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Who Is Lauren Patten’s Partner? Is She Still Married?

Lauren Patten
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Lauren Marie Patten was born on September 22, 1992; she is a Broadway actor, singer, and playwright best known for playing Jo in the musical Jagged Little Pill. She grew up in Chicago and debuted professionally at the Goodman Theatre when she was 12 years old. It was sure that she was destined to be a professional actor at an early age. She is supposedly 30 years old right now. Also, when it comes to her nationality, she is an American.

Lauren began her association with the award-winning Rubicon Theatre Group in Los Angeles when she portrayed the role in “Diary of Anne Frank” at the age of 14. Lauren joined the cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Fun Home in the spring of 2015, playing Medium Alison for a four-month duration in 2016.

Lauren’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, which isn’t shocking as her career is going upstream. She makes a lot of money from her acting, singing, and writing careers. She is unquestionably satisfied with her life.

Early Life

Patten grew up in the Illinois town of Downers Grove. Patten began acting at the age of four. Lauren didn’t get to experience some of the parts of a ‘normal’ upbringing because she began her job at such a young age. She began homeschooling when she was in seventh grade. It is unknown whether she maintained homeschooling through high school.

Patten attended a few universities, including New York University and the University of Southern California. She also completed The New School’s Riggio Honors Program in Writing and literature, where she studied Creative Writing.

LGBTQ Rights & A BLM Supporter

Lauren understands and knows exactly what it’s like to be stigmatized as a member of the LGBTQ community. Now she has made it her top priority to advocate not only for LGBTQ rights but also for the rights of other oppressed groups. She is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and the battle to abolish racism in general.

Lauren Patten

Credits: Emilio Madrid

If you are searching for role models in the 21st century, she is right here. Lauren is a highly creative individual, and her urge to create stretches well beyond her career in the entertainment sector. She pursued creative Writing in the Riggio Honors Program at The New School.

Gay and Bisexual Rumors or Reality?

Lauren identified as a Bisexual Queer. Shortly after she landed the character of Medium Alison in the Broadway Award-winning musical ‘Fun Home, she discovered validation for her tomboy upbringing and exploration of male presentation.

Spending time with lesbian actors, directors, and producers was able to sexually awaken Lauren by portraying a lesbian Alison, having a life over several months, and kissing a female. Lauren made her first tentative steps into this uncharted zone in May 2017, when she had her first offstage kiss with a woman at Rockwood Music Hall on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Lauren Patten

Credits: Rockwood Music Hall

Despite the fact that the relationship was brief, it presented her with a profound insight into herself: the realization that I am a bisexual, queer woman. She felt strong after that.

Dating Life

Lauren Patten chooses not to reveal her marital status. Dating is a period in a person’s life when he or she actively seeks romantic relationships with other people. When two single celebs are seen in public together, they are usually characterized as “dating,” implying that they were spotted together, and it is unknown if they are merely friends, exploring a deeper close connection, or romantically linked.

Lauren is currently unmarried. Nonetheless, she may be dating Max, as she has revealed in several of her interviews. We don’t know anything else about Max, and she hasn’t shared any images of him on social media. She prefers to keep that to herself.

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