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Is Riana Crehan Pregnant? Supercars TV Reporter’s Love Life

Is Riana Crehan Pregnant?
Riana Crehan

Want to know if Riana Crehan is pregnant? Yes, we are talking about the Supercars TV reporter making headlines regarding the extension of her family. Well, that’s quite a good hint for now. Before getting into what’s happening in Riana Crehan’s life, let’s briefly discuss her prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Riana Crehan is a television reporter who joined the Supercars broadcast team back in 2007. From a very young age, she has been interested in motorsports. In case you don’t know, Riana hails from Perth, Australia. Besides this, during her teenage days, she danced at her high school, excelling in ballet, jazz, and tap dancing. Little did you know, Riana also served as a model for Inside Sport magazine. 

Riana Crehan gradually became famous for her work as the pit lane commentator for Fox Sports. Starting from interviewing several motorsports personalities to making a huge female fanbase of sports, Riana has been pretty much successful. 

Coming back to Riana Crehan’s personal life, she exchanged vows with the love of her life in 2020. So, it’s been more than a couple of years. Fans are convinced about Riana’s pregnancy, and that has been prominent for the last few weeks. If you are looking for validity regarding whether Riana Crehan is pregnant, here are the details. 

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Riana Crehan Pregnant: The Supercars TV Reporter Shares A Happening News 

Yes! What? Riana’s pregnancy rumors make sense, and it’s true. Well, we may say that Riana Crehan is currently pregnant and is expecting her first child. It’s been nearly a month, and Riana Crehan has officially announced the news of her pregnancy.

 It’s their first child. So much excitement as Riana and her husband, Will Davison, made the news official on This Morning Channel 7. While indicating the hosts, Riana said, “We’re having a baby! You’re the first to know.”

On this note, the Supercars TV reporter also said that she wanted to dance wearing a red jumpsuit. But Rihanna did that at the Super Bowl. In addition to that, Riana also shared the picture of the ultrasound. 

When the picture of the ultrasound came out for the very first time at the doctor’s chamber, her husband, Will, said, “The baby looks like it’s in a perfect racing position.” He added saying that the baby’s legs seemed to be on the pedals, sitting on the F1 car. What about the gender identity of the unborn child? Neither of the parents has announced it yet. They are just waiting for the right time. 

Riana Crehan Pregnant

Riana Crehan’s baby’s ultrasound

Riana Crehan is pregnant, and her husband, Will Davison, seems to be very caring toward her. This calls for the discussion of their relationship. Before that, who is Will? Riana’s husband, Will Davison, is a professional racing driver.

At present, he drives the Ford Mustang GT for Dick Johnson Racing in the Repco Supercars Championship. Talking more about his achievements, he has successfully won the Bathurst 1000 a couple of times. That was made more precisely in 2009 and 2016, respectively. 

Looking at Riana Crehan and Will Davison, both seemed to be filled with joy and loads of happiness. Things have been great between them. Also, the couple has been receiving loads of congratulatory messages online. What do you think? Will it be a baby girl or a baby boy? Whatever it is, we are hopeful that Riana’s baby turns out to be in a good state. That matters more! 

Is Riana Crehan Pregnant?

Riana Crehan with her husband, Will Davison: Motorsports couple

We aren’t sure about the due date. But it’s somewhat likely to be in the mid of this year, as hinted by the Supercars TV reporter. So, now, it’s quite a delicate time for her. Hoping that Riana Crehan is in good health at present. 

Best wishes to Riana Crehan, both for her motorsports career and new motherhood journey. It’s indeed a blessing. Congratulations to Riana and Will. Make sure you follow Riana on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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