Barry Season 4: Know The Cast And Plot of the Series

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Barry Season 4

After the high-octane finale of Barry season 3, fans are curious about Barry season 4. Last season left us with multiple unanswered questions from the finale episode. Barry Season 3 appeared like curtains for Barry Berkman. Above all, it is impossible to think that the story of a hitman can survive even after he has been taken into police control.  Nevertheless, Bill Hader must have had plans for Barry because he is all set to come up with a new season. About a few weeks ago, HBO announced the renewal of Barry season 4.

You are not at fault if you thought that season 3 was the final episode. After all, this is what is the marker of good series. It keeps things in suspense and compels the audience to think about it. Barry season 1 was released in May 2018, season 2 was out in May 2019, and season 3 aired in April 2022. Following the Covid, we saw a delay in season 3. This, however, may not be the case with the new season. We can expect to see season 4 as soon as 2022 ending or when 2023 begins. Now that we know there will be a new season, what are all things we have at our end for the next season? Here is everything we know about Barry Season 4

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Barry Season 4

What Did We See in Barry Season 3? Episode Breakdown

Barry season 3 ended with a nail-biter ending. The makers wrapped up the third season on HBO. In the previous season, we see that Barry was still on Purgatory Beach. He is now companied by Sally and Gene. In the next scene, he wakes up in a hospital bed. He runs to his apartment, where Sally waits for him. She recalls how he proposed to mentally torture the BanShe executive. Sally expresses her desire to Barry and tells him to break into her house and click some pictures while she is asleep.

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Barry refutes this and says that he cannot do this. Amidst all this, a guy hits Barry out and then chokes Sally to the threshold of death. Sally, however, sticks him in the neck with a steak knife. Finally, Barry comes in the middle while Sally is still beating the guy. He stops her and asks her to repeat that ‘Barry did this’ before sending her home.

All this while, Gene is searching new job when he receives a call from Jim Moss. He is Janice’s dad and asks Gene to meet him. In the next scene, we see a glimpse of Jim’s garage. There are two chairs (probably set for interrogation). Jim questions Gene about his daughter, in reply to which Gene tells him that he loved Janice. He then asks if he loves Barry Berkman. Gene refuses, but Jim gets up in his face and shouts at him. He asks him why is he protecting Barry. Gene finally breaks down in panting moans.

What Happened to Noho Hank in Season 3?

In the third season, Noho is still handcuffed in a Bolivian jail cell. The man next door tells him that he got out of his handcuffs. Suddenly the guard arrives, and Hank listens to a brawl, followed by terrible screaming. It was a tiger, tearing the guy separated. Soon, the animal is pounding a hole via Hank’s wall. Hank frantically pulls on his handcuffs until they break, beats the guard, and uses his gun to fire a barrage of bullets into the next cell. Hank emerges with the gun and moves to the other room. There, Cristobal is being electrocuted by his wife while he looks at a sexy man dancing. Hank attacks the wife and the dancer and draws a confused Cristobal into a friendly embrace. Hank, however, still looks uneasy.

Barry Season 3 Finale Ending

In the final scene, Barry is back on that barren mountaintop. We see him seeding the attacker’s corpse in a shallow grave. Albert stops him, and how much money did he get paid to kill him and Chris? Barry falls to his knees, shaking. When Albert draws his pistol, Barry cries, protecting his head. Albert eases and credits Barry with rescuing his life. He, however, tells him that all this has to stop and walks away.

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Barry phones Sally from his car, making schedules for them to drive off together. He is unaware that she’s has a flight to her hometown of Joplin. Barry receives a call from Jim Moss to talk about Janice’s death. Barry avoids it and calls Gene, who sounds desperate. Gene says, “He’s going to ruin me. He has a gun, as well. Barry runs there and sees Gene in the street, yelling at him for having a gun. Barry says that he will go in and speak to Jim, but Gene warns him. Jim knows everything. Barry creeps inside Jim’s house with Gene’s gun and holds it at Jim’s head. Suddenly, cops with guns and body armor close in on Barry. Barry is taken into custody. Gene stands there, gazing into Barry’s eyes.

Barry Season 4

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Expected Plot: Barry Season 4

Barry Season 4 will answer the question if Barry gets out of this mess? And if yes, then when? Because the suspected hitman who wants to act has devoured the first three seasons trying to escape the same. He now has to find a new escape. It’s not sure if the plot to bring Barry in was all Gene Cousineau or if Jim Moss had a role to play too.

We will also get to see NoHo Hank and Cristobal and how the two of them get home in one piece. At last, let us think about Sally, who will probably be discontent with the idea that she’s not getting more elevated billing here. Sally now has a rival in her ex-friend Natalie Greer. But keeping in mind how this show works, we bet the two will wind up working together again.

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Barry Season 4: Cast we Can Speculate

The cast of Barry season 4 will, doubtless, be led by Bill Hader as Barry Berkman. We will more likely witness the return of cast members.

  • Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches. He is Barry’s home friend and hitman mentor.
  • Sarah Goldberg as Sally Reed. He is an acting student and now Barry’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Henry Winkler as Gene Cousineau.
  • Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank. He is a leader in the Chechen mafia.
  • D’Arcy Carden as Natalie Greer. She is an actress and Sally’s ex-friend.
  • Sarah Burns as Detective Mae Dunn of the LAPD.
  • Michael Irby as Cristobal Sifuentes. He is the leader of the Bolivian mafia.

In the finale episode, NoHo Hank saved Cristobal. Thus, he is still alive. We may also see James Hiroyuki Liaobar repeat his role as FBI Agent Albert Nguyen, Barry’s old military companion who let him go. Robert Wisdom is likely to repeat the role of Janice Moss’ father, Jim. 

When will Barry Season 4 Release?

It is tricky to figure out when Barry season 4 releases. The series previous season release was disturbed by the pandemic, Covid-19. For the first two seasons, season 1 and season 2, we had to wait less than a year. While the third season released in 2022. Almost two years gap in between the release. It was because the production shot down (before filming even a single episode), and season 3 had two years between its revival. It was renewed on April 19, 2019, and premiered on April 24, 2022.

Keeping in mind the lockdown during the Covid-19, studios have had enough time to adapt to producing shows during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, we may expect Barry season 4 to come as early as Spring 2023.  

Will Barry go to jail in Barry Season 4?

Since the Season 3 last episode ended when Barry was taken in custody, it is most probable that he will end up in jail. After all, prison would be the most genuine place to send a contract killer. Though it seems engaging to reunite The Raven and Barry in prison, there is more to consider. The stuff that happens between arrest and detention normally makes for a better story. Hader appears to be well conscious of that fact.

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There actually could be so much more to it. Remember that Barry Berkman became nothing less than a public figure in season 3. Appreciations to a Variety article about Gene Cousineau assisting an Iraq War vet. Think if it happens in reality that a hot young actor trained by James Lipton becomes a hitman. That would be quite the media chaos, would it not? We entrust that Barry season 4 will resolve into that circus liberally.

Barry Season 4

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