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If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang: Book That Must Be On Your TBR

If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR
If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR Cr: Otakukart

All the bookish people, this year has been filled with such good books that we are sure you are already trying to read each book that is getting released. We are truly sorry for adding more books, but there are so many good books coming out this year that it’s hard for us not to go giddy with excitement. Well, readers will understand. We don’t have s(h)elf control, and we need to share this good news with you all as well.

Whether you love academic rivals to lovers trope or a boarding school setting in a book, or you are looking for a book that can cure your romance-deprived heart, this book will fulfill all your bookish needs. It’s got a boarding school setting with the romance between academic rivals mixed with magical realism elements. But that’s not all. It is even filled with mystery and thrill that you might crave.

We are talking about the YA debut book If You Could See The Sun written by the Chinese-Australian writer Ann Liang that’s hitting the bookshelves really soon. The debut novel by this young writer will be published by Harlequin Teen.

If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR

If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR Cr: Otakukart

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If You Could See The Sun: Plot

After reading such good reviews by the readers who had received an advanced readers copy, we are curious to read this new book. According to Goodreads, the book follows Alice Sun. Alice goes to an elite Beijing international boarding school where she has always been invisible or, should we say, wallpaper. However, her life changes when she learns two things: first, she can turn invisible, as in really invisible, like the Invisible cloak turns Harry invisible kind of invisible, and second, her parents can’t afford her tuition at the elite boarding school, even with the scholarship.

This news sparks an idea in her brain, and she decides to use her new powers by discovering and selling her wealthy classmates’ secrets. She teams up with her academic rival, Henry Li, who is also an heir to a huge tech company. She dishes out her classmates’ secrets to him in exchange for money. But, like every risk, this comes with a challenge of its own too. When these secrets turn from petty scandals to actual crimes, Alice must decide if what she is doing is worth losing her conscience and her life.

If You Could See The Sun: What Will Happen In This YA Book? 

Now tell us if this summary doesn’t intrigue you. The cover might have been something that caught our attention, but it was this summary that made us pick this book to add to our ever-growing to-be-read pile. The book has a lot going on if the summary is any proof. From the boarding school set up to academic rivals and mystery, magical realism, and thriller elements, we would definitely love to see how the author plays it all out in her book. Since it’s Ann’s debut novel, we have no clue how she writes or what her book will offer in terms of her writing style.

Nevertheless, we want to know what happens to Alice and Henry. Will she stay in her school? Will she get caught trying to learn a few secrets? How much can she trust her ability to be invisible when the power is so new to her? Will she really stop at nothing, or will something happen to put a break in recklessness? It might be a huge risk for Alice when she is only a teenager, but it’d be fun for us readers to see a teenager trying to fight for what she wants.

If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR

If You Could See The Sun By Ann Liang Book That Must Be On Your TBR Cr: Otakukart

If You Could See The Sun: Release Date 

The author, Ann Liang, is an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne. The 22-year-old Chinese-Australian author was born in Beijing. She spent most of her life traveling back and forth between China and Australia, but somehow she ended up with an American accent which was shocking for her too.

After getting her first book deal in 2021, Ann’s debut novel is all set to release on Tuesday, 11th October 2022. If you haven’t already figured it out, we love a good romance between two people who don’t get along. So, we sure are going to be reading this academic rivals-turned-teammates-turned-lovers book when we get our hands on it.

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