

Luke Bryan, a country music judge, said she “could be the biggest celebrity we’ve ever seen.” More than six million people have now watched Anderson’s audition performance on YouTube. She stayed on the show for three more episodes when Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, stated she was leaving for “personal reasons.”

The only thing Anderson said about her decision to leave was that she was grateful for the experience and that it had been “one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.” Even while the evening had some outstanding performances, one announcement left the audience demanding more. Kenedi Anderson announced her decision to withdraw from the tournament due to personal matters.

Strangely, American Idol did not post videos of Platinum Ticket winner Kenedi Anderson’s Duets or Showstopper performances from Hollywood Week for the first two weeks of March.

Kenedi Anderson’s Leave Revealed

She stunned everyone with her fantastic performance to Christina Perri’s “Human” on the most recent episode of American Idol when Bebe Rexha served as her mentor.

Kenedi Anderson (Credit: The List )

People in the audience could not vote for her because her name was missing from her American Idol application on the day of this performance.

The audience thought it was strange that she had left the show and that her name had vanished from the app.

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Ryan Seacrest, who hosts the show, informed the audience of the news. We wish Kenedi the best and understand she had to leave the competition for personal reasons, according to him. Fans expressed their sadness about this on Twitter.

Kenedi didn’t specify her “personal reasons” for quitting American Idol, but many have assumed that she signed a record deal because the next day, she posted a song on TikTok that has since been removed. The song’s lyrics make this particular feasible.

When Did Kenedi Anderson Leave American Idol?

Platinum Ticket winner Kenedi Anderson left American Idol on Monday, April 11, 2022.

Kenedi Anderson Is Not The First One To Leave American Idol

Marlea Stroman was the first participant to leave the competition early in Season 4 when her son became ill. Marlea wasn’t oddly the only performer to leave the program during Season 4. Mario Vazquez departed because he desired to maintain his artistic integrity. 

Two years later, a former American Idol member who claimed to have been dismissed due to alerting his manager that Vazquez had s**ually abused him mentioned Vazquez in a lawsuit.

Kenedi Anderson ( Credit: Spot Media )

Tequila Wilson left American Idol in Season 13 because she believed it wasn’t the appropriate thing for her to do in light of her relationship with God. Tequila was a gospel singer who claimed to “simply feel like ‘American Idol’ wasn’t for her” in an interview with My Fox 8.

Wyatt Pike also departed the previous season because of personal reasons, but according to his Instagram, he is currently recording music in the studio. We wish Kenedi could do the same in the future. In the interim, we wish her the best of luck.

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