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What Happened To The Canadian Journalist Jessica Robb?

Jessica Robb

Jessica Robb is a Canadian television reporter who works for the CTV news channel, which is situated in the city of Edmonton, Canada. Jessica Robb is a very young reporter in her news channel, and apart from being a news reporter, she is also a media representative and journalist. She has been interested in journalism since her childhood and chose journalism as her career since she grew up.

Although nothing about her personal life is known either about her family or about her high schooling and education. She has chosen to keep it private, although being a news reporter, she kept her privacy a priority. But Robb is quite outspoken about her professional life and career. She has been a professional in video editing as well and making her videos top content to attract the general audience. In most of her videos, she very excitedly talks of the tales of Canada by visiting each place.

Jessica Robb’s Early Life As A Journalist And News Reporter:

Jessica Robb was born and brought up in Canada itself, and also she completed her schooling at a local school in Canada which is unknown as she never revealed that information to the public. After completing high school, she enrolled herself at the University of MacEwan in the year 2015.

From the University of MacEwan, she completed her graduation in the subject of Journalism and Mass Communication in the year 2018. As soon as he passed out from her university, she got her first internship and started working as an intern for a small organization known as the Modern Muse Media.

Jessica Robb (right) while live broadcasting with Nahreman Issa (left) from the studio

Jessica Robb (right) while live broadcasting with Nahreman Issa (left) from the studio

She worked there for some time, for almost a period of six months, after which she got an offer from a bigger news channel, ‘Global News’. Since she had gathered experience working at the organisation. She started working there as a video journalist for almost three years.

After working there for almost a year she was promoted as editorial assistant and soon after working for almost three years, she got her breakthrough in her career when the opportunity came from the CTV news channel which is one of the biggest news television channel in Canada. 

Jessica Robb’s Journey In The CTV News Channel:

Soon after her joining one of the biggest news channels in Canada she was overwhelmed with joy. She is quite experienced now after working for almost four years in an organization as well as a news channel. When she started working in the CTV news channel in the year 2021, she was given the position of multimedia journalist.

She started working with her full passion as this was her dream job, and soon she started to become more popular and started to grow more in her professional life. She used to put up more videos on the historical background of Canada by visiting the places and speaking about their significance.

What Suddenly Happened To The Journalist Jessica Robb?

Everything was going well, and as usual and Jessica Robb was filming a live telecast on the same historical on Sunday, January 8, 2023, when suddenly she started stammering on her words while doing the live broadcast. She was reporting her live to the news reporter Nahreman Issa. 

She was seen being uncomfortable and having trouble breathing and also saying to her cameraman that she was not feeling well and could not talk any further. She was also on the verge of collapsing and becoming unconscious, after which the live repoting was stopped.

Jessica Robb after feeling ill suddenly while being live

Jessica Robb, after feeling ill suddenly while being life

She was rushed to the hospital, and the news reporter Nahreman Issa told the audience that they would soon update on her condition and how she was as each and every person who was seeing the live broadcast witnessed Robb’s condition that day and were extremely worried.

How Is Jessica Robb Now?

Well, there were rumors spreading around that since she had taken the injection of the COVID-19, she had become ill because of that. But later, there was an update from the CTV news channel that Jessica Robb was doing better and that she was being treated, but the reason for her sudden illness was not revealed to the public.

Soon Jessica Robb herself posted a statement stating that she was fine and the doctors were treating her and that the rumor regarding the COVID-19 injection had been false and no such thing was a reason. She also says that she will be very well soon and get back to her live broadcast again.

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