What Is Choi Yi-Hyun’s Net Worth In 2022? The ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Actress Reveals The Inspiration For The Role!

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Choi Yi-Hyun Net Worth
Actress Choi Yi Hyun

Choi Yi-Hyun rose to international stardom recently for her character in the series, All Of Us Are Dead. So, what is Choi Yi-Hyun’s net worth in 2022? Well, the net worth of the South Korean actress is not exactly that high at this point. She has only started five years back and is slowly making her career in the entertainment circle. Nevertheless, her hard work has led her to her recent international recognition. The series, All Of Us Are Dead had remained at the top for almost two weeks after its release.

It could be said that Yi-Hyun had to play one of the toughest roles in the series. Her character was also unique as she had to maintain and keep a check on her human and zombie nature. The actress also mentioned recently that it was her first time playing such a composed and cold character despite her playing various types of characters in other projects. Yi-Hyun’s followers also increased on Instagram after the release of the series, and it is still rising.

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What Is Choi Yi-Hyun’s Net Worth In 2022?

Choi Yi-Hyun’s net worth is estimated to be around between $1 million to $5 million in 2022. Her exact net worth is not known yet and is still undergoing review. Yi-Hyun earned such a net worth from being an actress in various Korean dramas and films. The actress became famous and gained international recognition for her role in the Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead. The show got released in January 2022, and her acting in the show attracted the attention and praise of several viewers. Furthermore, it has not been long since the actress had made her debut in the Korean entertainment circle. Naturally, she has a long way to go that could drastically increase her net worth in the future.

How Much is Choi TYi Hyun Earning in 2022?
Choi Yi Hyun in Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead

How Much Did Choi Ji-Hyun Earn From Her Acting Career?

It has not been long since Choi Yi-Hyun became active in the entertainment circle. So, her exact earnings from the movies and series are not known yet. She had made her debut in the year 2017 in the KBS2’s Witch at Court series. In 2018, she starred in the On My Way Home movie, OCN’s The Guest, and MBC’s Bad Papa and Less Than Evil show. After that, Ji-Hyun got seen in Metamorphosis, Homme Fatale, and JTBC’s My Country: The New Age in 2020.

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One of her most popular roles was in the tvN’s Hospital Playlist for two seasons in 2020 and 2021. Other than that, Ji-Hyun also starred in the 2020s How to Buy a Friend and School 2021 that premiered in the KBS2. Her web series consists of YouTube’s Real Life Love Story: Season 3, Oksusu’s Sweet Revenge, and Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead. Her appearance also got seen in two music videos, Quit and After You, in 2018.

Does Choi Yi-Hyun Belong From a Rich Family?

No, Choi Yi-Hyun does not belong to a rich family. People thought that she belonged to a wealthy family after some of her photos in a luxury apartment from wherein the Han River could get seen went viral. Netizens even assume that it was Mark Hills’ penthouse which is one of South Korea’s expensive enclaves. Later on, there were rumors that her father was a large company’s CEO. However, Yi-Hyun took to Instagram that the apartment belonged to one of her friends. She does not live there, and even the photos were taken in the past. Her entertainment agency also said that she is a college-going student and is residing near the agency in a small house.

Choi Yi Hyun All Of Us Are Dead
Choi Yi-Hyun in the School 2021 series

All Of Us Are Dead Actress Reveals Her Inspiration For The Role

Choi Yi-Hyun plays the role of Choi Nam-Ra in the All Of Us Are Dead series. She is an aloof student and president of her class who later on becomes half-zombie in the series. Recently, she stated during an interview that her character is hard as she had to shift between her human and zombie sides. A choreographer also gave her zombie lessons for her character, and she practiced a lot. Yi-Hyun mentions how she turned up to the Hollywood movie Twilight for depicting her character. She watched Twilight after thinking what a half-zombie should be like and decided on her own that they would have a vibe of vampire.

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