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My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

My Dear Donovan Ep. 14

K-Dramas are now dominating the entertainment market. The dramas became an emotion of the audiences. My Dear Donovan is one of the most popular dramas in recent times. That show has been creating a buzz among the audiences. Initially, it was quite interesting for the viewers. But after some episodes, the story became boring and a mess for the viewers. 

The audience complained for different reasons. According to the viewers’ community, the story of the drama is disappointing. There are no focus points or rudders of the story. But, as the story turned into an interesting point and audience got a bit more concentrated on it. 

As they have been spending their time on that particular drama, My Dear Donovan, they chose to stick to it even after remarkable criticism. Till now, 12 episodes have aired. Now episodes 13 and 14 are on the way. 

My Dear Donovan: Recap Of Previous Episodes

Talking about the My Dear Donovan Episodes 11 and 12, it raised interest when Donovan solved everything with Pam. Jessica was trying to interfere in Donovan and Pam’s love life. But, it was a useless effort. Donovan realized her intention for Jessica, and later, he cleared that he was not into her anymore. 


Romance of Donovan and Pam

On the other hand, Pam was a little anxious about their relationship as Donovan was still in contact with Jessica. But, realizing Pam’s condition, Donovan sorted out everything with his present girlfriend, Pam.

The audience was waiting for their protagonist’s romance. Though, the track was a little bit audience-friendly. But later, Donovan again tends to walk on the wrong path. As Jessica is the key antagonist in the drama, she always wants Donovan into her. But Donovan denied being with her. So, she is now determined not to step back from Donovan. She plans to bring Donovan closer to her. Jessica seduces Donovan, and even she succeeds in it!

As per Jessica’s plan, she manages to keep Donovan in her car. So that she can kiss him and come closer to each other. As a male weakness, Donovan was unable to control himself and kissed Jessica. During that intimacy, both are captured intentionally. Then the clips were shown to Pam. Jessica wants to succeed with her plan. After knowing the truth, Pam breaks down and loses control. That time, Aood comes and rescues her in that situation. 


Donovan is into Pam

My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Spoilers 

After that, Pam goes through severe anxiety and cannot understand what to do. Then she decides to chase Donovan on his ‘so-called’ business trip to Manila. Donovan told Pam that it was a business trip. But, there is much suspense revolving around the trip. 

Now in the upcoming episodes, the audience will get to know what is the truth about that trip. If Donovan lies, then what is the reason? What would be the consequences? And why is Pam’s mother tensed about their relationship?

My Dear Donovan Episode 14: Preview 

My Dear Donovan’s story revolves around the life of model Donovan (Luke Ishikawa) and his seeking a girl whom he met earlier. He is looking for Pemanee or (Pam Namtan Tipnaree). Pam is a kindergarten teacher who later feels helpless due to her grandfather’s health problem. She chooses to join Palee Modeling to support her family. Pam plays dual roles in the same environment. She is a manager and also a private interpreter at the same time.


The coup Donovan-Pam

By that time, Pam is involved in Donovan’s personal life, and they are about to develop a romance. But some antagonists try to be cluttered in their relationship. However, these two partners are interrelated with their destiny. Though, the mystery is to be uncovered. 

My Dear Donovan Episode 14 Release Date

After My Dear Donovan Episode 13, Episode 14 is much more interesting to the audience. They are awaiting its release. There are several mysteries to be disclosed through the finale episode 14. So naturally, audiences are awaiting its release. 

After My Dear Donovan Episode 14 is going to be released just after releasing episode 13. Episode 13 will be released on 21st September. And the next day, 22nd September, Dear Donovan Episode 14 will be released. As the drama has been releasing on every Wednesday and Thursday, so the next would be the same. 

Watching Guide:

My Dear Donovan has been streaming on GMM 25 channel since August 10. The remaining episodes would be aired on that same network.

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