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Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Will Everyone Survive?

Takemichi Hanagaki
Takemichi Hanagaki

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular animated shows. Since its debut in 2021, this show has never failed to surprise viewers with its plot and storyline. Everyone has their hopes up for the next season as this season closes with all of its breathtaking events. The “Christmas Showdown” storyline will be adapted for Tokyo Revengers’ second season, which has been renewed. Though this season was a hit, many people are still perplexed by the Tokyo Revengers’ season finale.

In this article, we will learn more about the series and therefore look into the Tokyo Revengers’ ending. We will also look at the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 expected release date.

What’s Tokyo Revengers All About?

Ken Wakui is the creator of the Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers. Since March 2017, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. From April through September 2021, a Liden Films version of an animated television series aired. The start of second season is scheduled for January 2023. In July 2021, a live-action film adaption was released in Japan.

Still from Tokyo Revengers Official Trailer

Still from Tokyo Revengers Official Trailer

Roughly 65 million copies of the manga were in print as of July 2022, comprising 7 million copies sold outside of Japan. For the shonen category, the manga received the 44th Kodansha Manga Trophy in 2020. Hanagaki Takemichi, the protagonist of the series, leads an unfulfilling existence up until his passing. After waking up in the past 12 years, he mulls about his friends’ ultimate fate and makes an effort to stop a bad situation from occurring.

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What Happened in the Tokyo Revengers’ Ending?

When Takemichi arrives in the present, he discovers that all of his buddies are still alive and prospering, but Mikey, who hasn’t spoken to any of them in 12 years, has started a new street gang, Bonten. When he prevents Mikey from falling from a skyscraper, Takemichi, who can no longer access the past via Naoto, unexpectedly travels back in time to 2008. The Kanto Manji Gang, Mikey’s new gang, and Rokuhara Tandai are now engaged in a power battle as a result of the dissolution of the Tokyo Manji Gang, which Takemichi discovers when he enrolls in high school.

Takemichi joins Senju Kawaragi’s Brahman organization in an effort to find Mikey and subsequently gains the power to predict the future. Takemichi saves Senju from peril, but Draken loses his life defending them. As a consequence, the three gangs engage in the Battle of the 3 Deities, which culminates with Mikey murdering South, the leader of Rokuhara Tandai.

Manjiro Sano and his Group members

Manjiro Sano and his Group members

In the meantime, Senju dissolves Brahman to prevent Mikey from killing Takemichi, and the Kanto Manji Gang triumphs and swallows the Rokuhara Tandai. Takemichi brings back the Tokyo Manji Group a month later and dares the Kanto Manji Group to a duel. Sanzu tries to murder the Tokyo Manji Group by ramming a locomotive into the battleground.

Takemichi manages to stop it, but Kakucho perishes as a result. Sanzu is stopped by Taiju when she returns, but Mikey wins the battle. Takemichi can foresee the future and anticipate Mikey’s actions. In the course of their struggle, Mikey confesses that Shinichiro had already traveled through time to save him and that, in the original version of events, Mikey had been paralyzed after tumbling down the stairs.

Will there be a Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

As the Tokyo Revengers ended in such a tragic scenario, everyone is expecting a season 2 for the story to continue with the question that what will happen to Mikey. The Good news is that the Tokyo Revengers season 2 is officially confirmed! Season two of this show is expected to be released by winter 2023.

Though the dates are not yet confirmed, it is already getting everyone’s hopes up. Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will most likely be a single cour anime season because the Christmas Showdown arc is around the same duration as the Valhalla arc. Therefore we can expect 10 to 13 episodes in this season.

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