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Who is Shane Richie Jr’s Girlfriend? All About His Love Life!

Shane Richie jr’s girlfriend has been in the news for quite a while now. The star’s love life becomes the major talk of interest for the fans back in the days when he went down on his knees to propose to his beautiful girlfriend in a lavish engagement ceremony. Although it’s been a while since he and his girlfriend got engaged, people are still not over this beautiful pair and adore them. However, something that caught people’s attention was Shane Richie Jr still with their girlfriend. It’s no wonder that a Celebrity’s life has been the talk of the community for years.

People are interested in knowing everything about their favourite star. Nonetheless, star kids’ life has also made juicy headlines in the newspaper. The star kids already enjoy the limelight because of their parent’s stardom and on top, the kid is also a star then people’s interest in their personal life intensified. Shane Richie Jr is a star musician and also the son of a famous television son, Coleen Nolan. Shane’s mother is an iconic star. Likewise, his parent Shane is also a pretty popular musician. Not only does he is a popular musician, but Shane Richie Jr is also an exceptionally talented theatre artist. However, here in the article, we will talk about his personal life. Who is Shane Richie Jr’s girlfriend? Let’s dig deeper into the life of the star and find out who is Shane Richie Jr’s Girlfriend?

Career & Early Life

Shane Richie Jr is known for his live performances. He is known to be an ideal singer for weeding corporate events, parties and many more. The star is pretty famous for singing at parties. He is an exceptional talent, a charming personality and indeed an amazing entertainer. The star kids hold a special place in the heart of the people because of his gentle demeanour.

Shane catches the attention of the people after his 2009’s UK tour supported by his mother Nolan and his younger brother Rixton. He had also performed at the UK National Theatre as one of the lead roles in Boogie Nights the Musical. In his career, Shane has performed for several bands and worked with numerous bands. He is very talented and is gaining popularity every day because of his remarkable singing talent.

Shane Richie Jr's Girlfriend

Shane Richie Jr With His Mother

For him, his music holds a special place in his heart and Shane also enjoys singing for his fans. He is known for doing numerous tours in a year. Shane collaborated with several reality television personalities and DJs on their tour. The star is very much focused on building his career. However, apart from this, his personal life has also caught the attention of fans Next in the article, we will talk about who is Shane Richie Jr’s Girlfriend?

Who is Shane Richie Jr’s Girlfriend?

Shane Richie Jr’s girlfriend is Maddie Wahdan. The couple caught the attention of the people back in 2020 when Shane shared a video on his social media handle saying, “I proposed to her and she said yes.” Shane proposed to his girlfriend at a Christmas party.

The couple were enjoying the party and played games where Maddie need to guess the sentence. Shane asked her, “What would you write if you die?” To which, Maddie said, ” Will.” He then further continued, “It’s not me, it’s……” She said, “You.”

Shane Richie Jr's Girlfriend

Shane Richie Jr’s Girlfriend

After a few moments, Shane asked her to complete the lyrics of a Bruno Mars song that goes like, “It’s a beautiful night, looking for doing something damp tonight. Hey baby!! I want to…..” Maddie answered ‘Marry You.’ That’s it! It had just completed his sentence. In no time, he pulled his ring out and said, “Babe I was wondering if you want to marry me.”

Maddie was shocked by the proposal and she just said yes. She leapt into his arms and kissed him. The couple got engaged at a beautiful Christmas party. What a wonderful way to end the year. He later shared the good news on his social media handle. Shane Richie Jr’s girlfriend Maddie is a popular model who has won numerous beauty peasants.

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