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Which Group Is Bambam In? Their Biggest Hits

Which Group Is Bambam In?
Which Group Is Bambam In?

Bambam is a talented South Korean-based rapper and vocalist from Thailand. However, do you know which group Bambam belongs to? He is a member of GOT7, a well-known boy band from South Korea created by JYP Entertainment. When he was 16 years old, he joined GOT7 while impressing everyone with his incredible talent and expertise. After making their JYP Entertainment debut on January 16, 2014, GOT7 has been steadily garnering recognition across the globe ever since. They received a lot of love and attention from all across the world. Records have been broken by their music.

Did you know that Bambam is also a producer in addition to being a talented singer and skilled dancer? He had produced the GOT7 song ‘You Are’ lyric video. Bambam constantly strives to surpass himself. Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom are the seven members of his boy band GOT7. The group attracted recognition with its live performances, which often involve aspects of street dancing and martial arts trickery. Later in 2014, GOT7 released their debut Japanese-language single “Around the World” after reaching a contract with Sony Music Entertainment Japan. After a month, they released their album “Identify” in South Korea, where it immediately shot to the top of the charts.

Members of GOT7

Now that we know that Bambam is a member of the GOT7 boy band, let’s talk about the other band members. The band consists of seven people, including Bambam. The band’s leader of GOT7 is Lim Jae-beom.  He is an actor as well as a singer and composer.  He developed an early interest in songwriting and hip-hop culture as a b-boy and began writing his songs. Next is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and model, Mark Tuan. In the beginning,  Tuan didn’t want to pursue a musical career, but his family and friends encouraged him. After learning about and embracing his work, he decided to become a singer.

Which Group Is Bambam In?

Which Group Is Bambam In?

Jackson Wang is a dancer, singer, rapper, and fashion designer from Hong Kong. In addition to being the founder of the record label Team Wang.  He moved to Seoul to pursue his career in k-pop, and after two years of training, he made his GOT7 debut with the song “Girls Girls Girls.”  Next is Park Jin-young (Jinyoung), the lead dancer and vocalist for GOT7.  He also actively participates in films. He made his film debut in the independent film A Stray Goat. The following is Choi Young-Jae, commonly referred to as Youngjae. He is the group’s primary vocalist, actor, and lyricist. Then  Kim Yu-gyeom, a talented dancer and singer. His impressive dancing abilities and talent have attracted a lot of attention. Last but not least is Bambam, a prominent and skilled Thai rapper. They all have a great connection with each other despite being of diverse cultures.

Songs Released By GOT7

You must have heard about GOT7 if you are a lover of k-pop, right? They are a group of gifted youths who have established themselves through their passion for singing. They have released twenty-two singles, twenty-four EPs, five studio albums, and two box sets. Their EP “Got it?” was released in 2014, and it debuted at number two on the Gaon Albums Chart. After their debut, they received a lot of attention. In the same year, their first Japanese-language single, ‘Around The World’, which peaked at number three on the Oricon singles charts, marked their international debut in Japan.

Which Group Is Bambam In?

Which Group Is Bambam In?

In 2015, they released a Japanese single called “Laugh Laugh Laugh” and a mini-album called “Mad” six days later. It was their second album to hit number one on the Billboard World Albums Chart and they also won their first-ever music show with its title track, ‘If You Do’.  As their fame grew over time, they released more albums, shaking the record labels. Identity, Love Train, Just Right, Moriagatteyo, My Swagger, 7 for 7, Eyes On You, The New Era, I Won’t Let You Go, Call My Name, Love Loop, and numerous other songs in their album.

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