What Happened To Chet Holmgren? Explained

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Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren

The twenty years old professional basketball player, Chet Holmgren is a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder under the National Basketball Association. The Minnesota-born player, after taking inspiration from his basketball-playing father, entered the game field during his high school years.

During his high school years, Chet managed to help his team receive the Class 2A State championship title twice, and by the year 2021, he landed his hands on the Most Valuable Player honor. It was also around this time he got popular for crossing over famous basketball player, Stephen Curry.

Since the year 2020, Holmgren has seen nothing but victory with him winning against a nationally ranked team, Sierra Canyon School followed by another Class 3A State honor and many other awards and accolades. These brought him various college scholarships and interest from the NCAA Division I. In 2020, he was named the number one basketball player by ESPN.

He ended up signing the National Letter of Intent for Gonzaga Bulldogs, Gonzaga University’s intercollege program, following his senior, Jalen Suggs. He won his first college debut match against team Dixie State and he was awarded the title Newcomer of the Year. He also leads his team to win his first NCAA match against Georgia State, with nineteen points, seventeen rebounds, seven blocks, and five assists. 

In the present moment, Chet Holmgren plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, selected during the NBA 2022 draft and he made his NBA Summer League debut in the same year. He managed to score twenty-three points, seven rebounds, four assists, and six blocks, leading to the highest number of blocks in the history of the Summer League ever.

Chet Holmgren also played for the States as a representative at the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup that took place in Latvia. The team got their hands on the gold along with the tournament MVP title. Currently standing at 2.16m tall, Chet plays Center and power forward positions for the team.

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Chet Holmgren's Summer League Debut
Chet Holmgren’s Summer League Debut (Credits: NBA)

Chet Holmgren: The NBA Player’s Injury

Currently, one of the most talented budding NBA players with the highest draft pick even leaving behind former basketball star, Kevin McHale, Chet Holmgren was removed from the 2023-2023 NBA season. The player suffered from a foot injury when he was playing at the Seattle Pro-Am back in 2022 August. 

He suffered from a Lisfranc fracture where he displaced the metatarsal bones in his right foot. The player went through his first round of surgery in August, right after he was admitted to the hospital. He went through another surgery process in December of last year which was revealed to be just a routine follow-up process.

Holmgren is reportedly out of all forms of hardware in his foot and has been caught going through his rehabilitation process multiple times. He has resumed exercising and body activities and training on the field. With his rehab and training and his supporting team, the player seems to be recovering well. 

Holmgren has been out of the grounds since August 2020 and was removed from the 2022-2023 league, it has been a long time since he was seen playing but if things go well, he will be able to return for the next game season. 

Chet Holmgren post-injury
Chet Holmgren post-injury (Credits: NBA)

Future Prospects for The Thunder Center

Since his surgery, Chet has been seen exercising and going through rehab. He was also spotted on the basketball grounds practicing dunking. Images and videos of him moving around the field and getting back into playing have surfaced on the internet. The team’s head coach, Mark Daignaeult has confirmed that Chet has recovered well and is gradually getting back into the game.

Chet revealed after his surgery that he did not think much of his injury and at first did not even realize the seriousness of it. He has had a team of supportive players and coaches accompanying him at every step and he seems to be in good health. It surely has been a long time since he stepped into an actual game, but Holmgren has spent his time productively observing and studying different aspects of the game during his time off.

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He has been preparing and training himself mentally for future games and overall seems positive about the entire situation. It has been confirmed that Chet Holmgren, the young talent will be back in the next game season.

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