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Who Would Win In A Fight Between Goku And Naruto?

Goku vs Naruto
Goku vs Naruto

Even though there are different types of anime fans, some love rom-com, and some are fans of great action, but there’s one thing that remains similar in each of us is we love to discuss some weird conspiracy theories. Sometimes, we come up with some of the most weirdest theories, and this is something we have all done at least once in our life. Many of us love to compare the strength of two protagonists from different animes, and sometimes things don’t even make a little sense.

We are as crazy as you are, and that’s why we are here to discuss what will happen if Goku fights with Naruto. Who will win in the end? This might look like a weird kind of comparison now but we will put some facts and general sequences that will make sense by the end of the article. To keep the comparison fair, we will also analyze the most fatal moves of both of the contenders on the bases of pre-defined criteria. 

In this article, we will compare both candidates on the basis of strength, skills, speed, endurance, and stamina. Since both of our candidates belongs to different anime world with different power distribution system, this comparison is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken on a serious note. The whole comparison is based on the author’s own opinions, and your opinions may vary with the information mentioned in this comparison. 

Naruto and Dragon Ball both belong to the shonen genre, and the concept of both of these animes is like the same dish made with different spices. Dragon Ball is based on the concept of martial arts and super incredible power system where the major protagonist of the series, Goku, along with his friends, fights with the baddies and saves his planet or sometimes the whole Universe, whereas Naruto is based on the concept of Ninjas in which our major protagonist Naruto Uzumaki fights for his dreams against the threats for his village. Both protagonists are cool and have their own personalities. Since you are now aware of both the anime genre, let’s get started.

Goku’s Abilities: 

Goku is certainly one of the strongest anime characters capable of destroying the whole planet. He is extremely fast and can teleport between different planets just by sensing the ki of others. Goku also possesses superhuman strength, and his stamina is on another level. Goku’s most advanced form as of now, i.e. mastered ultra instinct, enables him to use all of his senses to evade an opponent’s attack while unleashing deadly blows. The endurance of Goku is ultimate, and he possesses the God Ki, which helps him to challenge even the gods. It is to be noted that Goku’s god ki can’t be sensed by mere mortals, and only the people having the god powers can sense him.


Goku from Dragon Ball Z

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Naruto’s Abilities:

Since the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze sealed the nine-tail fox’s spirit inside when he was just a toddler, Naruto has had a huge amount of Chakra in his body. This chakra gives him an edge in the battle against tough opponents. Naruto also knows the sage mode technique, which helps him to sense the opponent’s chakra much before others while giving him incredible endurance. Naruto, when in Kyuubi mode ( his strongest ), can sense the life energy and can also deal deadly blows to the opponent. Naruto’s stamina is impressive, and his strongest technique i.e. baryon mode can help him fight tough opponents with powerful instincts.

Naruto Vs. Boruto

Naruto in Sage Mode

Naruto vs Goku: The Conclusion

If we look at the abilities of both of these characters, we would see that both of these characters possess totally different techniques set up in the different world. However, in the case of battle, Naruto stands nowhere near to Goku, and the winner of the battle would be none other than Goku. Goku can destroy the planets with his powers and possess superhuman strength with god-level speed, which is not present in the case of Uzumaki Naruto. 

dragon ball super

Goku Ultra Instinct

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