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Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 12: Release Date, Streaming Guide & Preview

Canadian show
Hudson and Rex

It is no secret that the love for pets and animals is heavenly and unlimited today, with people swooning over the videos and photographs of cute puppies and kittens and even laughing at the antics speaking birds and animal fights that everyone seems to love.

It is truly said that a dog is a man’s best friend but what if the very same dog isn’t merely a best friend but also a partner in solving crimes? Quite a different partner than normally but indeed a very efficient and worthy one.

The show Hudson and Rex are what we all, especially dog lovers, would love to love. To solve the most crucial and intriguing cases with your best friend, who is also an integral part of your police team and is set out to find the truth at any cost. 

Hudson and Rex is a crime procedural show that is based on the team of Hudson and a german shepherd named Rex, who are paired up together in the most interesting duo as they successfully navigate their way through cases with the help of their abilities. 

Hudson and Rex

Charlie Hudson, Rex, and Sarah Truong

Rex has a great sense of hearing, and he can easily recognize the unique sound and is highly trained for the same. With his ability to be able to pick up the most different and new sounds enables him to go around and help Hudson collect evidence and then come to a conclusion as to how did the crime happen.

The back story of Hudson and Rex, of how both of them were paired up in the back, can be seen in season 3, which has descriptions of the same. The show is directed by Felipe Rodriguez, Alison Reid, and John Vatcher.

The show is a Canadian show and stars John Reardon as Charlie Hudson, Mayko Nguyen as Sarah Truong, Justin Kelly as Jesse Mills, and most importantly, Diesel Vom Burgimwald as Rex, the multi-scent trained german shepherd. 

The show launched its season on March 25th, 2019, and since then has been renewed for four more seasons, with the current season being the fifth one. The fifth season was launched on September 25th, 2022. In the last five years, the show has managed to grab the attention of viewers with fairly great ratings as of now. 

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A Brief Recap of Episode 12

Episode 10 was named “Working on The Weekend,” and indeed, the title aptly suits what undertook in the episode with all the craziness and, yes, to report on work regardless of what the day is. Rex is always on duty whether be it a weekend or a weekday.

Canadian show

Rex from Hudson and Rex

The episode begins with the set up of Charlie and his partner Sarah who are out on a Romantic getaway to spend some more time alone and enjoy. In the process of this, Rex who also accompanies the duo suddenly picks up on certain hostile vibes and through his actions decides to intimate Hudson. 

After relentless nagging and pestering, he is finally able to get their intention as they realise the community that they are around aren’t as simple and easy to go as they look and might even be more hostile than they realise. Together they navigate through the situation.

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Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date

Everyone is already in awe of Rex as he smartly guides the case in the right direction, and indeed this might seem like a dream for a dog owner and a lover to be able to solve some of the most complex cases with your best buddy. 

Hudson and Rex

Charlie Hudson and his partner Rex

The next episode of season 5 will be titled “Lost Lives Club” and Hudson & Rex Season 5 Episode 12 will be present on your screens on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023. The upcoming brings the viewer another set of the interesting case as the best pair of officer pair up together to solve it as well. 

Hudson & Rex Season 5 Streaming Guide for Episode 12

The show is available on the original network of Citytv, which is available for Canadian viewers. For viewers residing in the United States, they can easily tune in to the show through the Channel “Up Faith and Family.” 

The show is also available on Citytv’s official websites, where they stream the show for free all the time. The viewers can easily watch the show and the season without any issues on the streaming platforms for free of cost. 

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