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Who is BruceDropEmOff Girlfriend in 2022: All That You Should Know


Bruce Ray Condones, also known as BruceDropEmOff, is a famous American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and also TikTok celebrity. Bruce is currently about 22 years old, and he was born on 23 September 2000. Bruce was born and brought up in Riverdale, Georgia, United States. He completed his schooling in the United States.

After completing school later, he applied for college at a reputed university there in the United States. He finished his college also from there. Talking about his online career, he started his influencer journey in the year 2016. He started from Twitch and slowly moved to other social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and recently on, TikTok also. 

All over social media BruceDropEmOff has a vast follower count. On Twitch, he has around 935k followers. Besides Twitch, he also has a big number of followers on other platforms. For instance: BruceDropEmOff’s YouTube channel has 713k followers. On Instagram, he has 415k followers, and on Twitter, he has around half a million followers. 



What BruceDropEmOff do?

Bruce usually streams gaming videos on Twitch. He is also seen in a video playing Among us in a video released on September 2020. Except for his career in gaming, Bruce also has done the battle royal-style podcast. Bruce is seen on his Twitch channel playing games like GTA, Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout, and also play Minecraft with his girlfriend. Other than only playing games, he also has seen appearing in gaming shows which actually helped him gain more popularity. BruceDropEmOff, in his YouTube career, has collaborated with many famous faces. For example, he collaborated with Soulja Boy during the pandemic to play Among Us together. He had recently joined as a content creator in the streaming esports corporation named OTK in March 2022. 

BruceDropEmOff net worth

On all of his YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram accounts, he usually posts gaming, streaming, and comedy videos. So, all over social networks, he has over 2.5 million followers. The social media star’s net worth is not yet officially confirmed. On the other hand, according to Celebnetworths, his estimated net worth is somewhere around $2 Million U.S dollars. 

BruceDropEmOff Girlfriend

BruceDropEmOff Girlfriend

BruceDropEmOff current relationship status 

BruceDropEmOff is currently in a relationship. He is in a relationship with a girl named Dana. Her nickname is DEO. Bruce started dating Dana in 2020. They first appeared on his social media account. Also, he shared a picture of her on Christmas and mentioned her as DEO in the caption of the post. He had shared about Dana for the first time in September 2020. In 2021, he posted a second post about Dana and said that she fell from heaven and he captured her in hell. They seem to enjoy a romantic relationship.

They had created a lovely post by connecting each other hands and showing a love sign. Bruce is mainly active on Instagram under the handle @raycondones and has generated around 221k followers. He had made only two posts about his girlfriend on that social media page. However, Dana has stimulated a low profile and kept her social glory stubby. She has not made her presence on social sites. So, it is kind of a hard job to find information on Dana. Bruce opens up about his relationship, and both of them seems to stream together on his Twitch and YouTube channel. 

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