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Dragon Ball Super

Is Frieza a Boy or a Girl? Let’s Find Out


One of the biggest abnormalities and breaking stereotypes way of anime is not to define a character’s sex by the conventional way of their looks. This directly and indirectly helps and supports many who are struggling against society to get past the illusion of gender and sexuality. This is showcased in a rather comical way, like the time when everyone got depressed knowing that Haku is a guy. Today we will talk about one such character. Today’s topic of discussion is going to be Is Frieza a Boy or a Girl? Let’s Find Out.

One of the major antagonists in both the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z anime is Frieza. They also feature in a number of Dragon Ball Z films and Dragon Ball GT episodes. A galactic monarch of an unidentified species, Frieza is feared for their cruelty and strength and rules the Planet trading organization. They are Kuriza’s parents, the younger sibling of Cooler, the offspring of King Cold, and the descendants of Chilled. The word “freezer” is rephrased in their name.

He is capable of a wide variety of changes, many of which are very distinct from one another. In the anime, Vegeta and Frieza both make inferences suggesting that the fourth and most powerful form of the villain is essentially his original one and that the other three are the only ways for him to contain his strength and keep himself in check. Later, while facing off against the main character, Goku, Frieza verifies this. His physical manifestations appear to be inspired by both Western and Japanese ideas of demons.

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Is Frieza a Girl or a Boy?

There is no disputing that, despite being one of the most feared tyrants in the universe, Frieza is somewhat feminine by Earth Standards. Many fans have been left wondering: Is Frieza a girl?

There is no disputing that, despite being one of the most feared tyrants in the universe, Frieza is somewhat feminine by Earth Standards. Many fans have been left wondering: Is Frieza a girl? A girl is not Frieza. Since Frieza is asexual, he lacks a gender. However, Frieza is not a guy and is not even referred to using male pronouns in the original Japanese manga. We must consider Frieza’s race and parents to determine if he is a boy or a girl. Have you ever questioned why King Cold, Frieza’s father, is always on screen yet his mother is never? This is due to King Cold being the only parent of Frieza.

According to Toriyama, King Cold created Frieza by himself, without the assistance of a second Mrs. Cold. Therefore, it is safe to assume that members of the Frieza Race naturally breed. Even so, Kuriza, Frieza’s non-canon child, exists. The result is that Frieza is a neutral gender. There is only one Frieza. A sexless psychopath!



The fact that Frieza does have a female voice actress in the Funimation Dub is the key factor that has led the audience to believe that Frieza is a female. The evil Lord Frieza is brilliantly voiced by Linda Young, and the female voice ends up making him much eviler. Frieza is only the latest in a long line of gender-neutral castings in the Dragon Ball anime series, which also includes Goku having a female voice actress in the Japanese version.

There is a reason why Frieza seems to be a fan favorite, and it doesn’t really matter what gender he is. A really wicked and effeminate-sounding voiced little Napoleon overlord has a certain watchability about him. Therefore, despite the fact that many people believe Frieza to be a female, he would use his death beam to zap you inside the heart before you could utter the word “Non-canonical.”

Other Asexual Races in the Dragon Ball World

There are several races that reproduce asexually besides the Frieza Race. The Namekians are also capable of self-reproduction, and we even witness King Piccolo giving birth to Piccolo Jr. by throwing up an Egg and shooting it into the air. As a result, the idea of asexual aliens is not unknown in the Dragon Ball universe.



Where Can You Watch the Dragon Ball Series?

You can binge-watch all episodes of this iconic anime show on Crunchyroll. It is the official streaming partner of this and many other anime shows. It is also the adobe to many amazing mangas. 

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